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  1. Maybe they will have a massive hangover :-) - or that we''ll have done our business and Tuesday''s game won''t matter. Either way it would be churlish not to congratulate them on the win - massive, massive win, performance of the century, one of the greatest upsets of all time, Martinez is a genuis. For all the lads at Wigan hope the town throws a massive party for you tomorrow evening, just relax now, put your feet up and time to think of the Summer vacation and where you are going to spend all that bonus money and which team you''d like to transfer to next season...
  2. A 4 for me, if only because of the boredom factor. Looking forward to him raising that to 7 or 8 next year though as (if we are still in the PL) he can bring in some better attacking talent.
  3. Wigan certainly missed an opportunity to apply some serious pressure tonight. They must be the favorite now, but we could still fall through the trap door. Lets go win that game v''s WBA and settle this once and for all...
  4. Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I''d keep him and his staff. Give him the chance to weed out the "almosts". That includes Holt, Hoolahan and Snodgrass from the attack; add some pace there to better compliment RVW and Pilkington - and maybe - Howson''s game. Central defense is O.K, and we can probably get by at fullback for the coming season, but will need a better Tetty or Johnson to drop one of those two to the bench.
  5. Would just like to see our big man between the sticks on Sunday...
  6. With a narrow 1-0 win over West Brom and a heavy loss at Man City, plus a bunch of other reasonable results, I have Villa relegated on goal difference behind Fulham. I also have result combinations that put Wigan, Newcastle or Fulham in that last relegation place, but in none of the outcomes do we finish outside the bottom three if we only draw the WBA game.
  7. If we are in the Championship next year - and it''s still possible we won''t - there really are not too many teams that should scare us. Yes I know all about about Coventry and when we were last relegated from the Premier League, but this is the lineup - less one of Watford, Brighton, Crystal Palace and Leicester plus one out of Brentford, Yeovil, Sheff Utd or Swindon. Barnsley Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Bolton Bournmouth Brighton Burnley Charlton Crystal Palace Derby Doncaster Huddersfield Ipswich Leeds Leicester Middlesborough Millwall Notts Forest Reading QPR Watford So if we do gho down a major rebuild isn''t likey to be needed in my opinion, but we do need to build a team with pace and accuracy of passing which is what you need in the higher division and doesn''t do you any harm in this one.
  8. Palace? In the playoffs last time I checked...
  9. So was Ruddy actually at the game yesterday or did he "play a round of golf" as was suggested?
  10. So nobody now gets promoted from the Championship ? And if they do get promoted they don''t get the same money as other teams in the Premiership ? I didn''t know that.... What''s more relevent is the Fair Play rules in the Championship which means teams coming down have a much bigger advantage than before - provided you don''t have a mass of debts and sack your management team before you go into that division.
  11. " Well its not as if we have a choice is it. I preferred lamberts attacking style, no doubt about that but Hughton has many qualities. " Agree. I much prefer Lambert, but he left us, so there it is... I was bored silly in the pre-season game against Ajax, and so were my kids, who were looking forward immensly to finally visiting Carrow Rd, and frankly that boredom continued (with brief interruptions) for the whole of this season. I really don''t care which division we play in next year, but whomever the manager is I do want to see us pass the ball, up tempo, attack the crosses (and put those crosses on heads), and not the shambles of an attack we too often have shown this season.
  12. "After Wigan play Swansea on Wednesday? we could be a single point of goal difference above the relegation zone. It really is coming down to a must win game against West Brom next weekend. Lose that and we are down. " Yes, if Wigan beat Swansea, they will then be above us on goal difference, we''ll only be above Newcastle on goal difference, and maybe above Sunderland if they manage to lose at home to Stoke....
  13. Yes, we have had some shocking decisions against us this seson, but at the end of the day we don''t show enough quality on the ball - today Hoolahan and Snodgrass and Holt (and Bunn?) were just not playing at Premier League standard. Have been very concerned for weeks that the results of other teams keep going against us - its like that nightmare where you keep running and the guy following you is still there - but if we can''t win against WBA I don''t have any confidence that WIgan won''t win two of their remaining games, and the two NE clubs won''t overtake us.... So a season defining game next week - only one thing to do guys - get behind the team and hope the above either are dopped to the bench or finally come with their A game...
  14. Play littered with mistakes yes - especially the inability to pass the ball accurately more than 5 yards is very frustrating... on that basis it''s clear that Hoolahan, Holt and Snodgrass''s time with Norwich is up. At least we know Holt''s replacement has been lined up.... 5 minutes to go and E. Bennet on - hopefully we can keep this point as WBA are doing us no favors ..
  15. Yes, unles he injured hmself again, it looks like a major mistake not to play him today. I have never felt that Bunn was solid enough not to bring Ruddy back as soon as we could. Having said that it''s Snodgrass and Hoolahan that I''m most dissapointed with today...
  16. " Also temperatures in Cali can reach the low 40s/high 30s in July (so I''ve been told by friends out there) that isn''t good weather to be running around in. " They may need to buy a new thermometer then - in Texas it can hit 40C (104F) around then and the East coast rather surprisingly can get close to that too - and combine that heat with a horrible dose of humidity. So though it can get pretty hot in Sacremento the West coast usually has low humidity and San Fran has notoriously cool weather in the Summer - Mark Twain once wrote about that :-)
  17. True, as much as I love living in Texas, if you haven''t been to Northern California, Oregan or Canada - well go West young man!
  18. " Goalkeeping hasn''t been our problem. " Well maybe it still has been? Examples : Sunderland - and hence Wigan. Reading. Corners in every game.... Not saying Bunn hasn''t done all we could expect of a backup keeper, but Ruddy was a core srength of our team whom we lost to injury, so I for one welcome him back!
  19. Yes although neither one of EB''s efforts would qualify as a "shot on goal" - which is why that statistic (along with many others collected and reported) may make you feel like you have an understanding of how the game went, but is in fact totally useless...
  20. I''d be VERY suprised if we sold Pilks. Class player, we need him back in the team a.s.a.p....
  21. Lambert has more talent - and much more attacking talent - in Villa''s team, so of course he would and CH would probably do as you say too. Either way it''s 3 points in the bag which is the only measurement that matters to a club.
  22. If Villa are so good, why dont they put teams to the sword every week and be at least a top 8 team - maybe the answer is they really aren''t that that good and the opposition tonight is reverting to form .... If I were a Sunderland or Newcastle supporter I''d be very worried, VERY VERY worried.
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