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  1. [quote user="super mick mccarthy "] ah i see copying the great andy keogh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgYk7xcQmr0 la la la la la la la la la keoghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   [/quote]   la la la la la la la la Mccarthy is a turd..!!
  2. [quote user="super mick mccarthy "] personally id say hollahan looks great signing, to be honest didnt tear up the league to much last season but maybe at better bigger club he can now shine. you also need give him time and not say after 5 or 6games he no hucks is he? clingan i dont rate good enough for regular 1st team. im not saying he isnt good enough just my view. but he is useful squad player on the cheap i would say. so im not critising the signing im just saying dont expect him play 46games and be 8/10 every week [/quote]   Go away bucked teeth!!!!
  3. [quote user="can u sit down please"] [quote user="Greenwich Canary"]Is this your infamous (yet reliable it seems) source CUSDP?[/quote] Haha not the same one big C. As you know i wirk at NU (we miss you btw) and we have people that are on an NCFC steering group. This liaises with the club etc...and one of the guys just came up to me and told me. I nearly choked at the vending machine which incase you wondered is still crap! [/quote]   NU employees working hard at the vending machine again!!!!
  4. [quote user="Yella_Forever"] [quote user="super mick mccarthy "]make your own song up for goodness sake[/quote]   go to your own message boards for googness sake!! [/quote]   and yes i spelt it like that on purpose..!!
  5. [quote user="super mick mccarthy "]make your own song up for goodness sake[/quote]   go to your own message boards for googness sake!!
  6. [quote user="can u sit down please"] Just heard the crazy rumour of the day.......... Ameobi will be unveiled after the move is funded by Peter Cullum....... [/quote]   What you had for breakfast mate??? you feeling alright???... Although i dont doubt that some funds are availible..!! keep me updated bud.
  7. i dont care to be honest.. we have a new left winger!!! one that we have wanted for ages!!!!    
  8. [quote user="ncfclad"]Well lets hope that Rudd is good.[/quote]   otherwise this is a crazy idea!!!!
  9. this seems very strange, i gotta funny feeling that it could be a sweetener for the gorrks situation..... cos some sites been saying QPR where buying him for £600k, maybe he never had release clause so we gonna tie another deal up for him or maybe we paying £250k + gilks for them both??? dare to dream?? [:O]
  10. on a serious note, this guy has skill... he would be really good in our league... adebola type player, big, assists, but soesn''t score alot but it does matter to much as long as he gets 8/9/10 and someone along side him gets 15/20...!!   [:)]
  11. [quote user="can u sit down please"] HAs been told by Wigan that he can leave on a free. I wouldnt bet against him coming here. He''s a very good player! [/quote] wheres your ambition?  ;-)  
  12. [quote user="can u sit down please"] I posted this on another topic yesterday ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I was tempted to start a new thread RE: Hoolahan to get everyones attention but i realise that they annoy me so im guessing they do you too. I have just heard from my HP Sauce (the same guy who told me about Joe Lewis,Tommy Wright and even longer ago a certain Darren Huckerby) that the deal for Wes Hoolahan is done. My source was one of the staff who were victims of the summer cull. Went in...cleared their locker and voilla....are able to tip me off. I dont care what abuse i get, i got it when i told people Joe Lewis was leavng http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1123135/ShowPost.aspx  Lets just wait and see now. Happy Days. [/quote]   i work with a certain ex kitmans son and i would say i back u up here!!!
  13. [quote user="Good News Gordon"][quote user="C.T"] [quote user="Iwan is God"]There has been no press conference announced???[/quote] i refer you back to - http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1279390/ShowPost.aspx [/quote] Well if Calmnutdumbdumb says something is going to happen then it must. Roll on 2o''clock [/quote]   says MR SIGNING LAST TUESDAY!!!!!
  14. W8WBA!!!!!!!!! OHHH i see, wolves sign one player and they are promoted.... deserve to be there yeh, devine right yeh???   GO AWAY!!!!
  16. [quote user="National express super guard"]you got a stork on eh smudger [/quote]   yeh its called wizards "pole" up his backside!!!
  17. [quote user="Smudger"]ooooh I''mm so excited... another sweaty sock!!! [:$][/quote]   ohhhh your still here are you??? still attending carrow road these days????
  18. we sign noone, you 3 moan.. we sign players you moan.... so then take it hollahan is a crap signing too??? hay??
  19. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Bring it on!. I took this same crap from you people this time last year............and look what happened. Some of you posters know sod all.......hell, until it appeared on this site this morning, you too had never heard of him either..........come November, you''ll be screaming for him to be dropped, but will you apologise to the likes of Smudger, TwoSheds and I?....... will you as hell as like!.[:|] [/quote]   i would love this and many of the other "prats" on here to be proved wrong.... were a championship club, who would you sign then wizard???? who would your targets be????? lets hear them!!!
  20. [quote user="1st Wizard"] [quote user="barclay seats 48 49"]Well hope that this is true !! thwen just about another 5/6 players , and we can have a game ![/quote] Grants team could have a game.............they just didn''t win many!.[:S] [/quote] humbug!!!!
  21.    bash bash bash... before they have arrived..!!! yet again!! look on the GOW thread... he is rated by rangers fans... and is 6ft tall.. something we lack, height...!!
  22. NOTE HIS HEIGHT TOO..!!!! something we have been missing, a 6ft midfielder...!!! ... could signal the end for russell though!!!
  23. [quote user="IncH-HigH"]His wiki page doesn''t look too impressive.[/quote]   I can see where this is heading...!!! bash bash bash... before they have arrived..!!!
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