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  1. Thanks...he needs to play. Was very good tonight. Think we tend to notice him even more when he is not playing (which is a compliment!)
  2. I am going to give my ratings as I would for a League game, not drop players points because we played against a League 2 team! (6 is average) Ruddy 7 - Played much better today. Made two very good saves, couldn''t do anything about the goal. Got caught in two minds when the fat chap hit the bar, but his handling was solid. R Martin 7 - Thought he was solid too, got forward fairly well and put in the cross for Holt''s first. Sometimes he rushes his passing which lets him down. Drury 7 - Mr Dependable. Put in some excellent blocks and sliding tackles. Would like to see him put crosses in further up the pitch. Nelson 6 - Poor in the first half as he bounced off Akinfenwa (although he is hard to get around). Also poor for the goal but won some good headers and was much better second half. Ward 6 - Similar to Nelson really. Made some hashed clearances first half and improved as he grew in to the game. Think he will prove a good signing in the long run. Fox 7 - Made some lovely passes spreading the play around and linked up with Hoolahan well. Noticed he has a lovely first touch. Still think he will prove the best of our new signings. K Smith 7 - We really miss his energy and dynamism when he is not playing. Linked defence and attack well and really got stuck in. Think he put the cross in for Holt''s 2nd (lovely ball). Tough decision between Smith and Crofts for this role but Smith just edges it for me. Lappin 7 - Mr Consistant looked good again today and in my opinion Surman should have to work a bit harder to get back in the team. Linked well with Drury and put in some good crosses and was very committed. Hoolahan 7 - Impressive moving and ''wriggling'' from the little man again. More passes went in the right places today and put some lovely balls in for Holt and Martin. C Martin 9 - Thought he was a clear MOM today. He looks faster, leaner and hungrier than before. Played so well tonight, making runs in the channels, scoring twice and his free-kicks are so very accurate. Holt 8 - Boy did we miss him against Watford. Two great finishes and good assist for Martin''s first. Really looked hungry again and we need another 60 minutes against Scunthorpe. Subs (quickly) Johnson 6.5 Gill 6 McNamee 6
  3. He sliced it away a couple of times but apart from that I thought he looked quite good tonight.
  4. We took our 5 year old nephew and he said "Blimey, that man is too fat to play football." Observant.
  5. Makes perfect sense to me. Some people would love to work ''behind the scenes'' at the club for a couple of hours. At 8pm, get a free ticket to match (at no real extra cost to club) At half-time they will probably spend half that on the extortionate pasties, pies and drinks available...hense the club is win-win. And the fans have ''volunteered'' for it so they can''t really moan!
  6. Was the original poster trying to be humorous? Because they fail miserably and sound like a twat.
  7. I am going, and for some reason, staying the Saturday night in Sunny Scunny!
  8. Francomb should start against Gills and if he has a confident performance give him a start against Scunthorpe.
  9. I reckon we will see about 13,000 there. Still loads of tickets left on the online ticketing page. Club should have done it as £5 for adults, like the JPT last year. Can''t moan at kids for a £1 though. I think Lamber might make a few changes to keep things fresh. Maybe we will see Askou, Francomb, K Smith?
  10. To be honest, I thought Foxy played better than Crofts last night.
  11. Can I just say an excellent original post. Reasoned and well thought out. Not slagging the players off, but just looking at their deficiencies in a straight-forward way. I actually believe we have the resolution to these problems at the club already. I feel that George Francomb will go on to be an excellent defender and maybe should be given a few games to prove how good he is. I can''t really see this happening though, maybe Lambert will bring in someone good on loan once the season gets underway? At centre-back I have always been a fan of Askou. He may not be good on the ball (Like Nelson) but he is strong, great in the air and more athletic and fast than people give him credit for. For the record, I don''t mind keeping Nels and Martin as part of the squad, but I agree it is worrying they seem like 1st choice. Also, surely Crofts would be a good choice for vice-captain?
  12. ...must play! Thank You and Good night.
  13. We need not worry about last night. Look at today''s results. Would you have expected Ipswich to win at Boro? Scunthorpe to go away to Reading and win? Bristol City with David James to capitulate 0-3 at home? I think this season will be mental! The only thing I would say with regards your original post is that the new signings are going to take a while to bed in and you can''t bed them unless you play them. The only change I would definitely like to see is for Korey Smith to play somewhere, anywhere! He gives us such buzz, energy and I actually think he will be a Premier League player soon (hopefully for us!)
  14. Mine: Ruddy - 5: First one went in at near post, maybe could have saved second and almost gifted Watford another when he dropped a cross second half. Worrying debut but I think he will get better. R Martin - 6: Made some good covering tackles but misplaced alot of passes. Ward - 5: Though the first few minutes he lookes really strong. Went a bit downhill! Nelson - 6: Really needs to forge a partnership with someone, won a few headers. Well taken goal Drury - 6: Usual, dependable self. Needs to get forward more if we play the diamond. Fox - 6: Passing looked good and comfortable on the ball. Not sure he is a holding MF though Crofts - 6: Not sure why everyone is raving about his performance, apart from goal he didn''t do a huge amount. Think he is a very good signing though. Surman - 5: Very quiet. Didn''t move the ball or himself around much. Hoolahan - 7: If only all our other players could work out what he is doing. Got on the ball, looked to pass in and some intelligent movement. Yes, didn''t always come off but thought he always looked bright. C Martin - 6.5: Thought he lookes strong and worked well off the ball. Not much service Jackson - 6. Lovely flick for Crofts goal and got into some promsiing positions. Needs a Holt alongside him to get the better service. Holt - 6: Looked a bit slugglish which isn''t surprising but gave us a focal point. Did McNamee come on at the end?
  15. Mustard Pot. Pints. Match. And repeat.
  16. I personally have very little against Marshall. He played very well over 7 or 8 years at Norwich and took over a difficult mantle from Bryan Gunn to become another established goalkeeper at Norwich. When he left (albeit to our ''neighbours'') we had Robert Green who was arguably a better goalkeeper. Marshall''s departure enabled Green''s development as Number 1. Yes he went to the scum, but he wasn''t a regular there for long and I am sure most would affiliate him with us rather than ''them.'' Personally, I would be delighted to see him return as goalkeeping coach or something in the future, as he seems to have the respect of his fellow pro''s
  17. I like the way all the scummers point to their 14-match winless run as a ''blip.'' Let''s face it, you were shit last season, and you will be even shitter this season. Keano just buys players if they have played for Sunderland or have a connection to Leprechauns. He is a laughing stock, so is your shit town and stadium which has 5,000 empty seats every weekend. You are living in the past. How long is it since you were in the Premiership? 8 years? Yet every year you claim to be a ''favourite.'' £2.5 million on Norris!!! Prrrfft! £1.7 million on Priskin!!! Give me Hoolahan and Holt for about a fifth of those prices any day!
  18. Remember : "In Lambert we Trust." All together now...
  19. Are you American (1-1 win!) Anyway _ say: Watford Win 3-1 Scunny Win 1-0 Swansea Win 3-2 Forest Lose 0-2 Barnsley Win 1-0 Doncaster Lose 1-2 So 12 points from 6 games, which I would be delighted with!
  20. [quote user="First Wazzock"][quote user="Beauseant"] [quote user="Pabs"]Chris Martin will be first goalscorer this season. The first of 20-odd again. And for people slating one of the best players that has come through our academy in the last ten years and the best finisher this club has. Open your eyes. He is a fantastic footballer. You are pathetic.[/quote] I was catually referring to an earlier post. I took this one as sarcastic! You obviously don''t read my posts very often, but thanks for the put down. [/quote] WWWHHHHOOOOOSSSSHHHHH That''s your post going over Pabs head, Beau. [;)] [/quote]
  21. The way I see it is that we now have a very competitive midfield area, and Lambert has seen that a player at the base of the diamond may need to be more of a ''play-maker'' than a ''destroyer'' in the Championship. It looks to me as if Fox may be first choice at the base, but Crofts, K.Smith or even Gill could fill in, then I would say Crofts has staked an excellent claim for the Right sided player, with K.Smith and Hughes again covering. Surman will clearly be first choice left side with Lappin covering there. Hoolahan is almost untouchable at the top of the diamond but I think either McNamee, Surman or possibly Chris Martin could also play in that role (albeit slightly differently). I think what we have is a very adaptable midfield with lots of choice. This is not including Tudur Jones if he stays and Adeyemi to come back from loan, as well as Dawkin who has a big future. There is the possibility of going 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2 with these players. A super job by Lambert. The Midfield is probably the best area of our team, which is just what you need in the Championship, the strikers will get enough goals with these players behind them and as long as we can shore up a little more at the back we should be fine!
  22. Wonder why Oli is shorter odds than Chris Martin? Would be obvious to me that Martin will play more than Martin. Midfielders seem to do well in Chapionship. Wasn''t Peter Whittingham top scorer last season? Or even Charlie Adam was near the top.
  23. Chris Martin will be first goalscorer this season. The first of 20-odd again. And for people slating one of the best players that has come through our academy in the last ten years and the best finisher this club has. Open your eyes. He is a fantastic footballer. You are pathetic.
  24. Steven Smith at right back? He isnt even fit! What does everyone see that is so bad in Russell Martin? personally,I think he is of the Edworthy ilk - nothing special but does the job!
  25. He could get game time. Whitbread doesnt appear to be getting fit and still doubts as to how Nelson and Ward will play together.
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