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  1. Sorry, I wish to mention another exceptional hardship: I have been a member of this forun for 8ish years. Since the rules changed re. Moderating the Forum. I have not been able to create my own topics... Does anyone know how I can contact a system administrator to give me access?   I have never been reported for naughtiness and my previous posts are generally created to incite humour rather than anger. I am hoping someone can help as it has been an extreme hardship not being able to create my own topical posts over the last 3 or so years. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. I was once voted as the Ned Flanders of my company though which leaves me feeling rather odd... I dont even wear glasses that often.
  3. I would never want to be a "number 2" either.... ha ha ha ha ha! And I certainly would not want to be anyone else''s "number 2" either.... erm... ha ha ha! Shearer comes out with some quotes does n''t he? Almost as funny as Partridge or Brent! 
  4. Could the PINK UN web team / journalists attempt an arranged charity event with both players this coming pre-season please? Much money could be raised for a needy cause and it will be Norfolks highlight entertainment event of the year (perhaps after the annual summer opening of Pleasure Wood Hills, outside of Lowestoft).
  5.  I am a Bradford City Season Ticket Holder - but I would like to stay on this board. I first enjoyed the Canaries when I heard the fans chanting Iwans name. I could n''t believe their hero was a toothless Welshman. But I then could not help following Norwich and then found this website to keep up with all the news about the interesting Doncaster and the wonderful Worthington. So much so that Iwan beacame one of my heroes and for a laugh, I named my son "Iwan Robert James"... after a toothles Welsh hero indeed.  
  6. Ooooh Albyella... you look fantastic, can we meet? Well done to the board for choosing Glen Roeder as manager. We are not out of the woods until we hit the magic 55 points, but the board hired someone who can and already has made a difference. The tide is turning and I like this forums new found positivity... hooray!
  7. First Wizard please keep up your fantastic work with the HEXES - Promotion will sort itself out by itself if your current spells keep working. Refer to this threads recent comments about Glen''s appointment - I was delighted with the choice of appointed and was deeply disappointed with PG''s appointment one year ago. I actually grew to like certain attributes of Grant but knew without 1st hand managerial experience, he was a disaster that was going to happen. Thank god Glen has proved me right so far (and not played Doherty , who has played very well this season, as a centre midfielder). Please consider this new chant for Ched(wyn) Evans (in the tune of his Native "Bread of Heaven" hymn: Chedwyn Evans! Chedwyn Evans! Feed the Ched and he will core (he will score) Feed the Ched and he will score. If you know the "tune" you know it will sound good on the terraces.  
  8. Simon Lappin has been most impressive this year. He needs more credit as a dead ball specialist. He might not be a dribbler like Hucks. But his crosses, corners and free kicks have been more than most, dangerous for the opposition. He is turning into one of PG''s better buys. I think he is improving by playing.
  9. Absolutely inaccurate. No substane in this at all.
  10. I never have any problems... I always log in 45 minutes early.
  11. Mr Ian Murray might want to wake up. 2 glaringly obvious errors....
  12. Discussing all the time about whether this board is generally pessimistic or optimistic is depressing. Enough already. Doherty''s bald patch is getting bigger by the week. He should either shave what he has left or get a suitable transplant organised. His performances so far this season have been wholly acceptable this season in my opinion.  Good luck to Paul Gallagher who despite being out of favour - has acted in the most professional manner possible considering constantly being dropped. I wish him all the best at Queen of the South.
  13. Green should be included. BENTLEY must never play for England. It was the timing of his decision to drop out. Pearce was not allowed to replace him because he had already named his squad officially. Bentley is a disgrace andf he does not deserve a full Engalnd cap.
  14. Does that mean you have the right to view the accounts and eventually find the price of sale for Safri?
  15. Why is Safri''s fee "undisclosed"? I hope there''s a reason instead of: The fee being embarassingly low and being a preventative measure in not angering us as fans.
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