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  1. AJ, I think you''re referring to Occam''s razor: "one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything" or, put another way, the simplest answer is usually correct!
  2. I agree with every word of that. Emotionally, losing Malky is hard - but that''s why I love Norwich, and more widely, football - it''s rife with passion. Malky was never going to cut the mustard in the Premiership but he has definitely achieved Canary greatness. I''m very much looking forward to seeing Shackell sitting on the bench regularly. Well done Worthy, and as is my self imposed punishment, I would like to repeat that I never rated him in the beginning - I''m so happy he''s proving me very very wrong.
  3. http://www.sportinglife.com/football/news/story_get.dor?STORY_NAME=soccer/04/07/23/SOCCER_Norwich_Worthington.html&TEAMHD=soccer "Despite many pundits predicting Norwich will struggle to maintain their newly-acquired Premier League status, Helveg feels there are plenty of reasons to be positive for the chances of the unfashionable Norfolk club over the coming season." Unfashionable?!? Had to get that off my chest. We love you Norwich, we do....
  4. If we get Primus we''ll have gone from having a questionable (I know that''s controversial, but correct in my humble opinion) defence to a very very reasonable one indeed! Well done Worthy.
  5. I know it''s a little much to hope for, but I can''t help thinking how fab it would be to sign Helveg, Johansson and Primus. Primus and Helveg would be excellent cover for the center half and right wing back positions, and I''ve been very impressed with Johansson when he''s not been laid up with various afflictions. If they were to sign, I think we''d have average Premiership quality players in most if not all areas of the pitch. Central midfield may still be a little suspect, but I have sneaky ideas that Francis is a star in the making. Much as it pains me, here is my personal analysis of our squad make-up: Goalkeepers - Best in the division Left Back - Jukebox is a legend, Charlton seems to know his stuff, Brennan can cope and Shackell at a push (although I''m convinced he should never be played out of the center of defence!) Center Halves - Definitely need bolstering as it stands, but with the new lads would be adequate Right Back - See center Halves Left Wing - Brennan seems to be turning it on, McVeigh, on his day (that phrase again!), could hold his own in the Premiership, and the Huckster (not my preffered choice for left wing though) Central Midfield - Who knows! I just can''t shake the feeling that we have some bloody good players in there. I''ve seen them all play bad games (except Saffri, but we shall see) and yet.... Right Wing - A bit thin on the ground, but if Bentley lives up to expectations and doesn''t get injured, we may only need one. I can''t see Henderson cutting the mustard at this level just yet though. Center forwards - Huckerby, (Johansson) and Svensson all have Premiership experience (which doesn''t neccessarily score you a lot of goals I know) and I''m sure Leon is going to be amazing. So there you have it, my take on some of squad. Without the three mentioned above, I''m merely excited and grateful that we''re in the top flight. With them, a little spark of ambition seems to be squeaking at me. Perhaps we could convincingly avoid the drop? Can''t wait, OTBC
  6. Good post Templeton. That sums up exactly my feelings for Sky. Signed up last week purely for Sexy Football purposes, and although I don''t like Murdoch much, I look forward to not getting overly excited when I go to other peoples houses and see Sky Sports News on the box!
  7. Speak your mind Wizard, just don''t tell us that we tarnish our clubs colours by wishing Ipswich well against our rivals, it''s sanctimonious in the extreme. And whilst we''re on the subject, perhaps you should pause before writing "you and I" and consider "you and me".
  8. Damn, definitely spelt "hear" incorrectly up there^
  9. Come on then, lets here them. This was my offering: Dear Sir, Whilst I appreciate an Editors need for controversial columnists, I would suggest that Pete Gill''s contribution to your website has degraded its quality and lowered my estimations of your journalism. You website claims to present information concerning football as a whole and yet this particular article is so short sighted it cannot see past the Premier League. If your reporter had any nous, he would be aware that Robert Green is widely regarded as the best English keeper in Division One, and, although untested, The Premiership. For example, only this week several Division One managers have said Green should deservedly be given a chance to play for England, including Joe Royle (manager of Ipswich Town, our fierce rivals - I wouldn''t want to teach grandma how to suck eggs, but after reading this article I don''t think that I am). I can only speculate that they are in a better position to judge Green''s staying power and it is unlikely they would ever suggest something as clearly ill-informed as "And, in all probability, for some of them it will be their last." I found the article offensive, both on behalf of Robert Green and the good people of Norfolk. Whilst the article clearly states that it is subjective, I hope you will consider employing someone with less narrow and crass opinions in the future. Yours, George Wyndham
  10. Thanks Mook, I understand what you''re saying. I''m going to go one step fyrther though after giving it some more thought. I would like Ipswich to teeter on the edge of the play off''s rather than slip into mathematical obscurity. This would give them an incentive to beat Sunderland. For the time being, come on you blues.
  11. Whilst I see that Mook made somewhat of a back-track, if there are any more comments like this: "I would rather they beat us to the top spot than have those mockneys scraping into the play-offs." then I''m leaving this board in the hope of finding more intelligent conversation!
  12. ... I shall be supporting Ipswich whole-heartedly on Sunday and very much hope they beat West Brom
  13. If Ipswich beat West Brom and get into the playoff''s as a consequence they have my blessing. A lot of Norwich fans have a very self destructive attitude towards Ipswich. Would you rather, for example, win the league and see Ipswich in the playoff''s or come second but see Ipswich finish outside the top six? This is a false dichotomy I know, but I''d definately have the former happen!
  14. Karl Minns! Really?!? Faced with a huge spectrum of potential retorts to Mr Wilnis'' outburst, that was the best he could come up with? I''ve read some of his stuff before and it left me feeling somewhat unclean. I couldn''t even find his email address to voice my opinion! I could go on but I fear it would be fruitless. Here''s to the lads at Cardiff, OTBC
  15. Whilst I''m hopeful, I have by no means accepted that we''ll get promoted! The chances are good, but lets not go nuts.
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