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  1. Green Steeno, Fleming, Malky, Drury Mcveigh, Holt, Francis, Hucks Bellamy, Iwan  
  2. i agree 100% with toshack, our players are incapable of keeping the ball against the better sides, we''re far too rigid. the best sides move around and change positions,
  3. indeed he does, you could be right tim
  4. yeah i''d like to know of any pubs in nottingham showing our game, i''ve got a feeling the game on setanta will be on everywhere and will be unable to see our game
  5. well said graham, nobody has said we''re suddenly a good side on the back of tuesday, at the end of the day a side containing a few youngsters and fringe players matched a side worth well over £30m away from home and we can take a few positives from it as well as a few negatives such as not scoring but what matters now is how we perform in the league, our bread and butter  
  6. as you say its the league that matters but although it wasn''t a first choice man city it was a still a very good side, they had a strike force costing £15m, 2 england u21 internationals, a brazilian international winger, their captain(dunne), and an england international as well as a few very highly rated young players
  7. good performance tonight but we''re at home on saturday against weaker opposition than Man City, Hucks is our main creater so has to play for me i''d probaly put him in for Brown and go for 4-3-3 with croft and hucks wide as i don''t think russell, jarvis and spillane can be split up
  8. this is quality, Hallilday a very poor centre back playing at left back and Bexfield a tiny left sided player at centre back
  9. and you know that without seeing him play in midfield?   he has all the attributes to be a quality midfielder as long as he has somebody who will sit alongside him
  10. of course Blackpool are gonna bring a lot, in case you haven''t noticed they''ve just won promotion to this division for the first time in decades. i sitll think 2,000 is a pretty good turn out when you consider we lose almost every away game
  11. sky and radio norfolk have both said the Brellier one was harsh, doherty on the other hand is a complete liability and has to go
  12. you also need your lone striker to not be a weak midget
  13. chadwick was poor today, he is a winger so should stay wide, on so many occassions he left otsemobor exposed and forced brellier to cover him(did a good job defensively today)
  14. i''ve seen them both before as i spend a lot of time up in Scotland due to family especially at Hearts, believe me they are both quality players and will improve us considerably this season Marshall made a couple of mistakes today but remember he is still relatively young as a keeper and has shown in the few games he has played he is a very good keeper Brellier wasn''t fit today so its a bit unfair to pass judement   i understand where you''re comnig from on people making judgements without seeing them much but likewise you''re saying they''re not very good based on todays game
  15. decent young player for us but his move to Stoke has improved him considerably as a player, i''m just really happy that we have a good set of midfielders battling to get a place in the side, just need a centre back in now
  16. anywhere from about 4th/5th down to 15th/16th, the league is far too open to predict, i think we''re too good to go down but lack the squad to challenge at the very top but if things go our way we can make the play offs
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