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  1. The ball was dead so if thats taken into account thats unfair.
  2. I dont think we need him. Our midfield played will yesterday, I liked lansbury but i don''t think he''s the type of player you''d want in your team when things turn bad.
  3. And the ref proberly wanted to make things right for drogba so sent ruddy off instead of being abe to give 2 yellows to each
  4. My first thought was he has to go, And i still stand by that. If ruddy had kept standing and forced Ramires to take a shot at him he proberly would have saved it. Ruddy shouldn''t have dived in unless he was 100% sure that he would get the ball. He will leanrn from this mistake and will become a better keeper from it!
  5. Swansea v Swansea, how on earth can they play against each other?
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14693614.stm
  7. Just a real shame we arn''t clinical enough infront of goal. We created enough to get 3/4 goals are running behind the multi million pound defenders was superb, Holt should have got the ball down for a shot, Morrison should have hit the ball across the keeper or cut the ball back. But we''ll learn as games go on, and we will finnish midtable.
  8. What language is the comentry?
  9. With out these decisions we would be 5 points better off, That will make all the diference at the end of the season. Lets hope our team learns quickly.
  10. If he took the sending off, instead of ruddy, Chealsea would have still had to score from a free kick. And we wouldnt have had to use our last sub on a goalkeeper.
  11. When were you allowed to go in without a ticket? I can''t remember a time when you could.
  12. Just chaged there servers, and have a new look site, i dont think its an improvement http://www.wiziwig.eu/
  13. Holt dived on numerous times today, every team does it. Is it right? No, but its all part and parcel of  the game, it causes debates after games, if you start taking that away you''ll take away of some of the excitment of the game.
  14. Today i felt we lacked that little bit of creative spark that Wes can provide, but the 442 worked very well, and should have won us the game. We needed somthing just to get our 2nd goal, and im sure Wes would have set us up with one, but i just can''t see where he could fit in. Maybe in crofts space? I wouldn''t put him up front with holt simply cos he''ll go deep looking for the ball and leavig holt up on his own.
  15. Dont wory things will even them selfs out, The futures bright the futures yellow.
  16. Didnt see it during the game due to sitting in the river end, but just watching the highlights that was never a pen in a million years let alone a sending off! Barnett was easily going to either head the ball away or kick into touch but then was pulled back, then tripped, which caused him to fall over taking their player with him. It should have been a free kick to us more. 2 pens in 2 weeks which we have lost points on. 11 v 11 today we would have gone on to get a 2nd we were all over them up to that point. Last week wigan couldn''t get through us and got a point through a pen. see it here http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkncik_norwich-vs-stoke-highlights_sport
  17. I love how fans don''t like our Grant Holt, having players like that in our team can only help releave the pressure from others.
  18. <iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xknbcz_nor-sto-1-0-www-rojadirecta-es_sport"></iframe><br /><a href="http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xknbcz_nor-sto-1-0-www-rojadirecta-es_sport" target="_blank">Nor - Sto 1-0 www.rojadirecta.es</a> <i>by <a href="http://www.dailymotion.com/kehl3" target="_blank">kehl3</a></i>
  19. http://www.eplmatches.com/2011/08/21/norwich-vs-stoke-city-highlights/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Eplmatchescom+%28eplmatches.com+|+Feed%29How do you add links? or embed video''s?
  20. He was my man of the match. He was fighting for every ball, stopping play picking out passes, Just incredible we got him for free.
  21. Don''t worry we will beat Chelsea next week. All will be forgotten and come the end of the season we''ll be saying if only we had won this game we would be in Europe.
  22. Holt was immense i felt today, the only negative was he tried to conn the ref too many times, but thats all part and parcel of the game these days. So He quite rightly should be. We were missing some one able to create somthing today, Wes, but i dont know how he would have fitted in today, and had we played the diamond we proberly would have lost.
  23. 7-1 haha. Just hope they arn''t trying to copy us and win the league after loosing 7-1 to an local rival.
  24. dani37pacheco Daniel Pacheco Im at home (málaga) waiting news on my future, and everything should be done THIS week, and will know it very soon. So unlucky at world cup!Looks like he''s moving away from Liverpool, if it was us then he certainly wouldn''t be in Malaga would he?
  25. Cheers i couldnt find it on the main site.
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