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  1. Northern, you can''t win mate.  If Deano wanted to go, then the club HAD to do the best they could to protect their investment, which involved a white lie (MAYBE) ref the injury.  Imagine if he played, got injured & we were stuck with a crocked player who didn''t want to be here & no transfer money.  IMO that''s worse than him going.  The sooner people realise this the better.  Good luck Deano & thanks for everything but you are NOT bigger than this club.
  2. That''s right, LIFE does go on.  He wanted to go, we got the best price we could, hey-ho.
  3. "Are we West Ham (fans) in disguise/are we west ham (fans) in disguise?"
  4. Is the reason we are moaning because the last 2 seasons have been so exciting?  Promotion one year & then a relegation battle, which we only just missed out on.  Are our expectations too high? At the start of the season, some posters on here thought it was our god-given right to storm this division, I remember one poster predicting over 100 points and Deano & Hucks to get 50 goals between them!!  It has been disappointing, but we are still in with a shout & there are still 3-4 months to go. PS, my glass is always half-full.
  5. I think that''s Lee Bowyer you''re describing there Mook.  I don''t know why I''m defending him so much, but there is prejudice against him.  He has one red card in the last 5 seasons Mook/Ob1, he must be reincarnation of Chopper Harris then.  By the way, last season people were saying we weren''t nasty enough, did you see him play against us at Blackburn last year?  He pulled Fleming & Doherty all over the place (positionally, not physically) , he dropped deep to help the midfield when needed & NEVER gave up all game, chasing every lost cause & I think he scored 2 that day as well.    
  6. Good point big T, but there are apparently 7 premiership clubs interested, so we have little chance.
  7. Paul, I don''t know why it started either, just speculation I guess.  I would also like to replt to Ob1''s post; Gamst Pederson, Bellamy, Bentley,Emerton & Reid, talentless no, they are physical though.  Trust me, if Dickov played for us, you would soon change your mind about him.
  8. He''s not a dirty player, just an annoying player to play against & a quality finisher.  Which is why he has spent his entire career at the top level. Ob1, why exactly is he, as you so eloquently put, scum?  Is this the level we have come to now?
  9. Well said Barman, plus the fact they are on a winter break (which they have each season btw), might have swayed it for him.  Doesn''t it seem a bit cheap for an international though, couldn''t have been a lot of interest in him...........wonder why? 
  10. To gain a sense of perspective just look at the table. We are 3 points off the play-offs, that''s all there is in it.  IF we had beaten Preston we would be in the play-offs in the exact same position as they are now, and eveyone is saying what a great team they are!!  The 5 game run we went on could prove to be the most important of Worthy''s reign at the club, as it has established us in the chasing pack with 4 months of the season left.  Also, Deano is still here at the moment, most of us thought he''d be long gone by now, and with one or two quality additions in the transfer window & we''ll be up there at the end of the season I''m sure.  Most of us expected (me included) to be doing better than we are, but injuries & new faces coming in to the club has made it difficult for the team to gel properly. So look on the bright side & stop second guessing the club as regards to funds & who we have made bids for, the truth will be known come the end of this month.     
  11. For remarks like "I''m bored stiff of seeing him between the sticks..", then you may get criticised, but as you say, he has made mistakes.  If you read today''s Daily Mail, he''s off to Pompey anyway.
  12. Matt, the guy''s a legend at Blackburn. He was their best player when we played Blackburn at Ewood Park last season, plus he is a regular in the first team. 
  13. Jas, you make a valid & very worrying point there.  Depressed now!!
  14. To Chris, that may be true, but don''t forget Sunday League players will generally mis time more tackles & we''ve all seen teams who turn up drunk from the night before haven''t we, which makes for worse challenges.  Also, there must be more Sunday League matches than Proffesional matches each weekend, so there are bound to be more injuries. In the hope of ending this discussion, if the people in the game (managers,coaches,players etc) all say that 4 games in 8 days is too much, then we should take their word for it.  By the way, go down the leagues & see the facilities at some grounds, it''s not all £15,000 a week & 5 star treatment rooms and purpose built training pitches.
  15. I think that was a couple of seasons ago against Dagenham. If memory serves, Zema Abbey scored.
  16. mmmmm free-kick specialist, ball playing midfielder, (In the voice of Homer Simpson imagining Doughnuts).
  17. Problem is we are NOT in the Prem & 30k a week would bring all sorts of problems around the club. The top players would demand pay rises or leave and where''s the guarantee he would score goals for us? Birmingham can afford the gamble, we can''t.  I''d prefer Jerome from Cardiff, at least he would be an investment when he eventually left, what would we get for Sutton?
  18. Just a thought, Worthy is a master of the smokescreen isn''t he?  At the end of the day, we don''t know exactly what''s going on do we?
  19. Or we are tyring to improve the squad.  OR we are trying to get Deano to stay by buying players he knows are up to the job. 
  20. They know they are privelleged Link, all they are saying is injuries aren''t given enough time to heal & re-cuperate from 90 minutes of playing on heavy pitches & getting lumps kicked out of them.  And so what if they went out for a beer last night, how would you like to spend all Christmas/New Year without a beer?  THEY ARE HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!  
  21. Let''s take Neil Adams'' word for it over people like Wenger, Fergie, Mourinho & Benitez shall we?  These people are still involved in the game, and even with their big squads they still say it''s too much football over a short period.  Don''t forget travelling time, training time & spending time with families over the festive period & all of a sudden the time disappears doesn''t it?  I''m not saying these guys aren''t lucky to be doing a job we''d all give our right arms to do, but I do think some people believe players fall asleep straight after a game and are awoken an hour before kick-off before the next game!!   
  22. Don''t want him to get MOTM, it always spells the end of a good run, let Coppell have it.
  23. At first I thought "No Way", but he is a natural finisher and could influence others around him. Can''t see it happening though.
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