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  1. Are you sure you didn''t mean ''terrified'' Ipswich away support?!!
  2. Horsefield fans please note.........he has gone to Wigan; end of story! Along with several others I too am surprised that we have ended up with Peter Crouch at Carrow Road, a player I neither know too much about, had thought about or indeed have any axe to grind about. I''ll tell you this however.............of ALL the players recently linked with a possible move to NCFC, and I do mean everyone, NONE had anything like a potential transfer value of £5,000,000.......the sum which Villa paid Pompey for his services little more than a year ago, and the guy is still only 22. Nigel, this could be the cheekiest loan signing City have made for years and if we still want Peter Crouch after three months I reckon you''ll get him on a permanent basis for little more than £1,000,000. Still too much do I hear you say? Well, maybe, but if the Premiership entry prize of £30,000,000 is starting to beckon at that time, who know''s? It''s a funny old game, Saint!!
  3. Sorry chicken, I''m with Bury Yellow on this one and yes I know, he''s a good mate of mine. This doesn''t alter the fact however that football is a risk game (with respect, you possibly work for a bank, Inland Revenue or a firm of accountants) and like it or not you will have to accept at the end of the day that fortune favours the brave. In my humble opinion (having been a director of a football club in the past and therefore knowing more than a few of the ropes) and in general terms, no risk means little success and little fun! By the way, I have certainly thought about it for a helluva lot more than three seconds! Come the crunch, who on earth wants City''s main objective to be stability? I for one want some excitement! The stability only comes with success...........I urge you to think about it!
  4. Can this be the same Trevor Sadd whom I knew quite well a few years ago when he himself was an ace midfielder playing at a pretty good standard of football? I don''t agree with your assessment of Saturday''s game, Trevor. Forest are certainly a good side and I expect them to be there or thereabouts at the end of the season but there is no way that they outclassed us and as I have posted elsewhere on this site but for two daft errors we would have got at least a point in my opinion. The one real difference I suppose was big Marlon up front for Forest. What a player........big, strong, talented and very self assured. I wish we had the likes of him at Carrow Road!
  5. The basic facts are that but for idiotic mistakes by Robert Green and referee Lee Cable we would have got what we actually deserved.........at least a draw. Interesting to hear the TV pundits agreeing after the game that the final piece in City''s jigsaw for the season needs to bebe the acquisition of a proven goalscorer. Now where have I heard that before?!!
  6. £1,000,000 for Marlon who?? Thank goodness the Gills are saying he is not for sale! Interesting indeed to note (quite co-incidentally of course) that NW is today denying any interest in Dion Dublin. What''s the betting he will be a City player by next Wednesday?!
  7. .......of City playing in the Premiership next season but I really don''t think it is going to happen unless we can at least sign a decent striker (some of you will know that I have been pontificating about this for weeks!) So, who will come to Carrow Road after all the failures on that particular front? I would love to think that one day our own Chris Sutton will return but this is unlikely to happen while Celtic are playing in Europe and while we remain in Division 1. There is however one other ''old boy'' who might just fit the bill. Someone still of Premiership quality who is big, strong and probably capable of scoring more goals than any other striker we currently have on the books. In short, I think his acquisition for the rest of the season could ultimately be the difference between us going up and staying down. His name? Dion Dublin!
  8. All I can say in reply to the possibility of that particular scenario is roll on Christmas! Good evening Heraldo and why do I think that I may know you?! I personally cannot abide the derby games against the ''Towan''; they are too much of a health risk so far as I am concerned and definitely not good news for the old ticker! I note that my old mate Bury Yellow feels the same and while the total demise of the Suffolk Punctures would perhaps be overly unfair I do agree with his suggestion that a lengthy spell in the Ridgeons League might enable appropriate ego deflation to take place.........starting right at the top with Sheepo! I can remember Ipswich playing in the Suffolk Premier Cup and what pleasure it would give me to see Towan lift that particular trophy again after so many years! From insignificance to great importance I am one of Nigel Worthington''s greatest critics when things are going badly and I certainly do not regard it as ''negative'' to make adverse comments if, as has often been the case, his errors are apparent to one and all. The fact of the matter is however that I truly want to be one of the manager''s greatest fans and I continue to hope that his future achievements with Norwich City Football Club will determine that I and many others are completely ''unworthy''! On a serious note it seems to me that NW has inadvertently been running the team out on the park in recent months with the same boring caution and prudence that has been demonstrated by the Club''s Board of Directors in their handling of various off-the-field affairs, an attitude epitomised by Mr Doomcaster who really would make an excellent Chancellor! So far as I am concerned, like it or not, you have to take risks to be successful in sport and in doing so, regrettably, some will fall by the wayside. On the other hand, sticking heads in the sand can easily end up with exactly the same result...........the art of success is to try and find that happy medium where risk is minimal but something is achieved. To be fair, there are now encouraging signs both on and off the field that attitudes may be changing with the purse strings loosened and Nigel seemingly prepared to spend the cash. Believe me, we DO still need a quality goalscorer in the side but I also accept that additional cover both in defence and midfield is desirable. If we want promotion this season then we must continue to ''speculate to accumulate'' and in saying this I don''t think that I can be accused of negativity! Let''s go for it!!
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