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  1. I hope he stays for life. Quality player.
  2. I can see a situation in January where either Askou will leave due to not playing, or we will let Whitbread go if he cant return to fitness, and Barnett could be brought in as a replacement. Would probably pay 500k for him. Then you would have Ward, Barnett, Nelson and Whitbread or Askou as centre back options. Not bad, not bad...
  3. It is true about the asthma thing, apparantly he has it quite severely and when he was at Watford very rarely made it past 60 mins when starting. Despite this, I think he is a good player - excellent crosser of the ball and fast, direct. But tomorrow I would start Lappin as away from home then bring McNamee on later if we are losing or drawing to really take the game to Doncaster. Should be a cracker between two good footballing teams tomorrow night. I am going for 2-2, which I would definitely be happy with!
  4. Meat and Potato. Had a lovely lamb and red wine one at C.R a few weeks ago!
  5. Wasn''t Ogunnusi that rubbish Centre-back we had on loan from Fulham!???!
  6. Approx £20. 3/4 pints plus cheeseburger with onions and maybe a KFC afterwards to soak up before train journey home!
  7. Have to say, feel a bit sorry for Whaley from this article. He was such a big talent at Preston but since he came here he didnt really impress and it seems he is now looking at non-league. Shame - I still think he could have offered us something. But in Lambert I trust :)
  8. Best View - Jarrold Best astmosphere - lower Barclay (side near away fans) I suspect the club told you to get those tickets as they are most expensive!!!
  9. I don''t understand this. All the players have a contract and a salary and have to fight for a place in the team at Norwich. Lambert decides who to play and who to leave out. Hughes/Askou haven''t been frozen out, they have both appeared this season and will be working hard on the training field to get in the team. I haven''t heard either of them moan about not getting in the team. I don''t think Lambert has done too much wrong so far, has he? We have started reasonably well this year, so you dont change a team with confidence without a good reason.
  10. I think he could get in England U-21 squad this season.
  11. RUDD instead of RUDDY, damn their names being so similar!
  12. Ruddy R Martin Francomb Askou Ward Gill Fox Lappin Hoolahan Holt Jackson subs - Ruddy, Hughes, Surman, C Martin, K Smith, Johnson, McNamee
  13. Don''t forget, Lambert''s career is "boring for everyone else except my own memories and for my family."
  14. Good question - I wonder how much these kids today would pay to get a few A grades in their GCSEs?!
  15. When I was at Uni I used to live in West Bridgford down Carlyle Road, between Loughborough Road and Melton Road, free off road parking and a nice 15 minute walk to ground through leafy suburbs. I used to drink in TBI (Trent Bridge Inn) and Southbank, but not sure how they would treat away fans.
  16. Sorry, but need to make another point about the Original Post. It is a load of w*nk!
  17. How you can rate someone like Whitbread who you have probably never seen play ahead of Nelson who was one of the reasons we got promoted is beyond me! yes, Whitbread might turn out to be better long run but for me you can''t say this until proven. The only time I saw Whitbread was at home to lowly Stockport last year and he was woeful, although I dont think he was fully fit.
  18. Coventry keeper Keiren Westwood is Irish.
  19. I have to say I had Middlesboro and Forest down as my pre-season favourites. Boro looked terrible yesterday and their lack of home crowds wont help. I am really unsure that so many ex-SPL players makes a good team. Forest seemto be struggling and seems a bit of turmoil between Davies, board and players. As a result, I feel there is no reason why if we keep our confidence up we cant challenge for playoffs. My ''new'' tips for promotion are certainly Cardiff. Now I have said it they will probably crash and burn!
  20. Yesterday was one of those occasions, for me, that no matter how badly we might have played or if we didn''t deserve the points, it still felt brilliant getting the 3 points. Give me that anyday than playin brilliantly and losing 0-1!
  21. Again, people slating a player after one bad game. I thought he was okay against Watford and agree he had a bad game yesterday. However, what other player do we have who is seemingly capable of producing something from nothing? He needs to work on his final ball at times and not doing silly things in stupid areas, but I am sure he and Lambert know that. Lambert brought him off at the right time and made a positive sub with Jackson. Dont forget last season - 14 goals, numerous assists. He can do it in the Championship I am sure. As for the O/P saying was he playing yesterday, well I don''t think he was actually ''quiet.'' He still got the ball and wanted it alot and looked busy, just let himself down with stray passes.
  22. It really annoys me how people on this board slate people after one bad game. Yes, Holt, Hoolahan, Martin probably werent at their best yesterday but between them they got us up last year with over 60 goals between them. Think of everything they have done, not the errors they make. Holt and Hooly were brilliant against Scunthorpe last week.
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