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  1. " It was clearly a red card tackle and the FA have added insult to injury by refusing to give out the appropriate three match suspension retrospectively. Who is suprised that refs can get away with being incompetent with leadership like that?" The FA and referees shouldn''t feel threatened by a retrospective overruling of decisons (or non decisions) like this. If fact it would lead to much greater respect, as to err is human, but to ignore plain evidence is pure hubris... which leads directly to the very disrecpect they claim they want to eradicate.
  2. A point for us and a loss or draw for Wigan would do very nicely thankyou.
  3. And QPR and Southampton are currently both winning. Which of course means Villa are not, and maybe the draw against Southampton was better than some thought.
  4. " And the reason why Snodgrass plays on the right is because Pilkington plays on the left for us." So if Pilkington isn''t playing, should be fine to put Snodgrass on the left and Bennett on the right...
  5. Or losing a key member of a paper thin squad - e.g. Gunn in ''94 and in previous years it seems like we sold our main striker. This year we lost Ruddy mid-season and more recenty Tetty, anyone think that we have not been affected by those players not being available - even though Bunn has played pretty well it must be admitted...
  6. Goals from open play implies pace in your team (relative to the pace of the defenders). Now it''s clear we don''t have many forwards with pace, so it''s not suprising to me we are currently scoring the majority of our goals from set pieces...
  7. " I''m sure you agree with this statement - "Stoke and West Ham play a more similar brand of football than Stoke and Swansea". Now, have a think about what thought processes lead you to determine that statement was true, and then explain them without resorting to any numeric based analysis. " Nice try, but no cigar. You asked the question and you got an answer: or are you aiming to be one of those modern "TV interviewers" who instead of asking a question and responding to the answer, insists on driving their point of view down everyone elses throat? Do we play long ball yes, we do. Do we play short passing too, yes we do. Do we play like Stoke, no. Play like West Ham, yes. Play like Swansea no...
  8. Irrespective of who goes down, would you worry about any of these clubs who could come up ? Cardiff Watford Palace Hull Leicester Forest Brighton Bolton Middlesborough Leeds
  9. A narrow 1-0 win at Sunderland next week and everyone will be feeling much better... On the other hand a 1-0 defeat and this board will be in full meltdown :-( We probably only need one more win, would be great to get that out of the way sooner rather than later.
  10. "So you expect the bottom 3 to almost double their tally from the first 28 games and get 40 points?" No, but the bottom three teams don''t have to overtake us, just one of the bottom three plus the teams betwen us and them. Newcastle are now above us after a last minute win, Sunderland will be above us if they beat us next week. We play Wigan away next... I accept that it''s not likely, but if it did happen, the question remains; would you give him more time?
  11. " Hoots has worked miracles with our sieve of a defence, give him time and he''ll get the attack sorted too. So shall we give him some time? " If, as still could happen, we were to go down; would you still give him time ?
  12. " Why don''t we go the whole hog and bring in Pulis to finish the job? " Ha ha, you are always good for a laugh Mungo.
  13. Southampton 0 Sunderland 0 Wigan 0 Swansea 0 Arsenal 0 Reading 1 Stoke 0 Aston Villa 0 WBA 0 Man City 0 There - maybe that''s the trick ?
  14. For me, it''s Villa, Reading and one out of Wigan, Soton or QPR, Norwich won''t be anywhere near a relegation spot.
  15. " It was the manner of the defeat...no shots on goal in the whole match? I think that''s unacceptable.. " I don''t care what stats are - do you really believe that? Were our players shooting (or crossing) somwhere other than in the general direction of the goal then... ? You are only going to get a few chances there and that''s exactly what we got.
  16. " Holt has got a nice contract here now so you''d have to wonder who would be prepared to give him the same money again to a player who is soon to 32" Although his money could be the same, the amount releative to income would drop for PL teams next year, so I could see him moving to Sunderland, or even a promoted team like Cardiff or Hull.
  17. Milk Cup semi final 1973 v Chelsea, River End: almost 35,000 in the ground.. we were winning 2-0 at halftime, fog billows in - cant see a thing - match abandoned... darn cold it was too.... fortunately we won the rematch. And relegation battle 1973 v Crystal Palace, South Stand almost 37,000 in the ground.. Early penalty but Sugget and Stringer score... place goes completely bonkers.. couldn''t see a darm thing, just carried on a himan wave back / forward / back again. Fantastic. and we also stayed up, Palace went down.
  18. No worries, this abysmal performance will be reflected in an adjusted salary and bonus package for 2013 - right : not !
  19. For me an ideal PL would be Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Derby Everton Leeds Leicester Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle Norwich Nottingham Forest Sheffield United Southampton Sunderland Tottenham West Ham West Brom Wolves
  20. Next year the Championship could be very tough, and we did great to get out of it at the first attempt. MIddlesborough, Hull and Portsmouth are improving, Leicester and Burnley have cash, good managers and decent squads, and I also fancy Southampton, Derby, Leeds and Forest to be up there. Whoever comes down from the Premier may sink without trace, although Wet Sham may be O.K. QPR and / or Cardiff if they don''t get promoted will implode, but I suspect both Welsh clubs will follow us up... Will enjoy looking at this from one league above :-)
  21. 3. Delia and Michael to sell some of their shares / ask the club to pay back some (not all) of their interest free loans. They deserve that for the financial support they have given the club (irrespective if you believe they brought the need for that on us by their actions)
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