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  1. Thats exactly how I feel Cheekyg,  I don''t hate the guy and I am fully respectful of all that has been achieved under his reign, but I think that his time has come.  A good example of this is my mate, who (until Saturday) ran a very successful local amateur side, results haven''t been great recently and whilst he watched his team get stuffed 8-0 (unheard of for his sides), he realised he could no longer motivate them properly, he noticed arguing and sniping between his team mates that before, never happened.  So with heavy heart, he resigned his position.  I know its an amateur team, but the comparisons and symptons seem to strike a resemblance. PS. He had been manager for 9 years, and had achieved 7 promotions in that time, moving up 2 leagues.
  2. Well done Zipper for including Greg Downs!! Remember his goal against Watford in 83 (?).  Went on to win FA Cup with Coventry in 1987, now a policeman I think.
  3. Wasn''t he linked with a move to a big club at some point?
  4. The manager doesn''t seem to be able to motivate the players though. Our squad (on paper), looks capable (or should be) of beating anyone.
  5. Top 2 was a realistic expectation, top 6 I could deal with, but THIS season so far?  Total failure, I cannot see any plus points at all, not even the emergence of some players for the future. We look under motivated, tactically unaware & generally shambolic. City till I die. 
  6. Done it!!! Taken me all morning, no work done, but hey!!
  7. What a superb feature, certainly lightens the mood a little given our current situation. Maybe Nigel should watch a copy of that seasons highlights, I still have it if he wants a copy!!   Who can forget us dubling Manure that season, or Flecks last minute winner against Millwall? Showing my age now aren''t I!!?  We also beat Liverpool at Anfield......memories 
  8. I love the "WHY OH WHY" bit Paul, you sound like you are writing to points of view!!
  9. I agree with you about the fans being quiet, it has to be said though, that the Reading fans were in excellent voice (not suprising really, given their position).  We were outclassed, no doubt about it, but we DID have some good chances, and not just at 3 or 4 down as some people have suggested.  Ethutu''s shot was saved well & Huck''s hit a post with a volley, although that was probably the only thing of note he did all game, IMO he needs to be dropped after that shocker, especially as Worthy is always banging on about Work Ethic!  Jarrett should have scored just after the break (still 2 down at the time), and how Hendo missed that header, I''ll never know.  It made me wonder how we would have done with Ashton in the side.  I only found out that Earnshaw had signed when I was in the car on the way home, he could be the answer to those 1/2 chances, plus he has the pace that Ashton never had.  A good shake up is needed for Sunday, if he drops Hucks, I won''t be dissapointed.
  10. Now we''re bickering & sniping over SPONSORSHIP!!!!???  Good grief, what has this board come to?  Everything seems to be boiling down to a battle between WO''s & KTF''s doesn''t it?
  11. Don''t be silly Barman, it''s ALL Worthy''s fault, even stuff that goes on at other clubs.  On a serious note, he has a midfield at Blackburn which wins the ball & gives it to the flair players, this enables Bentley to get forward more and express himself.
  12. No. We created chances in the 1st half as well,  I know you hate Worthy & are angry kid in disguise, but when we got the ball down we did open them up. Coppell said as much in his post match interview.
  13. He was good, and was unlucky not to score twice.  With better finishing we should have had at least 3 or 4 goals last night.
  14. I hope he doesn''t read these message boards!!  If he pulls on the Norwich shirt he deserves our full support, end of story.  Like Temp says, give the guy a chance.
  15. Nice to hear from you again, Off the boil!!   Like the post mate!!
  16. My brother is a Cardiff season ticket holder(he lives there!), and he reckons Thorne will score goals if given the service BUT he is injury prone, so don''t expect him to be the one to replace Ashton.
  17. To Gazza & Pete. I''m not having a pop at you both, but the original post was purely speculating that Safri could be back early, which will be good news for the club. They didn''t suggest he alone will save our season, please try not to be so negative.
  18. Dennis Wise is a thug, both on & off the pitch.  Sutton is on 30,000 a week at Brum, so hardly free is he?  You''ll have to explain Timm to me, minds gone blank on who that is. 
  19. I was thinking along the lines of Sheff Wednesday & Notts Forrest''s freefall.  I don''t think we will go down that route. 
  20. No. A new guy could come in & try to change too much too soon, and we go into freefall, we won''t be relegated this season with him so why risk it? 
  21. Good points Tumbleweed,  but he just wanted Premiership football quicker than we could offer it. Simple as that really & why stay where you are not happy?  We could all get downhearted about this but I think it will pull the squad together more and actually have a positive effect.
  22. Don''t you work in the legal profession, Zipper?   Your last sentence describes perfectly a legal document!! 
  23. Northern, I was agreeing with you.  Premier, look at the big picture.
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