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  1. WORTHINGTON An urgent note to nigel worthington - you need to get a wishlist for January 2005 - u need to sign someone with premiership experience, but not from ipswich, we don''t want to see Darren Bent or Dean Bowditch playing abysmal football like most of the norwich team this past few months. I am 99.9% sure Worthy won''t do anything at New Year, but he HAS TO IF WE DON''T WANT TO PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL AGAIN NEXT SEASON, Worthy should pack his bags if he doesn''t sign anyone (especially a striker). IF HE DOESN''T THANKS FOR ANOTHER 9+ YEARS OF CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL IN ADVANCE HOLT OUT
  2. [quote]I agree I don''t think Huckerby has been all that but we have not got anybody waiting in the wings to take his spot and nor should we, he will come good (i hope anyway!!)[/quote] no1 waiting? wot about McKenzie...he deserves a chance now and again. McVeigh scored against Man U and he hasn''t got a look in... Svensson performed well against Great Yarmouth in August, why not play him? HOLT OUT
  3. helveg leavinghooray. finally he realised he can''t play football. We all new that especially after the Man U game he''s been ''underachieving'' to say the least. Poor guy, Worthy may have wrecked his career completely. No1 will want him after his spell here will they... HOLT OUT
  4. i think it''s safe 2 say iwan wont be returning - even if he wanted to. u all no wot worthington''s like, he won''t allow it. ''He''s gettin'' on a bit, know what i mean'' --HOLT OUT--
  5. Theres nuthin wrong with neil....it''s u i''m worried about
  6. probly goin 2 beat up nedergaard cos he advised im 2 come here
  7. Darren Huckerby''s been a flop this season - He only really scored 1 goal - the cracker against Crystal Palace... all the others have been pretty rubbish. And why...may i ask, has Gary Holt only just been dropped? Francis had to go and get injured so he could come back didn''t he?
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