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  1. I would go with Ruddy R Martin Ward Askou (think Nels is injured) Drury Crofts Fox Lappin McNamee Holt Jackson
  2. sADLY, I think we will go out of the cup at this round. Blackburn are a strong premier league club and often do well in this competition. 3-0 Blackburn, with us to storm back with a win at Forest next weekend!
  3. do you think it is criminal of me to say that IF we have a good season (ie. challenging for the playoffs) then I would quite like to see the scum do okay as well. It would be great for the region if both clubs did well and pushed towards the playoffs and would also make the 2 games between us mean even more than they usually do. Sorry if I lose all respect by saying this, but recently the derbies haven''t quite had that edge that they did when both teams were successful! Thoughts?
  4. Ruddy 8 R Martin 7 Nelson 7 Ward 9 Drury 6 Crofts 7 K Smith 6 Surman 6 Hoolahan 5 Holt 6 Martin 6 McNamee 7 Jackson 7 (for the finish!) Askou 10
  5. A brilliant report as ever, Ricardo. I love your last line. Genius! I thought Russell Martin was decent today and although Sinclair was very fast and got away once or twice, he dealt well overall with him. Ward was my MOTM, closely followed by Ruddy and though McNamee had a good impact off the bench, his pace stretched them in the end.
  6. I think the diamond works better away from home than it does at Carrow Road. Such a wide open ground and away teams exploit the space on the break. We hada good result today and delighted with performances of Ward, Ruddy and Crofts especially but our defence did get carved open once or twice and if it wasnt for Ward''s great blocks we would have lost.
  7. Good memories chaps, good memories. My personal faves are the 2-0 win mentioned against Barnsley in Play off season and the 2-0 win at Portman Road where Iwan Roberts scored twice. On a personal note, had a great weekend in Exeter last year. Got there on the Friday, went out for drinks and heard about Gunny''s sacking. Met up with loads of Norwich and Exeter fans pre-game for drinks in a lovely city (Exeter!) and met some friends who have been good friends for a year now. Had a few more drinks pre and post match and went out in Exeter in the evening. It wasnt a great game, 1-1, but also a baking hot sunny day and the excitement of knowing Gunn wasnt gonna manage us any longer!
  8. If they appear to have a Welsh accent and have a sheep attached to them, run them over.
  9. Ref89 obviously can''t have a reasoned debate and must just slag people off and pick holes in things they say. All I was pointing out with regards the prices of food/drink inside the ground is that I used to buy these hings but now they are overpriced and I don''t. But I do need to eat something between midday and 6:30pm which is the time it takes me to watch the match and travel, so there will be a cost there somewhere. To be honest, you can slag me off if u want but it isnt just me whose concerned> I am more concerned for families who are being priced out. To take a family of four today (just for tickets) is approx. £100... Oh, and as for not finding the cheapest ticket available I am so sorry, there was a difference of £2. I just looked at where I have sat recently.
  10. I have been moaning about this this morning, I will admit. Looking at it from the other side of the coin, the club''s decision to do Kids for a Quid vs Gillingham was great. I took my two nephews and they loved it. The adult tickets were £12, I felt the club could have made them £8 or £10 but still a great nights entertainment was had by all. However, I sometimes like to go to the footy for a big game on my own or with just one adult mate. Over £30 vs Swansea plus all the extra costs just doesn''t make it viable for every game.
  11. i think this is an interesting point, Wiz. Holt blanked EEN on Saturday and now with the Lambert story maybe the club have taken a stance, until they apologise at least! However, the EDP and NCFC have previously had a good relationship and I think they are an excellent paper with lots of stats and articles. Hopefully the realtionship isnt ruined.
  12. I would rather be us where we are now than Wigan with 10,000 rattling around ina 25,000 stadium in the Prem.
  13. Last year the Leeds game cost £27 casual. It might have been League One, but it was a massive game against another big club and a league title decider of sorts. I was prepared to pay that or even more. But £30 for Swansea at the start of the season seems excessive, for me it doesn''t matter what level the game is at it is the importance. Swansea should have been made B or C grade after the Watford game was also an A grade. They should think about it on a monthly basis so that no one month prices fans out, whilst respecting the fact you cant bring prices down so much that season ticket holders effectively ''lose out''
  14. Maybe I am having a bad day, our fridge-freezer broke this morning. 1 month out of 2 year guarantee. Still, your joke was pretty painful.
  15. Shocking. Maybe we could bargain with the ticket office...! It is £10 to see Real Madrid play. £10.
  16. I think the club have got it completely right for the kids. It is cheap and affordable for parents to take their kids to the game and if we want a new generation of fans then it needs to be affordable for their parents to bring them either on a S/T or for a casual game or two. I blame the Premier League and Sky for this!
  17. People can hammer me all they want. I went to Glanford Park and spent over £100 last week, so its only reasonable that I AND MANY OTHER FANS can''t afford another £50 odd quid for a home game. I will still go to a good few games this season, but I just feel that the club would actually do better business if they could make a few concessions. The introduction of the booking fee makes it almost completely un-worthwhile buying a super membership!
  18. I have been a fan of Norwich for 20 years, and I have always been happy to pay whatever to support my team. In a season, this would usually include a) either a season ticket or a membership - with a membership I would perhaps get to 9 or 10 home games and 3 or 4 away a season. This has depended on my situation as I have been away at uni some years and it hasn''t been practical to get an S/T. b) A home or away shirt c) Travel to and from matches d) Refreshments in the ground, before match and at half time e) Programme every match f) Other items as the season goes along - taking family to matches, buying other bits and bobs etc etc. Anyway, this year is one I haven''t purchased a S/T for. Not because I can''t afford it particularly but more because of my work situation. I actually think season tickets are reasonably priced compared to some clubs, but a single matchday experience for a fan is becoming almost impossible. Here goes (Swansea match as example): Ticket (with super membership) £29 Ticket Booking Fee £1.50 Train/Petrol & Parking to match: £10 Refreshments (in ground only - 2 snacks and drink): £7 Programme: £3 Basically, this means an average HOME game for me would cost in the region of £55,and this is without a couple of pints and other refreshments before the game. Now, don''t get me wrong, I love watching my team and I would rather do that than anything else on a Saturday afternoon (I had a brilliant day at Glanford Park last Saturday) but at that cost per match I just cant afford to go as much as I would like to. I don''t have a bad job but there are bills to pay and food to buy etc, and I just feel that the club are pricing the casual fan out of being able to afford it regularly. I know the club is in debt, but surely a £5 reduction on casual match day tickets and getting rid of the ridiculous booking fee would be a way to get crowds up to 26 -27,000 instead of 24,500? Sorry if this comes across as a big moan (it is really) but I am just concerned that we may be pushing some fans away.
  19. Someone who can play centre back or right back with a bit of pace. Someone in the Kenton mould (obviously not Kenton himself) but that kind of player who is adaptable and has some pace. I think Nelson and Ward have looked much better against Scunthorpe but there may be games where we need more pace. Whitbread has been missing for so long you worry whether he will ver be fit! I think R Martin and Francomb are good enough at right back but if we got an injury to Russell, would we be comfortable with just an 18 year old (although I do rate him)?
  20. For me,Martin is currently worth about £1.5million...but I would never sell him for that! Natural finisher, local lad, signed a 4 year contract last year. If he can get 15 - 20 goals this year I would double that to about £3million. Still, the cost of Walters is a joke!
  21. I don''t think we definitely need a right back. R Martin Francomb K Smith if needed... Keep it as it is and if we need a loan or sign someone due to injuries, we will still have the cash available.
  22. I think it is as much his commitment, never say die attitude and the fact he was captain for our League One title campaign as anything else. He scored 30 goals, which was great, but I would say it is his presence and the way he has settled in to the club which is making him a legend. WE f*king love Grant Holt!
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