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  1. Josh Murphy scored in a 3-0 victory against Dorado in the pre-season friendly. The Mexicans played a more continental style than seen in PL but were not an easy team to beat. The lad looks promising.
  2. Norwich City Home shirt won. Our away shirt is currently leading in the final. http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/premier-league-shirts-cup-201112-best-away-shirt-final_14145
  3. We will score early as with Swansea but Blackburn will not break down our defence. Half time 2-0 Pilkington and Morison. Second half Holt & R Martin. Surprise knock in from a set piece in the 93rd minute. Result 4-1.http://services.pinkun.com/FORUMS/PINKUN/CS/emoticons/emotion-2.gif
  4. Steam Packet behind Anglia TV is good for a pre-match drink.
  5. I tend to agree Indy. We could pick up a point or three against an out of sorts Arsenal and Everton are not what they were but Spurs could be tough and QPR could go any way. The only certainty seems Man City but, you never know. However, 24 points at the end of the year looks about right.
  6. We are nearly a quarter of the way through. If we were to finish the season on 48 points, on the basis of recent seasons, we would finish somewhere between ninth and twelfth. As a newly promoted team, I would take that. Of course, or more established opponents have strength in depth that will show as the season progresses and injuries take their toll. However, if I had been offered 12 points out of the first 9 games I would have been in Ellysium.
  7. That''s the spirit! I would like to thank you all for your trust. I am a new poster on this forum and yet you took it at face value. I have this warm feeling, which is either my pleasure at your acceptance or I have had another little accident.
  8. I think it is just for the glory but it is good to see there are some discerning folk around the world. I posted this because there was some negative posts that decried our shirt. I felt it would be good to let people know we have arrived even if only in the sartorial sense. The other bit will be done on the pitch. Sorry about the link. I took it from the site; clearly it is not mobile friendly. I found it through google but there are a lot of football shirt sites...
  9. I notice 222 views. Can we assume that is 222 votes? If not, please re-consider.
  10. I agree with much that has been said. One thing that screens are useful for are replays. I see action at the Barclay end at a distance and I have to get in peoples'' way to see the Holiday Inn corner flag. Action replays have to wait until MOTD (we don''t get UTube this season). It would be great to see the goal repeated straight away. Slow mo'' of action on the field would clarify refs'' decisions although I notice that, where they do have screens they don''t show such action. If it did go ahead there would need to be more than one to ensure coverage. What about one either end; over the top of Barclay and Riverside?
  11. We are currently leading the competition. Place your vote to ensure we come out on top. http://www.football-shirts.co.uk/fans/premier-league-shirts-cup-201112-best-home-shirt-final_13672
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