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  1. Trying to buy our rivals top stars , hold on while i go get my sides stiched up , that would be 30 year old Steve Howard right ? or ive been everywhere Hulse . As for not having much money , well after just recieving £12 million in parachute money somebody ought to be hung if we havent .
  2. The Worthy outers have not failed blah blah , it will start up as soon as the season begins and Worthless wont last the season , the man is hated with a capital H . The ktf mob might be getting excited with wins over non league and Scottish nobodies but we cannot play those sort of teams when the real stuff gets underway.
  3. This club will never have anymore success with this man in charge , who needs stability ? well if its another 5 years of Worthless in charge not us thats for sure .
  4. Koumas is head and shoulders better than any midfielder at this club , our midfield wouldnt hold its own in the Conference.
  5. We had a lot of very lucky wins last season , luck always runs out in the end. With the squad we have now top 10 will be an achievement.
  6. I hope we lose every match untill he is sacked , in the long run thats whats best for Norwich City.
  7. Be assured Blah Blah , the fans in the end will decide and he will be kicked out this season
  8. 14/1 is very very slim for a side that failed so miserably last season and have no new players , with what we have now 14/1 to finish in the top ten would be about right.
  9. It looks like the Board have joined the Worthy Out movement , the squad is no way stong enough to mount a promotion challenge yet they wont give Worthless any money to spend . It looks like a case of use the rubbish you bought last summer and if you fail your out .
  10. I would not want to win promotion with this man in charge , and i honestly dont think results matter anymore , too many fans HATE Worthington for him to ever be a success at this club again.
  11. Give him a few million and he will build you a side capable of winning against Conference opposition . Nice to see Hunter has coached them out of conceeding a early goal away from home .
  12. This is the only Board that has any Worthington supporters at all , oh how few you are. 
  13. Bet you were bigging him up this time last season eh mav
  14. His job is already gone its only down to how many games the Board can listen to the Worthless out chants ringing around Carrow Road.
  15. Herb if you have nothing sensible to say best you keep quiet.
  16. Go away then , we are the real Norwich fans , you Worthless supporters are really Ipswich fans wishing us harm.
  17. Who would want to buy the third rate crap Worthington has assembled
  18. Huckerby joined us at his peak , after years at Coventry , Leeds , Man City
  19. Francis is class compared to Robinson and Hughes , who are complete and utter shite.
  20. He was sat at home wondering where he will move to in January .
  21. Have you ever heard of old players finding one last club to take it easy at , Huckerby was only just Premiership class at his peak , he is past that peak now.
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