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  1. Team 3/10 Manager 2/10 In over 40 years of watching Norwich the performances this team produce are some of the worse.
  2. Fowler is reportedly on a contract around £60 - £80K per week. How much would he expect at Norwich?
  3. I am certainly not saying Worthy should go but if results are not his fault what does he get paid for? When a team plays well it is the Manager who picks up awards in the form of Manager of the Month. However, a lot of people seem to be suggesting that a losing team has nothing to do with the manager. I wish I had a job where I am only responsible when things go right!
  4. While I cannot condone a player swearing at the ref (that''s normally a job for the supporters) at least it shows that he is playing with some passion and commitment. This is an area that I believe much of the rest of the team are lacking in and is one of the main reasons we are struggling this season.
  5. Anglia Television do not own the rights to last years'' footage so are not producing the DVD. The footage is owned by Sky who would expect a reasonable/high sum for its'' use.
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