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  1. Lots of people keep saying that Klose will be sold if we are relegated, and Naismith too, but I seriously doubt that. How many players can you name that left a relegated club having signed in January of the same year?
  2. What I blame for us going down (if it happens) is Russell Martin''s insistence that he play as a centre back. I think that must have played some part in us not bringing in a centre back in the summer, and while we should have been picking up a lot of points in our first 10 games, we weren''t. Martin played centre back a lot in that period and we always concede with him there. You could blame the manager for that but to be fair, he had been here half a season and seen the defense do fairly well at championship level. At the same time, any fan could have told him they were not good enough in the prem last time around. I doubt anybody will disagree that 1 or 2 Tim Klose types signed in the summer would have seen us survive comfortably.
  3. I''ve seen a couple of people says he''s out for months with knee ligament damage but I don''t know where that has come from and have seen or heard anything official on it from the club. Have I missed something or is it radio silence? I think we need 5 points to survive and might do it with Klose in the team. Doubt we will get those points without him.
  4. Everytime I watch it back I still think its going wide!
  5. Must say I wondered why we aren''t in for him at that price. He''s been knocking them in for several seasons now and it seems much less of a gamble than somebody like Afobe. We could do a lot worse...
  6. A couple of years ago I think it was only about £8 a game you got back, and still only as a credit towards your next season ticket, if they sold yours at full price. Its rubbish. Far better to offer it around on facebook or on here for £25-£30. Won''t have any trouble selling on and its cash in hand. Might want to take a deposit to ensure the card comes back though if its someone you don''t know.
  7. I expect they use the android software like you. But its a matter of knowing which channels to add and how to add them. Vipbox via Sportsdevil was very good today for the F1 and Norwich. Saw some build up to the match and didn''t buffer a single time during the match. Quality was not far off non-HD tv. Faces were a bit hard to make out. You don''t need an android box as you can put the software on a PC. If the preinstalled channels on your box are not giving you what you need, you might need to add a few more. Youtube has plenty of videos on what to do.
  8. Match fitness is that extra level of sharpness and the ability to play a full 90mins at your peak and players only get this by playing competitive games. Its the equivalent to a Tennis player entering a tournament without having played recently. They may be as fit as anyone else but just can''t quite anticipate the direction of a serve as quickly as they can at their peak. It takes practice to regain the ability to read the play at the required pace and to move where the ball is going before its on its way. You can''t expect somebody like Hooper to come off the bench, having not played for 2 months, and operate to his full potential. He lacks match fitness. It is a chicken and egg situation so usually if a player is good enough the manager will play them for 60-70 mins for a couple of games to get their match fitness back. Its also tough for a manager to know what they are going to get from a player without having seen them in proper competitive action. Sending them out on loan gives the player a chance to gain that sharpness and also gives the manager a chance to see their true potential with a run of games.
  9. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]Unfortunately, in spite of the heroic efforts of our troops in Arnhem, we lost. I''m not sure that heroic relegation will be much consolation.[/quote] It would certainly be much better than the whimpering relagation last time around
  10. I hope this Grabban debacle hasn''t unsettled the squad. If it has, it should soon pass when the window has closed.
  11. Got my code through today after taking up the offer on Saturday.
  12. I do actually find it very odd getting 3 year season ticket offer. The club knows we were a sell out every match even in League 1. I don''t think there can be too much concern over attendances dropping. The club appear to be doing themselves out of long term revenue from ticket price increases for a short term gain in cash flow. Why would this be necessary with the vast income increase we have this year and with no debts left to pay off? Sure it rewards us fans who can afford to pay up for 3 seasons but I really can''t make sense of it from the clubs point of view. Especially when you ask ''why now?''. Surely this would have been a more useful initiative when the club was having more financial struggles.
  13. You don''t need an Android box. Just install the software ''Kodi'' on any android tablet or a Windows PC. You will need the machine to have a way to get it on your TV so an HDMI port or I''ve heard chromecasts mentioned as what I think is a wireless transmitting device. Just install Kodi, find a youtube video explaining how to configure the software and away you go. I only found this out yesterday but the streams I''ve looked at have been much better that your firstrow type stuff. You also get full match replays which I found was very good quality.
  14. No they value him at £15m and said he must be worth that if Benteke went for 32.
  15. Had a play with this stuff yesterday. Found that I could install Kodi on both my android tablet and my Windows Laptop. Setting it up was pretty easy following a couple of youtube videos. I can watch on my TV via the laptop HDMI connector. Found a channel called Football Today where there was a full replay of the Sunderland game. Quality was much better than the usual streams - close to non-HD TV. Looks like away day streams are going to be much better from now on!
  16. [quote user="jamie 10"]Like Adobe as a player, suggested getting him in Jan as a back up, like you have said quick strong has a great Finnish on him too, also a good age. Can''t see wolves letting him go maybe a cash + player deal with a striker going there way, but with the way the transfer market has gone so far this year I doubt anything will happen![/quote] I especially like his pdf reader and his photoshop is pretty impressive too.
  17. Didn''t know about the pies but the lower Barclay was appalling at half time. No TV, no bar menus on the walls and after queuring for a pint I was told the taps weren''t working. I walked off in digust at being offered a bottle of Carling for £4 or whatever they were charging. What annoys me the most is the amount of revenue the club lost as a result.
  18. Even with his precocious American accent?
  19. Yes, those things you mentioned are just discounts. Just like we get on season ticket renewals. And just like a new season ticket holder does not get access to until their first renewal. You seemed to come out in support of the OP, yet a simple discount, which season ticket holder have access to, is not the type of price reduction that the OP was describing in his first sentence. I think we agree but I don''t think you read the OP very carefully before jumping to his defense.
  20. None of that is any different to the discounts that we get from the club as existing season ticket holders for early renewal. Or indeed just for buying a season ticket rather than 19 casual tickets. It does not amount to year on year reducing prices as the OP so sweepingly declared was available in many areas of life.
  21. [quote user="Gainer the Gopher"]Airlines, insurance companies and credit card companies give the sort of discounts the op suggests. Some restaurants give you a free meal after several paid ones. However, they do it to compete for your business. NCFC doesn''t need to because they have a monopoly in the market, and because their product thrives on customer loyalty. Kind of like cigarettes. You develop a taste for them, and there''s no going back.[/quote] Simply not true: Airlines - give you air miles and amounts to a fixed discount along the lines of buy 9 get 1 free. This does not amount to prices getting lower year on year. Its like a 10% discount but only offered if you buy frequently. (same with your restaurant analogy) Insurance Companies - most of the time renewal prices are higher than the previous year and shopping around generally gets you a lower price. Credit Card companies - interest rates tend to remain fairly constant but occasionally go up or down with market forces. Certainly I''ve never heard of a customer getting decreasing rates with loyalty. How can you suggest any of these equate to a year on year reduction in price with loyalty?
  22. [quote user="Sir Anthony Blunt"]I am not convinced that say a fan who was taken to a game as a 10 year old spent the next 40 years attending should pay the same as a new season ticket holder. I buy the point of free or very cheap tickets for the youngsters[/quote] That''s not true either. A new season ticket has to pay the maximum season ticket price. They do not benefit from early renewal prices until their second year.
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