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  1. OLIVER CHRISTIE!!!!!! (thankyou, flown from the nest!)
  2. Just to say I can''t wait until Saturday. It''s what we have dreamed of for 9 years, ok, we may get a thumping but we will be there, proud and upstanding. Let''s hope we give them a real good game, we have nothing to lose & everything to gain. COYY. OTBC. KIOTII.
  3. Remember the other Spurs misfits? Crook, Culverhouse, Bowen & McVeigh? This guy could be the "Aldi" Chris Sutton. Defender & Striker in one. Trust Worthy guys. OTBC
  4. Anyone in the Weston Super Mare area fancy watching the match in a pub? I have seen a few Norwich shirts recently along the sea front, but were all holiday makers, but I can''t be the only one who actually lives here, can I?
  5. We need a good squad. 3 international keepers can''t be bad can it? Competition for places and as Worthy said recently, if Greeno was injured we could be at Old Trafford with Joe Lewis on the bench. If we are to be taken seriously we need good cover.
  6. lol? Forgive my ignorance. Is it something real obvious & and I''ll get slated for not knowing?
  7. Well said Kent. I think we may need a sense of humour next season as well. It is going to be hard but I would rather finish 4th from bottom in the Prem than top of Div 1 any day. (Although obviously we HAD to finish top of Div 1 in the first place.)
  8. We are turning into Aston Villa with all these scandanavians!! Kick it off...
  9. Mullers showed the rest of the squad the "I''m a little teapot.." dance routine.
  10. Lost: one sense of humour, if found please email Pedro Pig via the Pink''un message board.
  11. Thats it. See you all Monday. I love you all very much but I cannot handle any more rumours or talk of Huth, Primus etc. I am going to enjoy my weekend off and MAYBE check out Sky Sports news. Hopefully by then we will have some good news. OTBC. (PS roll on 14/8).
  12. Gary Lineker also predicts we will be relegated in the new FHM. Cracking mag though.
  13. Thanks Pedro. I bet Mystic Meg is quaking in her cloak. Whilst you are in the mood, think of 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and spend a pound. If you win, remember me!
  14. Don''t bet against Worthy pulling it off. I think there must be a brainwashing machine at Colney, like in "Flash Gordon". You will sign for Norwich,You will sign for Norwich, You will sign for Norwich Mr Rooney......
  15. To Paradox..no, Weston super mare. Just south of Bristol. I think I''m probably the only person for miles around who is even bothered we have signed Helveg!! All my Utd, Liverpool & Chelsea supporting colleagues just laughed. The binner who works here went green & muttered something along the lines of "...let''s see this time next year".
  16. Paradox, steady mate. One thing at a time. HAPPY DAYS though. The red carpet treatment strikes again. We should just kidnap potentional signings, chloroform them & wake them up at Colney-job done!
  17. easier, not easy. Point taken though
  18. Aaaahh! Explains a lot then, bitter, twisted & no journalistic integrity.
  19. he will miss the first 4 games because of Olympic duty. I bet Jukebox is breathing a sigh of relief!
  20. this weeks issue has a feature on the 3 promoted clubs to The Premiership. It says that WBA are the only club with a chance of staying up & that Ipswich fans can look forward to their record of heaviest defeat (9-1 v Man utd) being taken by us! Cheeky buggers!
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