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  1. I think Crofts should have been number 1, but agree with the rest! Particularly the Radio Norfolk commentary.  Have to say, my favourite of the season is Jackson''s 3rd v Derby - not because it was actually a good goal - but the moment was incredible.
  2. As soon as we got promoted my thoughts for the first three games were: Fulham (H) Man Utd (A) QPR (H)
  3. i can see why he isn''t in favour now - hardly fits Lambert''s ''hungry'' model!
  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new kit, and the video is hilarious!
  5. this is one rumour i would not necessarily like to see happen. however, in lambert we trust!
  6. McAnthony said it would ''break their transfer record'' which currently stands at 400k for Joe Lewis (from us!)  That doesn''t mean that said player will cost £1m - it could suggest a 500k signing which could bring Chris Martin in to the equation? I would think that Cody would only fetch about 300k, although I would rather have him than Martin in many respects (attitude and pace)
  7. The OP - your NCFC shirt designs are absolutely awesome.  Let''s hope the club have seen them as they would sell thousands!
  8. It is certainly an opportunity for him - hopefully it will lead to inspired performances/  Has Gilks chose Scotland yet?
  9. Hi everyone I know this is a long shot, but at some point during the game on Saturday, I lost my glasses in the ground! They are made by Carrera and have tick black rims around the eyes and white rims for the handles. I was sitting (standing!) in Block E of the Barclay - definitely had them on 1st half but not in 2nd! Havaent a clue what happened to them Anyway, just wondering if anyone handed them in - if not does anyone know where to ring for Lost Property!? Cheers
  10. I don''t understand why people are saying about signing a huge amount of players from relegated premier league clubs - they have failed to keep one club up, why should they help another? The only player I would have from a potentially relegated team is Scott Parker - but that will never happen! My list of players to sign currently consists of: Nathaniel Clyne (Crystal Palace) Jamie O Hara (Spurs - I know what you will say after what I just said "he is part of a Wolves team that are going down"- yes, but he is actually a Spurs player, and had he been at Wolves all season many of their fans think they would have a better team) Shane Long (Reading - if they dont go up) They are all I can think of now - think we need an experienced keeper as back up too,so we can send Rudd / Steer on loan. Also, I would like to see a defensive midfielder to compete with Fox - although I think he has genuine PL class.
  11. I bought a beach ball, rubber ring and lilo type thing from Tesco - all for £3...in red and white but who cares? Party atmosphere - buzzinG!
  12. Now, I am generally averse to rumours and also feel the majority of our squad should be given a chance to prove themselves - but think O'' Hara would be an excellent and realistoc addition.
  13. This will probably get deleted, but I have two tickets available in the AWAY section for the game on Saturday. I am a Norwich fan who bought them to get in...but now can''t go for personal reasons. If you would like them, please text me on 07956466380 and I will phone you back with more details. The face value for the pair is £70, will take slightly less to sell them if needed. Cheers
  14. Go away. We have just won promotion to the Premier League and John Ruddy has been a huge part of that. Let''s celebrate now and worry about the new season when this one ends!
  15. To Paul Lambert, David McNally, Delia Smith, Michael Wynn Jones, Grant Holt and all the Norwich City players and fans... This is the best day of my life. I love you all.
  16. From my source (Ketchup) Matt Ball is the only one from current 3rd year crop to be offered pro deal...not sure if Werndly is a third year scholar or below?
  17. My guess is that if we can still grab 2nd spot, the game will be on Sky (probably your only chance of seeing it!)
  18. I mis-read that post above and thought you said Jackson was a "tad OVERweight"!
  19. For me, Surman was man of the match and must also mention good performances from Jackson, Holt and Fox. I also felt Hoolahan played well but maybe a little short of his absolute best, probably still carrying a slight knock...but we need him! Amazingly, we could afford to leave the likes of Pacheco, Vokes and McNamee on the bench last night! What a luxury!
  20. My starting 11 would be: GK - Ruddy RB - R Martin LB - Tierney CB - Ward CB - Whitbread DM - Fox MC(R) - Crofts MC (L) - Lappin AM - Hoolahan SC - Holt (if fit) / Vokes SC - Jackson Subs Rudd McNamee Surman Edwards Pacheco K Smith Lansbury Vokes on bench somewhere if Holt fit!? Just think Lappin always gives 100% and gives us excellent balance on that side - have so many options on the bench too! Good times. Playing Hooly is fit.
  21. Agree with all that has been said - good with passing and one touch movement but I haven''t seen a slower player at CR since Robert Eagle! It may be time to give McNamee or Lappin a run out as they seem to have a bit more fight and spirit.
  22. And he looks hard. I wouldn''t mess with him. Quality signing, and at the moment better than Drury...akthough maybe his experience will tell in the run-in at some point!
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