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  1. 100 % Yes. remember the last manager that liked tracksuits!! Not a yes man which is what the board want.. He knows what he wants and he gets it out of his players. he would be perfect to get us back to the premiership. if not somebody else will snap him up.

  2. Just keep posting, especially a week before the away game, there is plenty of away support around the country and I am sure most will chip in with some petrol money although I know that you are not too bothered. Over the past few years I have travelled to away games from the midlands and there are plenty of people that are prepared to share cars or join in for part of the journey, additional if you are traveling alone it does give you some company. Create your own post to attract the most replies.

    I’m sure you will get plenty of away fans taking you up on the opportunity


  3. Final Results at the end of the season

    1. Norwich City Champions

    2. Norwich Runners up

    3. Millwall Runners up

    4. Leeds Runners up

    5. Leeds to lose in play-offs & staying L1

    6. Leeds win play off final

    7. Swindon promoted via play offs

    8. Other team promoted than above

    9. Huddersfield to make playoffs

    10. None of the above

    My choice is 1,2,7,9 Colchester dropping out

  4. Still got my ticket at the ready in my wallet for Tuesday night although the ground is worst now than it was on the 28th Dec. Currently -5 (10am) and has been -11 the last couple of nights.But it would nice for all fans that are planning to make the journey to know by 4pm on Monday, Wallsall have asked Southend for a pitch inspection and desicion the day before at 4pm cant see why they want do the same.Personally i think there is no chance of the game going ahead, if Villa cant play at there ground only a couple of miles away with underground heating then forget Walsall.http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/356?count=10&area=Walsall

  5. An announcement is going to be made just before the kick off

    at the Walsall Game!!

  6. Call off due to snow!!

    Does not sounds quite right to me,

    has Lambert had a word with somebody to influence/change the date and time of

    the press conference?


    I know I am outside Norwich

    but it looks good enough to me to hold a meeting in a nice warm conference





  7. Lambert now odds on to go to Burnley!!Miles ahead of all the others - See latest odds, odds have been droping with all the bookies all morning, with more money being placed in the last hour. 1pmThere has to be something in this, serious money being put on him speaks volumesSo hope this is no the case......http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/burnley-specials/next-permanent-manager
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