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  1. [quote user="Son Ova Gunn"]All very plausable, and similar to many other ''inside info'' claims, but doesnt explain the comment from Payne of “If they ever come out in the wash, I’m sure everybody will understand why he did what he did." unless Payne thinks that if it ever became known that Holt was not the clubs top earner than we would all understand why he put in a transfer request which I think maybe a big ask. [/quote] If McNally literally told him to "F off if you think you can do better somewhere else" that would explain what could come out in the wash, the ''something that was said'' a couple of months ago, the ''no falling out with Lambert'', the ''happy at Norwich, great support etc''''. So it was just an attitude that Holt felt insulted by, that festered and led to the transfer request. So all adds up for me. Also sounds like the sort of thing McNally might say! If they have buried the hatchet and sorted things out to everyone''s satisfaction, then brilliant, we can all move on.
  2. What makes no sense is that Late Kick Off is not made by the Look East team (it''s not even made in-house by the BBC), so if that was the offending programme why would Look East get punished for it?
  3. Good blog - but why the giant font? I have better uses for my right hand than scrolling...
  4. Neil will be greatly missed. McVeigh''s the best replacement as far as I am concerned - articulate, lively and intelligent. I have found Dion a disappointment on Late Kick Off - sounds like he''s busking it with too many footballing cliches and not enough research.
  5. [quote user="Davo"] There are no rules, regulations or laws against booing. More importantly it''s perhaps the only way fans can show their dissatisfaction at how poorly a team have played. As for this comment: "And if anyone comes back with the "I''ve paid my money, I have a right to boo" you clearly do not know what it means to be a football fan!!" What are you on about? If you go to a shop and buy something and then ocne your home find it''s not right you can take it back. Football fans have no other way to express their feelings to the players, they can''t go and get a refund, you can''t rewind the game. I''m not saying every performance should be perfect bvut if the team doesn''t even try then they have every right to get booed off the pitch. Or maybe these fans should just keep their mouths shut? The point is it IS their money and they DO have the right to boo. Obviously enough felt the need to boo or it wouldn''t of been heard at all. At the end of the day the only thing you can do about it is come onto a forum and whinge which as we all know will have no effect as fans will boo again on Saturday if they feel that the performance isn''t as it should be. Davo [/quote] Key words there Davo are ''if the team doesn''t even try''. I don''t think that''s what we saw Tuesday, and I don''t think one below par performance warrants booing. It''s not a question of whether we have the right to boo - of course we do - but whether it is the right thing to do. If the players are working hard and have achieved an amazing amount in the past year, is it really helpful to turn on them the first time things don''t go well?  
  6. The pink version is better than the grey, but there is still too much dead space for my liking. It could be more compact to make it easier to read without having to scroll constantly.
  7. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Mazy Run"] [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Oh, my first reaction was who the heck is he lol[/quote] How many Chief Scouts can you name?   [/quote] And the point of your question is? [:|] [/quote] Your first post seemed to imply that you expected to know who he is - or that you wanted a famous chief scout. My point is that there is no such thing, so how can you expect to have heard of him?
  8. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Oh, my first reaction was who the heck is he lol[/quote] How many Chief Scouts can you name?  
  9. [quote user="kdncfc"]If wages were the problem he''d have been released last year.[/quote] Not if his contract ran out this year.
  10. Lambert obviously feels the same way, since the took the opportunity of his speech on the pitch after the game to have a little dig at the moaners who sit behind the dugout, who get on the team''s back if we''re not in front after two minutes. So you''re in good company! I hope those he was talking about felt suitably ashamed of themsleves!   
  11. Another classic case of a player who deserves a song but doesn''t have one is Adam Drury. Yesterday he stayed on the pitch having a kickabout with his kids and then acknowledged the Barclay as he left, to applause, but sadly he''s never really had his own song. Just because his name doesn''t really fit anything. A shame. I hope players like this realise it''s nothing personal, just the luck of the draw.
  12. Could you save us the trouble and tell us the joke? I assume it''s Russell Howard. He''s always having a pop at Norwich, making out we''re yokels or something. The guy''s from Somerset for goodness sake. (and thinks he''s funnier than he is).
  13. [quote user="bristol_canary"][quote user="Superflash"] Michael Nelson Good enough to be a Championship defender? Has earned high praise recently for his performances including two of the most historic goals in the clubs history. But is he good enough to cope with some of the strikers plying their trade in the division above? [/quote] are you serious? [/quote] He scored the goal that secured promotion and the goal that sealed the title - I think that''s what Superflash means.     
  14. Holt, for all-round contribution - goals and team spirit. Would like to see Forster and Hoolahan as runners-up.
  15. OK - head above parapet, I voted for him. I think he had skill and pace. The charge levelled against him was that he lacked an ''end product'', but I saw him put plenty of good crosses into the box and felt that the problem often lay with our strikers failing to move into positions to meet those crosses. And no-one could fault his effort or commitment - he would run his legs off when others had long since given up. It was hardly a vintage POTS year, but I don''t regret my vote.  
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