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  1. This time last year we were praying for him to arrive, now we''re praying for him to stay!!!  PLEASE STAY DEANO................
  2. So long as the results keep improving he can call me what he likes.  A good manager is not always a popular one, that''s something that applies to all jobs, not just footballers.  As for ex players moaning about him, how many of them have we actually missed? Mulryne? Francis,(maybe a bit more than we''d like to admit). 
  3. Lee Trundle DOES hold the ball up well, and he can score from all sorts of positions. What about Jonathon Stead from Sunderland?  Before you all laugh, he''s not getting the service at Sunderland and he is good in the air, the only problem would be prising him away from the North (oh, and his wages, oh forget it!)
  4. One thing to say to Colin re Ashton: "Don''t look at what you can''t afford,pal." 
  5. On paper, we SHOULD be where Reading are at the moment, but football doesn''t always work like that does it?  My expectations have changed and the club simply has to win the play-offs this season, if not, our best players will be off to clubs in the prem & then watch us really struggle next season.  
  6. What Worthy said about the fans was taken out of context, I thought that had been covered some time ago. I too, said a few games a go that Worthy should go, but on this recent run, I''m prepared to eat humble pie.  I hope he continues to prove me wrong.
  7. Norwichboy, Trundle is the divisions top scorer & his team are top of the league they are in. Have you actually ever seen any of his goals or seen him play?
  8. Agreed.  Also, to all those who don''t think Lee Trundle is worth a look, get real. Just watch soccer AM and talk to anyone who has seen him play recently.
  9. Or over-reaction?  The only thing against him is that they are 4th in the league, he may as well be at the bottom of the scottish 2nd division. 
  10. Great post Tumbleweed, well put & eloquent.  I don''t get to many games but I can appreciate that if I spent the time & money you (and others) spend on following NCFC I would be more upset about the current situation.
  11. Stop ranting on will you, believe it or not there are more important things than this, this is just a back-handed way of saying ''I told you so'' isn''t it?  Support of Worthy isn''t irrational at all, he''s been here before & got us promoted before and as for having a pop at Delia, look at Hearts & Portsmouth, they''re  chairmen who have lost the plot. I''m not happy this season either, but didn''t your recent medical scare put things into perspective for you?  A few years ago we nearly lost our daughter to Meningitis, that put my house in order.  This isn''t a pop at you Wiz, i''m just asking people to be a bit more tolerant.
  12. Is it really Worthy''s fault if Ashton misses sitters?
  13. Overweight showpony?  Top scorer in his league, his team are top of the division and he is skilful.  He reminds me of Matt le Tissier, and who wouldn''t like us to have a player like that in our team? 
  14. Ian Crook. IE: someone who can pass the bloody thing to feet, & play a killer through ball, oh and score from free-kicks.
  15. I don''t like to see anyone out of a job, or kicked when he''s down, but Nigel I am sorry, the time has come for you to go. A sincere thanks for everything you have done for this club, but you have taken us as far as you can.
  16. 1st Wiz, what Ludricrous Eupohoria? We played well IMO and if you read my post, we were unlucky over a penalty claim & disputed goal.  There are problems still, we miss Safri & Jukebox no question, but Hendo has a new fan after last night!!
  17. Coming away from the game there was a good feeling amongst the fans. We were beaten by an unstoppable piledriver, I was directly in line with it and no keeper would have stopped it. The first goal was a deflection, again no chance.  We should have had a penalty in the first half for handball and in my opinion we scored from a header early in the second half, but the ref decided it wasn''t over the line. The 2 photographers in front of me looked at their pictures and I overheard them saying it WAS a goal.
  18. It was the Doc who conceded the free-kick, as for Pennant, NO-ONE was picking him up all game, he switched from left to right and tormrnted us from start to finish. If it wasn''t for SWP he would be in the England squad. Btw, Simon Charlton, not good enough, sorry.
  19. Was excellent when he came on last night, for a little guy he certainly puts himself about, he gave their defenders no time to settle and provided a couple of good crosses. The kid deserves a chance in the first team, no doubt.
  20. He played at RB yes, he did OK especially after taking a knock early on in the game.  He was also the first player to come right over to the fans after the game, closely followed by Hughes & Greeno.
  21. You do go round the houses a bit YC, but I do find myself in agreement.  If we find ourselves still in the Championship come the end of May then season ticket sales will fall as Ashton etc are sold.  It pains me to say it, but I think Worthy must now go.
  22. Sky Sports have just shown Goss''s goal against Leeds from 1993. I know it''s not much, but it cheered me up!!  Goss scores then over come Robins & Sutton to celebrate...happy days.
  23. Who is going? Am going up with some fellow South West canaries and having a beer beforehand in an "away" friendly pub. (Apparantley the only one?).
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