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  1. If you are taking anything what the Daily Fail writes seriously then you are clearly an idiot. Saying that he bbc spends only half of its money on actual programs is like saying that the NHS only spends 10% of its budget on actual operations, the rest they squander on stuff like cleaners, equipment, buildings, maintenance etc. You can make up any fact from any figures, which the Daily Shmail does at every opportunity it can at institutions and situations that it disagrees with, it clearly wants an end to the BBC because it help prevents it tax dodging over sea owners getting any more money. It''s kind of apt that the subject appeared on a post about ''illegal streaming'' because once the bbc has gone it will give carte Blanche to people like Sky to charge whatever they want for tv, with adverts every five minutes interrupting programs which you will have to pay to watch. As for the OP concerned with illegal streaming, why does it bother him so much? All that money is not going to benefit the club or its supporters, just the players and their agents, all this extra income the club will be getting will not mean us getting cheaper seats even though we bankrolled them for many years when they needed the money, in fact it''s the opposite, you will be paying more. Anyway, here''s a press release concerning the bbc response to the a**se wipe of a newspaper. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/aboutthebbc/entries/cddab372-eb3a-4666-a625-38e648892e3a
  2. Many years ago, about the time when there was a disaster with a russian submarine that ''sank'', I posted something similar. In the place where I was born, There played a team we all adore But there''s a team who''s f***in'' sh*te, And they play in blue and white. Scum are going down like a russian submarine a russian submarine a russian submarine etc etc.
  3. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="plan b"]"blacks"? Where are you writing from? South Africa in the apartheid era? And before you start, I''m not questioning your integrity, just your use of language[/quote] What word do you want him to use - "coloured"?? "Black" is what is acceptable. Most other descriptive words are not pc anymore. [/quote] Black players perhaps? Describing them as just ''blacks'' is a bit objectifying isn''t it?
  4. "blacks"? Where are you writing from? South Africa in the apartheid era? And before you start, I''m not questioning your integrity, just your use of language
  5. as a side note, probably more relevant than how much money we can spend, rather being able to spend, is that this week a report was published that said that, under the new financial fair play rules, only 4 clubs in the premiership would qualify to play in Europe, Arsenal, Swansea and us. * i forget the other one.
  6. I''m dismayed at this attitude displayed on here sometimes. The same people who are constantly berating Hughton for his negativity and his pre match conferences, when he bigs-up the opposition, are the same people now writing off the rest of the season, especially those four last games, you are doing exactly the same thing what you accuse him of. The last four games might spring a surprise or two, especially if you consider that the league might have already be won by May and Arsenal or Chelsea, or possibly both, might be teams with nothing to play for, with entire squads with one eye on the world cup. And I don''t know about you but there isn''t one team below us at the moment that I would want to swap places with, even a couple above us too. Those below us have all got to play each other too, it''s going to be a nervy few months for everyone. Yes we''ve had some awful performances this season but that last half hour at Cardiff just showed how we can dominate some teams if it weren''t for some class goalkeeping, woodwork hitting and goal line clearing, not to mention two disallowed goals. Like it or not, this is the squad and manager we have until at least the end of the season, there''s a long way to go still, so stop displaying the negative attitude that you always accuse Hughton of and save all these pointless polls until 4.45pm on Sunday 11th of May, because you are doing the team no good now.
  7. according to this http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/nov/30/arsenal-barcelona-premier-league-wenger
  8. ffs, you lot should be f***ing ashamed of yourselves. On what exactly are you basing this ridiculous pessimism on? Our recent poor league results including against currently the two best teams in the league? Even though we did play some good football, in fact being commended by both opposition managers for the way we played. Yes,we probably will get beat tomorrow, not surprising that we will be playing a team that has cost over a £1bn in transfers and wages to assemble over the past few years, but to say it will be in the 7, 8 or 9 nil region is a total disgrace, they have hardly been handing out proper pastings this season, what makes you think we will be any different to Hull, Cardiff or Villa? You talk of Hughton being negative, have a look in the mirror.
  9. [quote user="Waveney Canary"]How about going to carrow road? No annoying ads, no signal disappearing and you also contribute money to the club. I know this is a very unfashionable view on this forum buts it''s just a thought.[/quote] So, according to your theory, Norwich are only allowed 23,000 supporters at any one time because obviously only those going to to the game are able to be fans. Those plastics who you refer to probably contribute more to the club than you ''real'' fans. Didn''t they work out a fact a while ago that the increase in money alone from last seasons tv deal could mean that all ''real'' fans could sit and watch every game all season at the ground for free and the club would still have more money than they did have the previous season. Who do you think the club is more important, financially, you ''real'' fans or the ''plastics''? Don''t lecture people on how they should support their team, heaven forbid that one day you yourself might get made redundant/married/a new baby/incapacitated/a cheaper hobby and was unable to go to a game and was forced into being the ''plastic'' fan you clearly despise and resent. How did you put it? Oh, yes. You''re not the sharpest tool in the box are you?
  10. Craig Fleming''s your hero? If I were you I''d aim a bit higher!
  11. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Asda?[/quote] Coincidentally I saw him too this afternoon and it was not in Asda but in Waitrose, Eaton. He was deep in conversation with someone who was obviously a fan who had stopped him, chatting about last nights game, seemed like he had loads of time for him, in no rush to brush him aside. Good on him.
  12. [quote user="Highland Canary"]Or get on the bus, especially to away grounds, we were only over-subscribed once last season...[/quote] yes, because every single Norwich supporter can not only afford the £100 or so it costs to go on an away trip but also the day it takes away from being with your family after being at work all week. Grow up FFS, not everyone has the luxury of not only money, but sometimes, more importantly time to be a at a ground to watch a live game. Some of the people you just dismiss of being arm chair supporters because they now cant attend every game there have probably attended more games than you have in your lifetime. I used to go to every game, home and away for years, no matter where it was or what league we were in but, because of my current situation, what with children and stuff, I cant go to as many games as I would like to, but does that make me any less of a supporter than you are? I frackin doubt it, if you can beat going to Swansea in 1998 for a 1st round league cup game on a cold wet tuesday night than maybe so, but I really don''t think you could. Some people can''t go to games, for whatever reason, be it financial, opportunity, distance or just that they have found other priorities, like having children, in their life that come a bit higher than following their team all around the country. One day it may happen to you, but until then, just remember that there were a lot of people who you now mock for not being able to go, who have probably made it possible for you to still have a local team to follow.
  13. the premier league haven''t got a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to prosecute the landlord, their argument should be the legal tv provider that the pub has paid for. As for their often-used excuse that they want to protect grass roots football by not showing 3pm kick offs, they kicked that one out of the park a long time ago, there was one particular saturday last season when there was only 4 kick-offs at 3pm. It''s all about treating the uk football supporter like mugs, not only are our season tickets vastly over-priced compared to the rest of europe but our tv sports subscriptions are 3 times the amount they pay over there too. The average pub would pay about £7k a year to have Sky Sports, so they get their current deal off VIASAT, a legit provider which actually pays more than Sky does to show football, for about £2k So the Premiership goes after small businesses like your local pub landlord who cant afford a court case, rather than risk upsetting the businesses who are actually breaking their regulations, the broadcaster, in case they stop paying them so much the next time their deal runs out.
  14. [quote user="Unhinged Canary"][quote user="CDMullins"]Dont think we''ll be seeing UC back in here. How some people get through day to day life, I''ll never know[/quote]Wrong......It take''s more than a couple of pissy comments to get rid of me.I''ll live my life how I want, and I let others do the same.I asked a simple question and ''eventually'' got an answer. Some of you on here really need to find some better things to worry about.[/quote] I think the point that everyone was trying to make is that how can someone, obviously with some working knowledge and access to the internet, can have gone about life during the past few months without knowing who Lee Rigby is and, even if they didn''t, thought it would be easier to log on to here, write a message and wait indefinitely for an answer from a bunch of anonymous strangers rather than type two words into a search engine. Next thing you''ll be asking is "what''s this I hear about Prince Charles and Princess Diana having a baby?"
  15. Surely if Cisse is serious about not wanting a name of a money lender on his shirt then I would have thought that the BARCLAYS Premier League is the wrong place for him. The last time I looked Barclays is written on every shirt sleeve of every club''s strip and I have an inkling that quite a large part of Barclays business model is lending money.
  16. [quote user="woodsy"]https://www.etsy.com/listing/111656106/book-clubs-norwich-a4-football-print-in[/quote] nice work there, lovely looking prints.
  17. Anyone who thinks Doncaster was any good as a CEO is a fool. The man didn''t have a football bone in his body before getting the job, he was just a solicitor/accountant who just got lucky at the right time, nothing to do with any knowledge, he never made any decision that was of any benefit to the club, the only ''successful'' management appointment he made (Worthington) was a fluke/cheap option as he was already working here as a coach, subsequent managers which he sought out as replacements all proved to be a disaster. McNally may not have a clue when it comes to PR but he knows his stuff, I just hope all the bridges he seems to always be burning with the core support doesn''t come back to haunt the club if/when we drop down again, they wont be able to charge £30 for a league cup/reserve game then.
  18. cant work out how to post an image but my Norwich version of the ''keep calm'' t-shirt is here... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/AsIAJNHCQAE1xLq.jpg:large £10 all sizes.
  19. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/AsIAJNHCQAE1xLq.jpg:large
  20. [quote user="The ambassador"]You don''t get it do you? It''s a form of piracy, your not paying the producer (the club) to watch there services (The game). It''s illegal. All streams are.[/quote] so you have never read a book or a newspaper that you didn''t pay for? Because by your logic that is also illegal. You cant possibly make viewing something an illegal act, don''t be ridiculous. I don''t why the pink un is so touchy about people putting links to them on here, if it was a prosecutable offence to do so then google and every other search engine would have been shut down a long time ago.
  21. so you have never read a book or a newspaper that you didn''t pay for? Because by your logic that is also illegal. You cant possibly make viewing something an illegal act, don''t be ridiculous. I don''t why the pink un is so touchy about people putting links to them on here, if it was a prosecutable offence to do so then google and every other search engine would have been shut down a long time ago.
  22. if you''re not sure about the point I was trying to make then here''s a little test for you... You are given the choice of 3 words to shout out at the top of your voice in the middle of a busy street, Honky, P**i or N****r. Which one would you choose? I''m pretty certain that it wont be the ''P'' one or the ''N'' one. I''m guessing that you are white so you would feel relatively comfortable with shouting Honky (which is apparently offensive to white people) because you are actually ''white''. Give the same choice to a black person they would, I guess, rather shout out the ''N'' word rather than the ''P'' one because, for the same reason you shouted out Honky, they believe that it relates to them and therefore their right to use that word. The same rule would apply to the person from Pakistan. So that''s the point I was trying to make, it''s not white peoples'' word to use as we see fit anymore, those days are long gone, but black people can say it as they cannot use it in a insulting manner, it would be like a person who weighs 21st trying to call someone who weighs 20st a "fat b*****d" in an insulting way, it''s not possible, it would just come out as a joke not as an insult. As I said before, me and my mates call each other the crudest stuff possible, as I''m sure you do, but I wouldn''t dream of calling a stranger them, the difference being that I know the person whom I''m calling it, the context I''m calling them it in and that I am also what I''m calling them. As for ''Nu Labors'' education policies then I partly agree with you, they focused too much on trying to get all school leavers into higher education rather than learning a ''trade'', but if you call trying to get everyone to extend their education, whether misguided or not, a failure of Government, than that is a real sad state of affairs, but at least it seems a better way than which the present lot stands for and aspires to. ...are we in the right place for this?
  23. wow, some of these comments on here are beyond belief. I wonder if those same people moaning about immigrant workers working over here remembers a very popular tv show in the 80''s called ''Auf Wiedersehn Pet", it was all about how in those days, due to lack of work in the UK, plumbers, builders etc from this country went over to work in places like Germany, undercutting the native workforce there, just like the people who they blame all of our nations troubles on today. Don''t blame the immigrants, they are just trying to survive, I''m pretty certain that they would rather stay in their own country with their families than work and live in poor conditions over here. As for blaming the last labour govt, well they made a few mistakes but I would rather have them than this society-dismembering bunch of gits we have in power now, yes they may have overspent in places but at least it was in places like hospitals, education and public services unlike the present lot who seem intent on handing over things like the NHS to the private sector. If you blame Labour on todays recession then you are living in cloud cuckoo land, it''s a global recession caused by the same financial institutions who the Tories are generously backed by, the same ones who called for deregulation of the banking system, which the Tories wanted more of, only to abuse it and put entire countries in debt. As for one of the original points about how it''s okay for black people to call each other n******s but white people cant, well, to draw an analogy, when I''m out with my mates we call each other the crudest names under the sun as a term of endearment, but if anyone who we didn''t know, a complete stranger say, came up to us and called us the same sort of thing then that would be bang out of order, you just cant do it. The problem is that white people generally use words like P**i and N****r as a form of abuse and if you get offended by being called a Honky (which, unless you are living in 1970''s America, I very much doubt you are ever called it) then you should have a word with yourself and look up the history of the term N***** and see if it compares to the word Honky.
  24. Honestly, what are you lot like? You do realise you are on a football forum don''t you? For those of you who are not familiar with the idea, and by reading these posts that''s quite a lot of you, it''s a place where you discuss things INCLUDING RUMOURS! About 95% of stuff on here is precisely that, if they weren''t on here then this forum would be entirely pointless, so why on earth do you shoot someone down when they post up something like this? For what it''s worth, and to be fair to the OP, I heard precisely the same story a few weeks ago, very plausible in the detail I was told, and I presumed that the reason that it hadn''t came out was that the two men involved were professional enough to leave it at that and no more was to be said on the matter. Maybe, if its true, it''s one of the reasons behind this ''sityouation'', but it certainly ties in with other stories about holy not being happy with the starts and the subs he has been given. But back to my original point, it''s a rumour, and it''s what this board thrives on, don''t abuse anyone who posts things like this, just discuss it. Put it this way, if this time last week, a day after the last game of the season, someone came on here and posted that our player of the season, our top scorer, our captain was unhappy and was about to hand in a transfer request, you lot would have let rip into them for talking BS, wouldn''t you?
  25. I haven''t posted on here for ages but thought I would just add my bit to this. I didn''t know him that well in recent years but we did a lot of stuff together for the Y''army fanzine, and I remember many a good laugh helping putting it together with him and Dave. He was an extremely witty and intelligent guy and you would never meet someone with such great a knowledge and love for all things NCFC. Carrow Road has lost the type of voice in its crowd that can sometimes be rare in the usual football supporter. A bloke who has the intelligence of a scholar and the passion of a fan, with an articulacy to express both at the same time. RIP Jon.
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