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  1. I get what your saying Snake Pit Rebel but the trouble is that we Usually attack the Barclay in the 1st Half and the N+P in the 2nd half if Norwich won the toss. One advantage with that is and paticularly in the winter on a nice chilly but sunny day with the sun setting by the time of the 2nd half (although no good on a miserable day or at night) is that the Sun shines on the Barclay which is good for the sight of the visiting teams goalkeeper in our perspective. As was also said in the 8 matches we won we won 6 with the method mentioned here and 2 where by it was N+P 1st half, Barclay 2nd half. I think it was Rotherham and Palace. I say that you could have a good point but first we would have to adapt to play that way way to get used to it because when we do have do that at matches then it can become confusing and you have to remember that we changed round.
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