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  1. Fantastic!!  3-1 away from home without Deano, I think it shows we are not totally reliant on him, Hux scored again, WLY scores and fair play to Hendo, totally delighted for him.

    Also, my Saturday team achieved our first victory of the season, 4-0 away to the mighty Clevedon Dons!! Get in!!

  2. No need to resort to ''toilet humour''.

    As regards to buying players & not playing them, maybe the added competition for places causes players to step up a gear, forcing the manager to stick with them.  I don''t think we have any complacent players in our squad do we?

    Can Nigel take us to the next level & keep us there?  Allardyce & Curbishley failed at the first attempt to stay up, look at them now. 

    How many clubs are there where you here about players crying off injured, for the slightest things because they don''t want to play for the manager?  Not at our club I would suggest, any slackers are shown the door, whereas those who show commitment CAN earn a place in the side.  Step up Paul McVeigh, last season hardly used, this year is becoming a first choice.

  3. So a manager says something out of turn about the fans, (which is probably a first for Nigel) and apologizes for it later.  Good for him, drop it now, it''s over. Dry your eyes mate.... 

    Regarding Deano, reading between the lines are you saying that he tries hard in order to improve his contract?  I would agree to some extent, after all this his livliehood we are talking about and don''t ALL players want an improved contract?  More to the point, wouldn''t all of us like more money and better working conditions in our chosen professions?  Like Deano, most of us take pride in our work and have a passion for it, meaning that financial motivation is not the ONLY reason we all get out of bed in the morning.


  4. Agreed Mook. I posted much the same thing on another thread, but I would say you worded it better.  When did some of our fans turn into elitist snobs? Did they start supporting the club at the start of last season, when we were in the Prem? 

    We don''t have a divine right to win games at this level, listen to the experts, it is a very difficult league to get out of, and any team seems capable of  beating any other.  The sooner we realise this, the better.

  5. Why are we being so supremist on here?  We only beat HULL, we should have won 5-1, not 2-1 etc.  Listen up people, you can only beat your opposition on the day, this division is all about grinding out results. It sounds as if we had to play 2 kinds of football last night, attacking in the first half when the game was open, and then patiently in the 2nd half when Hull put their entire team behind the ball.

    3 points is 3 points, it doesn''t matter who against or how you get them.

  6. ...called today at Carrow Road.  The board are expected to announce the departure of Nigel Worthington, despite winning last night.  The board feel that Nigel should have run on to the pitch and scored himself, rather than leave it up to his strikers to do their jobs. 

    Despite assembling an excellent squad with Premiership quality players who are starting to settle in at Carrow Road, and there being no other suitable candidate for the job, the board say Worthington must go, as a minority of fans are currently unhappy.

    Also, the board are upset that a midfielder and defender scored last night, as it''s not really in their job description and may sue for breach of contract.  However, the blame must lay with the manager for telling Doherty to "get forward" & for encouraging Safri to "have a go".

  7. He has been playing well all season so far, pretty much like he did for us before Christmas, let''s see if it lasts. Wigan have done in about 6 games what we couldn''t do all season; win away from home. Add to that the fact they have already picked up points from their relegation rivals WBA, Sunderland & Everton(?), they HAVE made a promising start, one that we would have killed for last season.

    I don''t think he is rubbing it in, just stating his opinion.

  8. I think he''s going to revel in his new role as captain, he seems to be the sort of player who is going to thrive on the responsibility & pressure.

    By the way Pelka, my 10 year old son has better grammar than you. If you want people to really read your posts and take them seriously, then use spellcheck & fullstops, commas, etc are also desired.


  9. Granted Zipper, every striker misses chances,  but it was the significance of those games that makes it stick out I suppose. We could have won those games, (didn''t Inter say we were one of the best teams to come to the San Siro?). 

    To speak out against the England regime was stupid, he must have known what would happen, but yes, he was far better than most of the strikers around at the time and perhaps couldn''t contain himself any longer.

    This isn''t a rant against Sutton btw, I always loved the guy and just wish he could have stayed longer at FCR. Who knows what we could have achieved had he stayed around for a few more years....

  10. Don''t forget Sutton was also a quality centre-back, but I do remember him missing some easy chances in the FA Cup semi-final versus Sunderland in 1991 & also against Milan away in 1993.  Those memories are a bit hazy now, so forgive me if I am incorrect, don''t forget ZLF, that Sutton refused to play for the B team I think,  so he shot himself in the foot as far as England were concered.
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