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  1. I agree, we dont appear to have missed him too much (yesterday was our first defeat since he has been out injured) but he ISN''T an out and out striker. He links the attack and midfield wonderfully and sure he could have an impact on the run in. Look back at the QPR home game where he played as an attacking mid, was excellent.
  2. I would also like to see either Lappin or Smith involved from the start - they will be hungry and give us some mettle and graft!
  3. I think that the main difference was that week in, week out we usually have 10/11 players who play at the top of their game and we rarely have a player who gives bad performances. From my point of view (I watched on Sky) I feel we had at least 4 players yesterday who fell well beneath usual standards - Whitbread, Ward, Crofts, Lansbury - and it is difficult to carry four players like that. However, we didn''t play awfullly - we still played some lovely stuff but didn''t have an end product. I must say, Swansea are the best team we have played this season but we still had 3 points off them. Watford Tuesday may be a different story - I feel that we will want to avenge this defeat, and Watford have dropped off lately. Hopefully we will have Hoolahan available, and I would be tempted to play either Korey Smith (who looked good when he came on) or Lappin, this would give us a little more balance and cover in midfield.
  4. Ruddy - 6 R Martin - 6 Tierney - 7 Whitbread - 4 Ward - 5 Fox - 6 Crofts - 5 Surman - 5 Lansbury - 4 Holt - 6 Pacheco - 6 Subs Jackson - 6 Vokes - 5 K Smith - 6
  5. "Decent!?" He has settled like a duck to the purest of water. Shows Lambert''s talent in finding a quality player from the lower leagues.
  6. Who cares what the new kit is like? It is the players who play in it and the league which it is played in that really matters... OTBC
  7. Guess it all depends on the Hoolahan situation, but I am going to envisage that he is not fit. Ruddy R Martin Ward Whitbread Tierney Fox Crofts Surman Pacheco Holt Jackson (Diamond formaion) Subs - Rudd, Edwards, Drury (Hoolahan if he is okay-ish to be on bench), Lappin, Lansbury, K Smith, Vokes.
  8. Superhoop - rather than becoming ''increasingly desperate'' I think you will find most Norwich fans don''t really care about your ''plight.'' All we are interested in is staying above the other 22 teams in the division and getting promotion. I have given the whole thing about two minutes thought and then decided you would get a fine, and that we need to get maybe 12 points now for promotion, and you will probably finish 10 above us. Look forward to playing you in the Prem in 2011/12.
  9. I reckon Lambert has signed a new deal...and maybe Holt as well. Not sure McNally would announce about Wes'' injury, from his POV more likely to be something contract or finance based.
  10. What has impressed me is how he has seamlessly slotted in to our system. Seems to get up and down really well, strong in the tackle, fast, brave etc...all you need in a full back. Think he could do a job in the Prem actually!
  11. When Jackson arrived here, all the Gills players and management said they were delighted for him as he was a hard worker on the training ground and very down to earth. Sounds like he has a good character and will never give up, no matter how much he gets bashed and how long he goes without a goal. Nice one Simeon - you will be an important player in the run in.
  12. Only downside today was the injury to Wes. Could be a big, big blow IMO. He is the player that so often makes a difference, both at home and away...particularly away as he picks space and opposition can''t deal with him. Let''s hope the hamstring isn''t too bad, as it could rule him out for the season if it is a tear. At least we have Pacheco and Lansbury who are adept in his role too!
  13. ...Would it be worth finding out how far the exclusion zone is after 4pm? I mean, I am pretty sure it would only be the TOWN centre pubs and ones which are regular football haunts. I.E. Find out how far out we can go and get to a pub on the outskirts of Ipswich, then bus or train it in from a local stop/station. To me, it is a stupid idea from police; at least if we are in pubs in the TOWN centre then they know where we are! At the end of the day, fans will find a watering hole - be it in Norwich, Ipswich or somewhere in between!
  14. A Preston D H Norwich City D H Hull City W A Burnley L A Portsmouth D H Ipswich Town W A Millwall D H Sheffield Utd W This would give Swansea 12 points, meaning they finish on 78. We would need only 12 points to get above them, although this small amount would bring Cardiff & Leeds in to play too. If we beat Scunthorpe and Swansea fail to beat Preston (which is a tough game IMO) then dont be surprised to see Cardiff and the Leeds scum as our biggest challengers. If Leeds beat Forest at home Saturday, they are in with a shout. I just think it will go down to the last day, it is so tight and the teams up there are so similar. OTBC.
  15. I also loved your kit designs mate, really really impressive and I would buy most of them. I loved the adidas design with the thin vertical pinstripes, looks classic and simple. I also like the black and racing green away shirts! Hope you have had some influence over the club''s decision!
  16. I got 99. Bloody 99... I was doing really well and then with 2 minutes left I was on 97 and thought "ah well, if I get over 100..." and spent the last minute and a half with a mind block. Got some random ones like Patrick Boyle, David Mooney and Chris Killen... But missed Simon Lappin (duh!) Good game though, might try some of the other teams like Man U and Arsenal in same quiz, although I will fail miserably!
  17. You can already work out how many wins/draws we need for promotion... 7 wins and a draw at Swansea! Anyway, just being annoying...I agree, the international break is poop and nothing compares to watching Norwich. Just can''t get enough... These last eight games are going to be amazing, one way or another! And throw a scum derby in there too to add extra spice!
  18. You really think this is a ''good article''? I found it boring, with a lack of real knowledge of statistics to back up their musings and something that any supporter could have written about any team. Poor.
  19. QPR Norwich Leeds Swansea Cardiff Burnley I can see us making it, just. I also feel quite strongly that Leeds will end up being our closest challengers, their fixtures aren''t too bad (on paper...) and they are always capable of scoring goals. Plus they have a great fan base behind them and Elland Rd will be a couldron in the last 4 home games. But I am predicting we will pip them at the post (again) which will be hilarious. Otherwise, Swansea are strong at home and poor away, in that respect we should be aiming for a point there because their away form will let them down. If...IF we can win this weekend, and Swansea only pick up a point or lose away at Preston, I think you will see Leeds emerge from the pack, as I would expect them to win at home to Forest. We would also go to Swansea with a little cushion over them. OTBC!
  20. When Cedric Anselin played for us I was in Year 11 at school, and during an art lesson me and another friend who was also a season ticket holder painted a banner saying ''Bring Anselin back'' when he wasn''t getting a game... ...when we took it to the game we realised we couldn''t actually stick it up with anything, so we ate some fruit pastilles and tried to stick it to the advertising hoardings behind us (we sat on back row) Alas, it didn''t work, we looked like idiots and Anselin ended up living in a caravan in Gorleston.
  21. This might sound a bit funny and this game will be remembered for some of the wrong reasons, but the way we tored Reading apart away from home was just incredible. Obviously Holt''s sending off ruined it, but the moment when our third went in got me thinking "we mean business this season." Obviously, the 4-1 win vs. the scum, the first goal being particularly amazing. I loved the late winner from Holt away at Scunny as well as the late goals at home to Millwall and Reading. There has been so many and the best is yet to come!
  22. Unless Wes was brought up in Turkey...!
  23. Ruddy R Martin Ward Whitbread Tierney Fox Crofts Surman Hoolahan Holt Pacheco Subs - Rudd, Edwards, Lappin, Lansbury, Vokes, Drury, K Smith Then when Wilbraham is fit, replace Drury on the bench as Lappin could always slot in at left back...
  24. Whitbread for me is the best centre back at the club all round. Closely followed by Ward. For me, Barnett is also a very good player, but needs to learn a lot about positioning. The reason he is so loved for his last minute tackles and blocks is because he is quite often out of position in the first place. This isn''t intended as a criticism, as I think Lambert, Culverhouse and co will get the best out of him in the long run and he has been a good signing. Why don''t we keep clean sheets ''Norfolk&Chance''? Well, I think it is more to do with our "We''ll score one more than you" attitude. We play such attacking football that we leave ourselves vulnerable at the back - I wouldn''t change that style of play. Of course, we also concede avoidable goals (Donny home, Hull away) but who doesn''t? We defnitely have the best defensive players we have done for years.
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