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  1. Ok you all win. Lets bracket Rossi as another promising youngster who hit the ''Colney Wall'' and failed to make it like 99% of the others these last ten years. What is it about that place? I''ll have to accept that Mick Harford is wrong and dosn''t know what he''s doing in making him captain ahead of Spillane and Martin, and letting him take all the corners and free kicks because of his superb set piece ability (making two goals on sat.). Watch this space lads...
  2. So you think that in 2 years time, having just been made probably the youngest captain in the football league, he will still be playing League 2 football?
  3. Ipswich estimate the annual cost of their academy is 1m. Must be thereabouts for us. In relation to transfer fees received or first team service given you must admit the place is making a massive loss and in my opinion part of that is  because the lads have not had the remotest encouragement or opportunity.
  4. Well if scouts are''nt exactly queueing up at Colney maybe thats a reflection on the Academy which seems to me to be an unnecessary drain on the clubs resourses.
  5. Sorry if I''ve upset one or two of the few remaining Rodent sympathizers but giving Rossi away was a ridiculous thing to do and if, as is looking likely, Luton go down he will command a more than decent transfer fee in the summer and will go on to play at  least Norwich city''s level in the future. He''s getting a chance now which is more than any youngster at our club gets.
  6. Is that the same League 2 that Bury are in who knocked Norwich City out of the FA Cup last season?
  7. Well, with respect I would value Mick Harfords judgement more than your two mates and to be given the captaincy albeit maybe for the odd game is a huge compliment for a twenty year old. Hardly free transfer level.!
  8. I see Rossi Jarvis was captain of Luton on Saturday. Thanks again Glen another shrewd bit of business.
  9. If you had met him (adi) and seen him working on the training ground you would have a different opinion. He is exceptional.
  10. you beat me to it spartan. New club motto should be " I used to be indecisive...........". How long did Derby, Forest, Blackburn take, 48 hrs max.
  11. What happened after the game was all very predictable. He should have kept his family away. Reference to Gunns sentimental speech, where were the tears for the kit man etc. who the nasty man kicked out on a whim?
  12. Hope the interviews, short lists, explanations, etc. don''t last too long. New manager will need more than 24 hrs to wheel and deal.Still, can''t expect them to think  of everything!
  13. What about Grant and Hamilton joint. Have they thought of that?
  14. Out but must be quick. Very few managers sacked after first week of jan due to limited window for new man. If it dosn''t happen in next day or two we''re stuck with him till march when there''ll be a massive panic on.
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