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  1. The team has gone to seed - it''s time Worthy was put out to grass!
  2. You people who are burying your heads in the sand and backing Worthy, are the same people who thought that victories over the mighty Plymouth, Hull and Brighton meant that everything was back to normal and that we were on our way to automatic promotion. You have to look at the overall picture, not just a few games, and the problems have been apparent since August 2004, ever since Worthy failed to show any sort of confidence in his promotion winning players and slowly began dismantling what had been a spirited side full of gutsy players so that what we are left with today is a collection of spineless individuals and a manager who can only say "all the opposition''s shots are going in at the moment - we just have to get through it". Garbage! forget about numbers of shots on target, what about the fact that we are being totally over-run by the opposition? The only reason QPR & Luton did not have more shots on target was because they didn''t need to, they were already 3-0 and 4-0 up respectively! (And anyway, they had more shots than Worthy says so he is lying as well).
  3. I read with dismay the comments of a1canary & alwaystravelling.....and, incidentally, Andy Hughes, who reckons we are "the best team in the division". It is precisely this "head in the sand"" attitude that will see us relegated - either that or you''re all on drugs. I was at Luton, and the performance of the team, and of Charlton and Henderson in particular, were pathetic, despite what you might have read in the press. I could not believe it when both players started again against QPR. It''s like sticking your finger in an electric socket, getting a shock and then doing it all over again. Even a laboratory rat would learn from the experience. Let''s hope Delia & the Board prove to be true Canaries, not Ostriches like Worthy and his backers, and act now. Message to the Board: Please thank Worthy nicely for all his efforts but replace him with a laboratory rat before further damage is done.
  4. How long can we carry on sweeping our obvious problems under the carpet? What we need is a new broom!
  5. I was at Luton and that''s exactly how I felt.Surely it can''t have been even worse yesterday at QPR?And why did Worthy start with the same woefully inadequate team?The Luton performance was awful. It was clear to everyone that we were three men short in midfield and were over-run by Luton. So why start with exactly the same formation? Even if it means bringing in a youngster or two.I am fed up with the fans & management saying "we were unlucky - all their chances went in and ours didn''t" - one or two games, fine, but it happens every game. Worthy''s standards have clearly dropped if he thinks the Luton performance was acceptable. And I notice today he''s still saying similar things about the QPR game! The other thing I''ve noticed is how we always seem to start with the wrong formation, before eventually putting it right after the break. Time and time again. Do we not watch the opposition?I almost hope that we lose the next couple of games, because we can''t keep sweeping these problems under the carpet! It''s time to say thanks to Worthy for bringing us this far, and goodbye. Then we can move on with a new manager with fresh ideas and better powers of motivation, to bring out the best from our undoubtedly talented players, and get them playing as a cohesive unit.
  6. Surely the problem is playing 4-2-4 against opposition who frequetly have 5 in midfield. Sure, Worthy calls it 4-4-2, but two of the so-called midfielders are really wingers (Huckerby, Marney, Henderson, or, last season, Jonsson) who can''t defend to save their lives. Hopefully the new manager will see the folly in going into matches, especially away games against decent opposition, (e.g. Luton), in this suicidal fashion and will employ a compact midfield three or preferably four, which is capable of controlling a game, keeping posession, protecting the defence and supplying the forwards with decent passes. At the moment we have one fit midfielder, which partly excuses the selection, but Worthy has proved in the past that he plays this system out of choice, not necessity. Teams have worked out that if they flood the midfield they can control the game against us & as a result we have become stale & predictable. Time for a new broom (and I don''t mean a sweeper system!)
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