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  1. Unless there is more than one Cluck ..(apologies in advance if there is).... it seems he used to be just Cluck, then got promoted to Cluck is God, but now he''s just St. Cluck. So just one more personal relegation to go before your the same as the rest of us lowlife''s eh? Or is the next stop Rev. Cluck... By the way, for a obviously saintly man, the usage of the word "sheep" seems to be a little unfortunate ..
  2. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"]american "soccer fans" - making a valued contribution to this messageboard...... NOT![/quote] Do try and keep up. What is it that you don''t get about people living overseas and supporting our team? And while we are at it, with reference to the "soccer" that''s played over here, last time I checked the US Women''s team was ranked #1 in the world, and the U.S mens team just thrashed Spain 3-0 and lost by the odd goal in 5 to Brazil. Or if you meant to have a dig at the "football" played over here, maybe you could come over and explain your viewpoint to the 18-year old giants who come visit my neighbor''s house after practice. Its just different, that''s all. Or maybe that''s what so scary?
  3. Fullbacks still seem to be a major concern, and I''m not sure about the strikers, but overall the thing I''m most pleased about is getting rid of the uncommitted. The relevant test though comes when the season starts.
  4. Yes, back to the original point, there does seem to be some progress on the pitch (and heaven knows we need some) although the real test is yet to come.
  5. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="Yellow Rose of Texas"]Purist? Oh do give us all a break. More like puerile. pu·er·ile 1. Belonging to childhood; juvenile. 2. Immature; childish.[/quote] Nothing more puerile than defining your own word. Maybe you should stick to big girls football, my man. OTBC [/quote] You know the more you post the more you prove the above point.
  6. One club got a $20 million payoff. One was relegated. Like it or not we are where we are, we need to start over with our own talent. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/mar/16/sheffield-united-west-ham-carlos-tevez
  7. Purist? Oh do give us all a break. More like puerile. pu·er·ile 1. Belonging to childhood; juvenile. 2. Immature; childish.
  8. (Hello) Norfolk born-and-bred too. Then again I guess its entirely possible that Norwich, apparently being the laughing stock of English football, would be of such interest to an American he''d be posting on a Norwich City bulletin board. Right. Do try and engage the brain before spewing out the hate. (Thank you)
  9. Well we can be a bit slow here in Texas. But we are civil. Who should F off ?
  10. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="LQ"]For the record, my criticism of the ''letter from the associate directors'' was this: It was from two of them. None of the others (if you actually bothered to read the piece) knew anything about it, yet it was headlined as an attack from the group. Due to Archant''s "delete all after a month" policy it''s probably not accessible now but the truth is out there (on chip paper) somewhere. If there''s an issue I''m sure Mr Phillips can dig it up. Pretending to be a mouthpiece of a group is a very dangerous stance when it can''t be backed up. That''s what Bertram and Bowkett did and from my pov it backfired. I think "put up or shut up" is the phrase? Not sorry he''s on the Board though. All accountable Boards need people like him - otherwise it''d just be like saying "great post mate LOL!" and that never achieved anything! As for Tilson on the radio...really? Again? Life''s too short. [/quote] Yes indeed... put up or shut up... team in the top 6 by October that stays there for the rest of the season or F**k Off!!! [/quote] What exactly is it you want to see happen Smudger? Do tell.
  11. Hopefully everything is fine with HC; downtown Houston did get hit pretty bad and several hundred thousand people down there have no electricity - on top of everything else that''s no fun at all when the temperature is still in the mid 90''s. We were very lucky up here in Austin that IKE went due North as he approached shore, as he originally was on a bee-line our way. Austin is an evacuation center for Galveston, we are glad that we can provide some hospitality at this time.
  12. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="Wings"]Good luck to the man; I wonder if San Jose is closer to home than Toronto? That might have been part of it.[/quote] Best climate in North America. Incidentally Wings, it''s 3000 miles further away from home for Darren and, I should also say to NewYorkCanary, it''s actually Southern California. [/quote] Southern? Splutter.. don''t tell that to anyone who lives in the Bay Area... quite agree its the best weather in the US though... maybe anywhere...
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