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  1. Hi there, you''re right it is an unusual size, directly in between 1024 and 800 screen, but because the content is flash you will find it does fit any screen size, and there''s always a play off against size and quality, I try and keep the screensavers under 2MB and this one only just makes it so if I was to make the whole thing a 1280x1024, it probably would become a prohibitively large file. I hope that makes sense Tracey  aka the Screensaver Maker
  2. Ok Ok, I give in... now go and vote and show me that the new one I''ve put up was worth doing!!! http://new.pinkun.com/default.aspx   T
  3. Aah that would be me, Pete''s away so I thought I''d keep you all on your toes, or maybe reconfirm the stereotypes about women knowing nothing about football... Sorry, will try better next time! T
  4. From the FA site How long does the transfer window open for? The transfer window normally closes on the 31st January. However if the the last day of the window falls on a Saturday, transfers in the Premier League are permitted until 5pm on the following Monday. However, for clubs buying players from abroad, international clearance must be requested - but not necessarily granted - with the Football Association by 5pm on the 31st January. Teams hoping to use their new signings in European competition have until 11am 2nd February to register players with UEFA. The Transfer window will re-commence at midnight on the last day of the season (which this year is Saturday 15th May) and shall close at 5.00pm on 31st August.  
  5. Just this once..... All of the below posted were waiting for moderation together.... ncfc4prem - Posted Today @ 14:58 Kenton''s Return.... ....to Div 1 , he''s off to Forest with Omerod and £4M in exchange for Andy Reid   Eam - Posted Today @ 14:58 Darren Kenton Just heard he is going to Forest as a make-weight in Andy Reid transfer.   DumbleDelia is Magic - Posted Today @ 14:58 Kents off to bottom 3 Div 1 club! Yep Forest have accept a bid from Saints of £4M + Kents + Omerod for Andy Reid.  Damn good deal for Forest as far as I can see.  Bet Kents didn''t envisage this when he left us for nothing
  6. Tumbleweed, et al We have looked into moving threads/messages into relevant already running threads, but it''s just not possible. We can delete messages and send out private messages asking people to post again in a more relevant area, but frankly, we barely have time to keep up with you as it is now!! (and would you really want to repeat/retype your messages all the time?) You can help us though.. maybe we could ask you to  reply to the most popular message posted on your ''specialist'' subject, therefore forcing the time-wasting/ repeating messages to fall off the bottom anyway. If people see one thread take off they may be more inclined to repost to that thread?  - just a suggestion - We''re all in this together....
  7. fool, we are trying to get this sorted, but it seems to be a bit of a conundrum as occasionally they will be in the right order, then move out of it with no indicator! Believe me, Pete is keeping a close eye on the tech guys to see this gets sorted asap, until then, we''re sorry, and keep posting!! Tracey
  8. The lovely Peter has been on holiday, he''s back today and is now feverishly working on the Fantasy League, you''ve gone up to 6th!!!
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