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  1. So what''s wrong with taking it off and having a t-shirt underneath if you''re that worried?
  2. If I wore a Taqiyah in my picture I''d be accused of racism.
  3. RIP WIZ I bet you''re laughing your b******ks off now. A whole topic dedicated to yourself.
  4. FWIW I should imagine we''ll just be looking to fill a loan gap. It may become clearer, after the Laff & Hoops situation is sorted out.
  5. Will the McNally vs Balls showdown be pay per view on canaries player?
  6. Don''t shoot the messenger... Fastasy dream team has Mbokani 50/50 doubt due to illness.
  7. We''ll be lucky to keep him, contract or no contract extension. If he continues with his new found knack of scoring. Young English lad who isn''t an ounce of trouble to manage. We''d sell at the first whiff of a £20m cheque.
  8. Well I''ve convinced myself that the first caller Saturday. Who ran Alex Neil down was just a stooge to spark a flurry of callers. What he came out stunk of being on the payroll.
  9. Just checked the league out, I sort of drifted away from it and discovered The Nuts won it. Did he reveal himself, or not even realise he won.
  10. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Makes you wonder.... who in Europe is waking up early for Blackpool vs Norwich[/quote]?
  11. I''m not counting chickens and all that. But on paper we have a bloody strong squad.
  12. More to the point. WTF was that bloke doing with it in the first place?
  13. [quote user="Barclay seats"]Oh ! Just realised I read that as Sir not SLR . In which case I guess it''s no different to having a phone camera .[/quote]There is or was.  Unless the law was changed due to the higher specs of cameras on phones.  Moby phones were exempt from copyright law.  Therefore it''s a bit difficult to stop snaps being taken at games when every man and his dog has them.SLRs are different.  If you''re spotted  taking them during the game they will stop you. I took one in a number of years back.  The Steward said (in a friendly manner)  You''re welcome to take pictures  before and after the game, but in no way can it be used during.  
  14. [quote user="City1st"]as long as it''s not Dark Vadis(I''m sure some of them on CC don''t mean any harm....) [/quote]I wonder who the first person to call Darel Russell Rusty?
  15. "Hullo Rob, did Darth Vadis bring his light sabre?"
  16. [quote user="lake district canary"]City1st wrote the following post at 27/08/2014 1:29 PM: "different view" [quote user="Joanna Grey"]Very different...[/quote] Made me feel sea sick. [+o(] [/quote]Was that filmed by a scopie?
  17. IMO many of em have just realised their team is a pretty average hoof team.
  18. It was a bloke a little older than him.
  19. Adams must be a troll too, he basically thought we were poor for the first 15 minutes also.
  20. Operation smooth things over goes into force.
  21. If true we just have to hope, at 33 he has one good season in him to help us out.
  22. [quote user="I.S."]Anyone know what sort of wages Leroy is on? Transfer fees only part of the equation surely? Unless you''re bitter like Stan of course.[/quote]I don''t think anybody actually knows outside the club. But imo him and Ricky are/were part of the club''s top earners.  
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