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  1. the link i sent u canary boy is playing up a bit tonight,normally never have any problems with it,just have to persever a bit tonight,think it must b a all round problem
  2. i have sent  you and canary boy a link ,did you get it ok,if so hope it helps.
  3. Well said King of Latvia,I would rather see Canary Fairy than listen to "Captain Canary" banging on about his drums any day.I think he shows a lot of compassion for the club.
  4. Congratulations Beds on your new arrival.Good choice of name,I too have a son called Euan Robert named after the big man but spelt the Irish way.
  5. Why dont you tell her you are going to take her out for a nice slap up meal.......then try and find a pub/restaurant which is also televising the city game !!!    
  6. 36 ...........whoops finger slipped meant 21 Attention Mr.Carrow you need a new mirror if u think u look that young
  7. just logged on,thought i was on the wrong site.1st impressions very good,like the layout.
  8. Thanks for your condolences Herb,but in my brothers case justice was not done,the other driver was found not guilty.
  9. Had the same feeling today when driving past a big billboard advertising the new championship leagues,said to the kids "see if you can see Norwich on there",then it clicked "WE ARE PREMIERSHIP".
  10. The British Justice system is never in a hurry to sort these sort of cases out so that the bereaved families can get on with some sort of "normal" life again.My brother was killed in an accident in June 2003 and it didnt go to court till March 2004.
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