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  1. Does any one know what times the club shop down carrow road is open durinf the week?
  2. He rushed out earlier on and cleared the ball into row z, which i felt was a very good decision with out doing that, Wigan had 2 strikers to 1 defender. So he read the situation well there, saving an almost certain goal. Aslong as the fans dont moan at him he''ll be a world apart than what we saw of him last season. My biggest concern is that certain fans wont give him a chance on sunday and just slate him, which could and proberly well knock his confidence.
  3. Ruddy is younge what 23 i think? Still learning the game, and on yesterday performance he''s improved over the summer on some of his main weaknesses crossing, and shot handling, he looked very assured and will only get better as the season gets on. I personally belive he will be a major part of our success this season.
  4. I was disapointed in the bbc for not showing Wes''s miss, just before that penalty, I wanted to see that again, simply because at that point we were starting to dominate wigan and if we had scored we would have gone on to win with out doubt
  5. And the 2nd call i heard was some one phoning up and saying that Russel Martin won''t beable to deal with the likes of Nani and Malouda... Proberbly 80% of the Premier league defenders wont either, luckily for us we''ll only be up against those players a few times.
  6. Good result, somthing to build on, we didn''t look out of place and we will go on and improve as players get used to this league. We played better than Wigan for large periods. Bring on stoke, hopefully that will be our 1st 3 points of the season.
  7. Wonder if we''ll be able to say that at any other time this season.
  8. Nothing to worry about i honestly feel we will finnish top 8, if we dont then ill bike around norwich in just a pair of boxer shorts
  9. I''d happily loose 7-1 again today if it ment staying up comfortably
  10. Holt to get 2 goals i think.
  11. Im getting really nervous now, but i just think we''ll win today. Do you know what channel you''ll be watching?
  12. The wait is nearly over!Where will you be watching todays match? On-line or one of the many pubs?I''ll be hooking my laptop to the tv and hopfully the commentry will be in english! Come on city 3-0
  13. Largey, how did you get on with complaining to the club? Did they let you off or made you pay?
  14. Im not inciting anything i dont think anyway?, i just hope there isnt and ive heard from a few people that its alledgedly kicking off if you like and theres riot vans about. I dont see the need for this madness. I was just wondering if this was true or not.
  15. We would have beaten them on the saturday, but instead we''ll win by a decent margin on the sunday instead.
  16. singha thai beer, never had it before, highly recomend it, really nice. Go get some
  17. 5-3 to us, going down by 2 goals in the first 20 mins clawing ourselfs back to 2-2 by half time then we get a 3rd straight after the break wigan get another and in the 89th and 90th minuite we get 2 goals getting out first away premier league win since 1995.
  18. I remember using it quite reguarlly at one point with, hundreds of posts a day, and then they changed it, and people just lost interest in it.
  19. Has the official message board been taken off canaries.co.uk? I cant seem to find it?
  20. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/aug/05/bbc-legal-dispute-leeds-united
  21. We will win easily 12 games and draw 3. Our away record will keep us up. While our home form will push us into Europe. Anyone fancy Bayern Munich away next season?
  22. I can''t remember what was on the letter though i proberly still have it. What i can remember is though, buying the ticket online and unable to change my ticket price from under 21 to adult, this is when i phone the ticket office to confirm that i should be paying the under 21 prices which they assured me was correct. I picked up the ticket and i was given it with no questions ask.
  23. But i paid the 177 for an under 21, and was born march 1990. and i paid online, phoned the ticket office to confirm that i should be paying under 21 prices. and recieved my ticket last week after being checked.
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