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  1. James if Worthless is you hero perhaps you should learn to spell his name right. (btw it''s t0sser)
  2. Ok I''ll give you Hucks, but pretty much everyone would take the dosh (I would thats for sure). It has nothing to do with loyalty, everyone wants as much as they can get for they work they do. As ''Cal'' famously wrote on another site, he would sell his mother for a good story. Same principle. (that made me chuckle btw Cal!)
  3. You show me any football player who moves for any other reason than money and I''ll show you a big fat liar.
  4. How on earth can any take a poster seriously who''s ''monica'' is ''wewantworthyback''? however I would go  with the loan/purchase theory
  5. There is something that I dont think most ''doom mongers'' have taken into consideration when they forcast  ''firesales'' and ''relegation''. This is just as important to Roeder as it is to the club! His record is not the best and he needs to make a success of this or his career is going to slide down without a trace. So with him selling Lewis and letting Hucks go, I am sure he did not do it on a whim. He has assembled a b ackroom staff that any championship club would want. And we look for reasons as to why he let the kitman go???? He has to get it right and he has earnt the right to have our support for the next season. I sometimes wonder why people only see the negative? We were down and out when he was appointed and I dont know one [person who would not have taken our finishing poisition then! But as soon as hindsight kicks in then some fans start to dish out all the conspiricy theory''s. At the end of the day roeder has just as much to lose as the club. So I think we need  to give him a go. 
  6. [quote user="Mr_Chimp"] It''s strange how we continually recieve congratulations both from ourselves and the Club for our loyalty, when it seems the biggest message board dedicated to City is filled with morons who would do well to support Wolves, such is self-loathing they exhibit.  The bull that some people spunk out is really sad. Selling Lewis was a perfectly logical move, and a good one.  He''s been called up to the England squad, yeah, but more than likely by default, seeing as he''s played with the U-21''s and will be habing about - there''s a good chance everyone else is on holiday right now.  Disregarding that, the sole reason Roeder sold him off was for his own good - to improve his career prospects and to make a name for himself.  It was no reflection on his quality; if anything he was sold simply because he was too good to be wasting his time as 20-years old (or whatever) on the bench of Champs club when he could be a starter elsewhere.  Hucks has gone; personally I''d have kept him and yes, he is a legend.  But let''s move on.  It happens everywhere else.  And on that point, I cannot think of a single club in professional football where the release of The Bloke Who Washes The Kits is in any way ''news''.  Utterly pathetic, and symptomatic of the posters here who shout loudest for revolution but cry foul when it actually comes around.  I''m embarassed for you, frankly. [/quote] Mr Chimp, a very good post and pretty well sums up what I think,(except Hucks, I think maybe we will never know if he had a season in him) A lot of people write on these sites just to get affect, so that means they have to be negative, the more negative they are the more the responce. But you''ll notice that all but a few have no substance about them, It''s just moaning for moanings sake 
  7. [quote user="Creative Midfielder"] [quote user="Canary Boy"]A lot more than £400,000 wouldn''t you say? [/quote] Best ask Roeder, he''s the expert (allegedly!). [/quote] He is actually , thats why he''s the manager and you are not.
  8. [quote user="bunny"]Dated the 15th..... seems like things are happening in the background indeed.[/quote]   I should hope so, it''s only a few weeks before we kick off again.
  9. [quote user="bunny"]Dated the 15th..... seems like things are happening in the background indeed.[/quote]   I should hope so, it''s only a few weeks before we kick off again.
  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.      Hope they get another 15 point deduction next season
  11. This was  a good bit of business for both City and Joe. But he is only training with England and wont be playing. Capello is a good manager and is looking to the future. He has also put a good few 0''s on Lewis''s price which is also good for us.
  12. It never cease''s to amaze me how many people are wise after the event. This was good business for City and Lewis. He was not going to get into our first team and he needed to play 1 st team football. We got a much needed £400,000 and he got selected for England, oh and there is a sell on clause. Good all round if you ask me.
  13. I some times wonder if some of you people are more interseted in grabbing the limelight than supporting your club? What is the reason for a demo? What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to hear you? Huckerby leaving is just part of the way football works. Fans either agree or disagree, but the managers neck is on the block for his decisions and Roeder has earnt the right to make them. He has been tasked to rebuild our team and should be judged at the end of the job not at the begining. The way Huckerby left was more a critisism of our PR Dept than of Roeder. The whole thing was very badly handled, a botch job. The other lot down the road didnt renew Wilness''s contract and he was a\ fans favourite with the scummers. But their PR Dept handled it correctly and not a murmer has been heard about that decision. It comes to something when those bunch of binners can show us how to deal with a situation properly. Stop bloody moaning just for the sake of it and just wait to see how Roeder does. 
  14. Ok this whole thing has turned into a PR distaster, It should have been flagged up by the clubs Media dept and a proper plan executed. This point was brought up on nthe offy but ofcourse Joe F detached himself from it, saying it was a football dept decision and nothing to do with him. However the failure of anyone at the club to predict the uproar Hucks departure would bring is just another nail in the coffin the board and it''s underlings.
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