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  1. I Cant see a Top half finish to be honest!!!!!!!!! Bag of shite!!!!!!
  2. What a game!!!!!!! but one thing in the back of my mind...... lita goes in 4 games!!!!!!! surley we can find some cash to BUY him.........Cant we?
  3. Setanta is actually owned and run by ITV belive it or not.......... o and any one who has the link to watch tonights game please, please mail me it? Ta
  4. I was just making a point on how many clubs say that, i am a worried fan thats all. and would hate to see it happen!!!!!!!!!! so SHHHHHHHHHH
  5. How many clubs have said this in the past??? how many clubs have gone into administration after saying this???????  
  6. Well i think its wrong!!!!!!! we all have our own opinons!!!!!!!  if i wanted to sit with away fans, i would of  bought an away ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Freindly Banter?????  well it wasnt where i was sitting i can tell ya!!! Tehy had no kids where all  fat skinheads!!!!!! Cursing the team i love...... yea very enjoyable!!!!!
  8. Sorry but when you buy tickets in the family area of the team your following, with two young children, it is not right to have spurs fans in with  them!!!!!!!!! im 36 i dont need to grow up!!!!!
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