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  1. why did bently come 2 Norwich instead of the other premiership teams! a deal hass been done, greeno is an arsenal player but is being secretly loaned out to norwich for a further6 months-12 month! you herd it here cannary fans!! good luck in the prem!
  2. yer make sure you avoid relegation and hopefully get ipswich in the f.a cup and trounce them!! lol like u did last season! well done canaries! keep it up worthy!
  3. ok ok only having a laugh!! calm down pple all the best city sorry i was outta order! been in a funny mood recently with problems and stuff! sorry city fans susie and all! allt he best in the future 4 the city fans gtg bye ** (sorry susie xxxxxxxxx) forgive me plz
  4. how sweet susie b sew it on a pillow! lo! im off canaries now i will leave your message board and come back when we beat u and win the league lol!! l8az canaries lol good luck u need it
  5. shut up susie b, u keep trying to take the pressure of nrwich when we play u next season almost like your admiting defeat al ready! stick up 4 your team! it shall be a god match and i look forward 2 coming down and watching it! last time we where in anglia we eat your rivals 6-0 or 6-1 something like tht, ha ha ha maybe it could happen agaian when any ball over the top of malkay or felming and they wont be able 2 catch owen or cisse! OR BISCAN lol
  6. its kool ! im just messing ALL THE LUCK CANARIES!! BEAT MANURE! and the scum
  7. take all the pressure of hey susie " we hant got no pressure" your already making excuses up! now we got RAFA in we will get quality ! and show you canaries how 2 play footie!
  8. yeah we will see who is a joke when liverpool come 2 carrow road next season! il be in with the away fans! and make sure the barcley no it!
  9. yer at least we have stars go back to the fizzy pop league next season when u get relegated l8az norwich fans!
  10. lol calm down city fans i was messin hope pongolle comes and does well for your team !!! and you win al your games bar against liverpool GOOD LUCK CITY!!!! and get pongolle!!! tht better for u?
  11. what do you know your a league team STRAIGHT UP STRAIGHT DOWN!!
  12. no m8 im liverpool fan i am sure he wouldnt want to go to a poor club likle norwich! he would be looking to go to auxerre as part of the cisse deal of course just on loan! he is going to be a star and for him to go to norwich i feel you will burn him down and he would not be taught good things! dont reck you life son! go 2 a decent team! sorry norwich fans
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