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  1. Thats exactly how I feel Cheekyg,  I don''t hate the guy and I am fully respectful of all that has been achieved under his reign, but I think that his time has come.  A good example of this is my mate, who (until Saturday) ran a very successful local amateur side, results haven''t been great recently and whilst he watched his team get stuffed 8-0 (unheard of for his sides), he realised he could no longer motivate them properly, he noticed arguing and sniping between his team mates that before, never happened.  So with heavy heart, he resigned his position.  I know its an amateur team, but the comparisons and symptons seem to strike a resemblance.

    PS. He had been manager for 9 years, and had achieved 7 promotions in that time, moving up 2 leagues.

  2. What a superb feature, certainly lightens the mood a little given our current situation. Maybe Nigel should watch a copy of that seasons highlights, I still have it if he wants a copy!!   Who can forget us dubling Manure that season, or Flecks last minute winner against Millwall? Showing my age now aren''t I!!?  We also beat Liverpool at Anfield......memories 

  3. I agree with you about the fans being quiet, it has to be said though, that the Reading fans were in excellent voice (not suprising really, given their position).  We were outclassed, no doubt about it, but we DID have some good chances, and not just at 3 or 4 down as some people have suggested.  Ethutu''s shot was saved well & Huck''s hit a post with a volley, although that was probably the only thing of note he did all game, IMO he needs to be dropped after that shocker, especially as Worthy is always banging on about Work Ethic!  Jarrett should have scored just after the break (still 2 down at the time), and how Hendo missed that header, I''ll never know.  It made me wonder how we would have done with Ashton in the side. 

    I only found out that Earnshaw had signed when I was in the car on the way home, he could be the answer to those 1/2 chances, plus he has the pace that Ashton never had.  A good shake up is needed for Sunday, if he drops Hucks, I won''t be dissapointed.

  4. To Gazza & Pete. I''m not having a pop at you both, but the original post was purely speculating that Safri could be back early, which will be good news for the club. They didn''t suggest he alone will save our season, please try not to be so negative.
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