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  1. Keep supplying those juicy insider titbits mate, I guess it''s because you are fairly new to this board, I''m sure ZLF means no offence.
  2. This time last week we had just lost to Watford, we have just beaten Ipswich (AWAY) & we are in the next round of the cup, things are looking up but Reading will be tougher opponents than the last 2, let''s hope Hughes keeps up his run of form & Davenport continues to show us why he is so highly rated. In short, I feel better this week than I did last week!!
  3. 2-0 will do then.  I would love a decent cup run this season, it''s been a while hasn''t it?
  4. No excuses tonight please. I want our strongest team possible out there tonight, let''s win handsomely and take the confidence into Saturday''s crunch game with Reading....4-0 to the Canaries.
  5. 24 years Shyster.  I agree we could have taken the money, but without him we stand a significantly less chance of going back up this season.  With Sky payments etc, it could have ended up costing us more in the long run so I think (for once) the board have seen sense, this isn''t the Robert Chase era anymore, onwards and upwards.
  6. Yeah, I''m not going to bother replying either.  DOH!!
  7. If he isn''t that good then why did Wigan, Man City & Spurs all try to buy him in the summer?  They are all Premiership clubs with managers who know what they are doing, maybe they were wrong as well.  
  8. I have always liked him, but I think he does tend to give away free-kicks in dangerous positions, last season anyway. He seems to be a good professional and now he has a chance to really stake a claim for a first team spot. Well done to Worthy for making the change yesterday.
  9. If it weren''t for AJ they WOULD be in trouble.  We''ll see what they are made of now he is out for a while with a knee injury. We have depth up front and with the addition of Lisbie, we shouldn''t worry too much. It''s no coincidence that all 3 relegated clubs are finding it hard to adjust to this league, we have all lost key players and are just starting to gel.  As I have said before, quality will shine through and I am sure we will be celebrating come May. OTBC
  10. How many of you actually read the post before attempting to shoot Mad dan down in flames?  Bet you feel silly now!
  11. We ARE capable of winning 3 or 4 on the spin & other teams can & will slip up.  Let''s see where we are at Christmas, that''s probably a better benchmark.
  12. Are you saying you want us to lose to the scum just so Worthy will resign?  Blimey, you do hate the bloke don''t you? 
  13. But it IS relevant, quality WILL shine through in the end and I think we have enough of it to succeed.  Yes, it has been a dodgy start but there are 38 games to go, and other teams will hit bad patches. Onwards and upwards as they say!!
  14. Yep, it''s all Flem''s fault isn''t it?  Deano & Leon haven''t missed chances have they(?) and our current predicament is totally due to Craig.  It''s been a collective balls-up so far this season and Worthy was right, we have some BIG name players here, they  all need to start being accountable.  
  15. No, they will re-sign McVeigh.  Thank Spurs for Ian Crook btw.
  16. The guy is awesome, not getting the rub of the green at the moment maybe, but 4 in 8 isn''t bad at all.  Against Plymouth last week he was different class, a bit of luck he could have had a hat-trick.
  17. The board have backed Worthy to the hilt all along. When he wanted Hucks, we got Hucks, when we wanted Deano, we got Deano.  What else CAN they do? We don''t want them messing with the football side, they are there solely to provide backing and finances to the Manager, which they have done. I am reserving my judgment until after the next two games, which will be the magic "1st Wizard" 10 games. Roll on Sunday!!
  18. Radio 5 extra it is then!!  Bloody Hell, this is just one more bad thing about getting relegated isn''t it?  Mind you, the last 2 derbies we won and I couldn''t watch those either, so hopefully that''s a good omen.   OTBC
  19. ...isn''t Sunday''s game on TV? It never seems to be on and yet is one of the biggest games in our division!!
  20. Ian Butterworth as defensive coach, Trevor Putney midfield coach and Robert Fleck attacking coach, dream team!! 
  21. I''m still on Worthy''s side, (just).  The next 2 games will make my mind up, for me it''s a 4 point minimum & I suspect the board will take 3 points.  If Worthy does go, who should we get in to replace him, one name for me is Dario Gradi of Crewe, he would get the team playing attractive football and how to get the best out of Deano, etc.
  22. I thought the same thing last night, game over.  But didn''t Sunderland struggle last season at the start?  Don''t write ourselves off just yet.
  23. It doesn''t really matter if he played well on Saturday. He had LOTS of space on Saturday against a poor Plymouth side and it was great to see him in the first team.  Watford are a differnt proposition altogether, well organised and physical which may not suit WLY.  We do have a big squad with good cover so Worthy would be a bad manager if he didn''t pick the players needed to do a particular job, depending on the opposition. By the way, I would love to see him start tonight, bag a hat-trick and go on to be our player of the season. I think he would die for this club and we all love that don''t we?
  24. Agreed. I think the quality of signings was proved on Saturday, when we were without Huckerby. We won 2-0 and be honest, did we REALLY miss him?  We had full backs attacking, the midfield passing and with McVeigh showing us that he CAN partner Deano, there really is no need to panic.  That said, tonight will be a tougher test altogether and we will know more about our new squad around 10pm tonight. OTBC
  25. I''d be worried if I was Shacks. Worthy won''t drop Fleming and unless Davenport has been brought in as cover only, Shacks seems like the fall guy here.  
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