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  1. Only want away end. I went to five away games last season and went Blackburn last weekend, but don''t have a season ticket so not enough points.
  2. I''m just putting it out there, please message me if you don''t want yours or have a customer number with 1200 points + Reply on here or email me paulusher1985@gmail.com
  3. I''m just going to put this out there. I only have 750 points ( 5 away games and I''m a priority member not ST holder) and think the tickets will be gone by then. I would be very happy to give anyone with 1300 points+ who cannot make the match £50 to use their customer number and order just one ticket for the match. This will probably get taken down and I know I might get pelters for this post, but if you''re willing to do a deal with me please reply, PM me! Thanks
  4. Hi My first visit to Ewood Park next week. I''m actually making the most of it and having a weekend in Blackpool with a mate. We will be getting the train in from Blackpool for around lunchtime on the Saturday. I wondered if anyone knew what pubs will be best for away fans? I''ve been on away grounds guide website but it has proved quite unreliable in the past. Be great to find somewhere full of yellows for first day of the season singing and frivolities in a pub beforehand!
  5. On away grounds guide it says the whitton arms is a nearby away fans pub. Also, if going by new street the Shakespeare just outside the station is popular with away fans. Just wondered where the majority may be? Re - above - it says beer on sale in lower tier but not upper...strange!
  6. It is my first trip to Villa Park Saturday. I am going on train via New Street. Does anyone know a popular away pub?
  7. In my mind, there is no doubt Neil has the better squad. Compare bassong and Olsson to Leon Barnett and Drury, for example. Or Howson / Mulumbu to crofts and fox... However, in comparison to the other teams in the division, they are on a par. Teams have got so much better, could you imagine teams like Stoke, Palace etc spending £11/12m on players 4 years ago? So, overall, our players are better quality but all teams are moving on and up.
  8. It is interesting the point made above about his game time at left wing (his most natural position) in those games, against West Ham and Swansea, he has arguably been man of the match in both. He scored with a great finish against West Ham and had the shot which led to the goal against the Swans. He also scored playing further forward for Ireland on Friday night. He covered manfully at left back and has proved that he can defend really well too, but I think the combo of Olsson/ Brady down the left is our best option, with Jarvis as a good back up. For the record, I also believe he would be superb in the Wes role. If we can hold on to Brady, he could be the long term successor.
  9. He was brilliant, like the rest of our team, in the first 6 or 7 games. Form has dipped in the last 5, like the rest of our team. Was decent yesterday, like the rest of the team. I like Howson - overall he has a lot of quality but players of his ability aren''t going To be brilliant every single game...otherwise they wouldn''t be playing for us! Let''s just get behind whatever team AN picks shall we?!
  10. [quote user="alartz"]Massively underrated. Was an awesome player for Portsmouth and West Ham. People have short memories. Bloke is quality and can pass a ball to a yellow shirt unlike the tool tettey[/quote] Harsh to call Tettey a ''tool.'' His passing isn''t his best attribute but he is brilliant at breaking up play and is another who gives 100%. Be interesting to see if Mulumbu gets back in now.
  11. I think it''s a few more than 4 appearances now. He has started 3 I think and made 4 or 5 sub appearances. But I do agree, he looks impressive.
  12. GK - Ruddy RB - Martin CB - R Bennett CB - Bassong LB - Olsson CM - Tettey CM - O'' Neil RM - redmond LM - Jarvis AM - Hoolahan ST - Mbokani Subs - Rudd, wisdom, brady, Mulumbu, Howson, Dorrans, Jerome
  13. It will be interesting to see where he fits in the team. Obviously a quality player, but in Tettey and Howson, we have two players who have been superb so far, plus throw Dorrans and O''Neil in the mix who have been consistent. I wonder who AN sees Mulumbu as competition for. Is he a Tettey upgrade?
  14. I think you have brentford and rotherham confused...
  15. Ruddy Whittaker, Martin, Bassong, Olsson Tettey Howson Redmond. Hoolahan Brady Jerome
  16. The away ground guide on the Internet says they serve beer. What ground doesmt?!
  17. Hi everyone I am taking my girlfriend to see her first away match at Southampton. We are going for the weekend so will be in Southampton o/night, just wondered if anyone had been before and where they would suggest for a pre match drink. She has been to a couple home games and loves the pub atmosphere so don''t mind some rowdiness / crowdedness!!! Any suggestion appreciated!
  18. For me, Sunderlnd, watford and leicester will go down. Others to struggle: Us, bournemouth, villa, West Ham, west brom. I think the rest should be fine.
  19. And I left out Vadis, who definitely deserves a place at least on the bench,p... Ahead of Toffolo then!
  20. Ricky Spanish you left out Tettey completely. Guessing that''s a mistake? Although I think he could start on bench v palace perhaps? Ruddy, Whittaker, Martin, Bassong, Brady; Mulumbu, Howson; redmond, Hoolahan, Johnson, Grabban Subs - Rudd, R Bennett, e bennett, tettey, Dorrans, Jerome, Toffolo.
  21. Unfortunately I think we need to get with the times. The PL is a different place to what it was even 18 months ago. Teams are splashing out more as the new Tv deal kicks in 2016/17 and are desperate to stay up. I''m not saying we do a QPR and splash out on mercenaries, but a player like Brady, 23 years old with two good PL seasons under his belt is likely to cost between 5&7 million. Keep bidding low for players and we are likely to be outbid... Baring in mind we are debt free, we should speculate to accumulate (without doing a QPR!)
  22. Always thought he would return to PL one day, class performer. Was disappointed when we released him.
  23. Just found that these were the pubs for the east side of the stadium for the fa cup semi finals this year. Sorry if this looks funny below The Torch , 1 - 5 Bridge Road, Wembley, HA9 9AB Crock of Gold, 23 Bridge Road, Wembley, HA9 9AB Moore Spice, Wembley Retail Park, Unit 2, Engineers Way, HA9 0EH Watkins Folly, 1 Empire Way, Wembley, HA9 0EW Blue Check Café, 12 - 13 Empire Way, Wembley, HA9 0RQ Crystal Club (Silverspoon), South Way, Wembley p The Parish, 120 Wembley Park Drive, Wembley, HA9 8HP First Class Sports Bar, 125 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HG The Wembley Tavern, 121 Wembley Park Drive, HA9 8HG Flyers Last Stand (Cheers Bar), 45 Blackbird Hill, NW9 8RS - See more at: http://www.fsf.org.uk/latest-news/view/wembley-pub-split-2015-fa-cup-semi-finals#sthash.vqqTb8Y0.dpuf
  24. It would be good if they could publish a list for us too, somehow. Then we can all meet up and have a disco!!!
  25. Does anyone know if pubs declare themselves for either team? And is there a popular pub near wembley or somewhere in London where NCFC fans are gathering before or after match?
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