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  1. If Norwich are crowned champions today, will they get the trophy today? If not, will it be after the Carlisle game?
  2. It is hopeless when Doherty is the quickest CB we play. Not seen Askou, hopefully he has some pace...
  3. Win the 2nd half atleast. I know we had no chance of winning the game after halftime, but if we won the 2nd half 2 or 3v0, it would show that maybe, BG isn''t useless.
  4. He wont cost us anything.... so, he''s a realistic target.
  5. All huff ''n'' puff, no end product. Reminds me of a certain Jamie Cureton. Although, saying that, after seeing Carney the last few weeks, he makes Croft look like Ronaldo!
  6. The strikers coming in are great, but, unless we get atleast one CB, we''re still going to struggle. We always seem to score, so attack isn''t the main problem. It''s the stupid goals we concede that is. We need a leader at the back.
  7. I went to the game yesterday, with a mate (Cambridge fan). Like many, it was my first game this season, and my mates first Norwich game ever. We were both in agreement that, Omozusi was a class act. He had some nice touches, good runs and more importantly he wasn''t afraid to put his foot in, and make a tackle. I don''t understand why people prefer Semmy. Last season, I saw him make 1 tackle! He also seems to back off, and let the winger get the cross in. The plus for him is his speed. I think he might be our best option on the right wing... he can''t be much worse than Croft! I know most of you wont agree, but, everyones entitled to their opinion... this is mine.
  8. Isn''t he just back from a long injury? Can''t be worse than we already got.
  9. Seven Nation Army - White Stripes Worked well at the Euros
  10. I don''t know much about it either, but i downloaded itfrom itunes. 79p well spent.
  11. Has anyone got theirs yet? I emailed last week, and was told they would be here by now.
  12. I emailed mid February, and was told end of the month. I then emailed yesterday, and was told they will be sent out next week. Fingers crossed they should be here by the end of the season.
  13. This is exactly what I have been saying since the board said he will have ATLEAST the next two games. I think a good win tomorrow, and he''ll be confirmed Monday. I don''t want the Duff Man to get it, but it is the cheap option, and the board seem to be giving him a good chance to get it. I hate how this is shaping up, and really think We could be the next Wimbledon, Swindon, Bradford etc.
  14. Former Germany World Cup winner Pierre Littbarski wants the vacant Norwich City job and would keep Ian Crook as his assistant. (Sun) Anyone know about him?
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