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  1. I agree. McVeigh was our best player on Saturday. He should have been in the team from the start tonight First half tonight was a disgrace. If the fans can turn up for a game at 7.45, why can''t the team? Luckily I live in Hertfordshire, I just feel sorry for those who drove all the way from Norwich. Second half performance was much better, but we still failed to create any real chances (except for the goal) until the last few minutes. We desperately need someone to give us some width on the right and a midfielders capable of making a surging run or two into the opponents half. On the bright side there was an excellent performance from a rock solid central defender. Sadly he was wearing a Watford shirt (Come Back Malky!).  
  2. Like an earlier poster, I''m on holiday for first three games. It''s all very well Norwich doing a favour for Coventry but have the considered the number of fans who will now miss three games instead of two because of holidays? And we usually go to Coventry so that''ll be another £100 quid, whch I wouldn''t have otherwise spent. And while I''m having a moan does anyone know why Norwich always play midweek fixtures on a Tuesday. This is the only night of the week I can''t do because of work commitments but we always choose for midweek games. Doing a quick tally up. We have four more games at home than last season, but I''m likely to see about three or four fewer because of midweeks and these three at home at the start of the season. I''m feeling very cheated and cheesed off.  
  3. My wife has bought me a couple of wrist bands. The green one says ''hope'' and the yellow one ''courage''. Sums it up really. I''ll be wearing them until 5.00 Sunday
  4. I agree with comments that people are overdoing the ''offence'' bit. Delia is a passionate supporter and was simply trying to get the crowd going again.   I bet there are loads of people out there who would have done the same in her position. How many times have people posted emails moaning about the lack of noise from some areas of the ground? According to the Mail today she''d already had a go at some of the directors for not getting behind the team enough. If you want to blame someone then ask what our press officer was doing - he should have spotted the danger and stopped this happening. Personally I don''t think this will damage club. Most fans of other clubs that I''ve spoken to see it as a bit of a laugh and it comply confirms Delia as a truely passionate supporter. They would rather have her in their boardrooms than the stodgy, grey directors other clubs have.
  5. Delia loves the club and must be cringing with embarrassment today at all the fuss. Her comments were clearly made in an emotional moment and were an attempt to get the crowd rocking. She''s given so much to us. Let''s get behind her and give her a big ovation on Saturday and show the world how much Delia means to us. 
  6. Anyone had any thoughts about tonight''s West Brom/Palace game? I reckon the best result for us would be a Baggies win. It might put us bottom for 24 hours - but a Palace win would open up a seven point gap between us and them. And even a draw would give them five points breathing space. Against that we don''t want the Baggies to have any momentum going into Saturday.
  7. Last season my wife when my wife wanted a season ticket we were told that around 500 a year are not renewed through natrually wastage - that is people moving away, dying or just not wanting to attend any more. On issue of price, I''d also like to know why I have to pay so much more for my son to sit in the Barclay now he''s 15, than I did when he was 12. It''s not as if he''s earning a wage of anything. I suppose we could switch a family area to save money but we both like the atmosphere where we sit.
  8. I remember it being just three games to go and nine points needed. But, yes, Everton threw the game. As a result of this Football League changed the rules and since then fixtures within a division all have to finish on the same day.
  9. Francis scvores two and is injured in training. Svenson scores two and is injured McKenzie scores his first in ages - and is immediately injured. Is a pattern emerging here?
  10. Martin Peters, without question. He helped to take Norwich to a new level and helped put Norwich on the map. His generation of players gave supporters a taste of what it was like to be a top division club playing good football.   Now with him playing again we might prise open a few more defences.
  11. Whether or not he''s a dream, would we really want him at Norwich? By all accounts we''ve got a team who really pull together and work hard for each other. Bellamy might be a skilful player but he''s a big head and a big mouth. How many times would he be dropped because of training ground bust-ups. Besides which how would you play him alongside Huckerby? Given a choice I''d have Huckerby every time. Leave Beallamy to disrupt other clubs.
  12. Swoppng Green for Huckerby would be a huge mistake. A keeper of Green''s calibre is essential not only to get out of this division but also if we were to have any hope of remaining in the Premiership. Remember the 94/95 season? Sixth at New Year and relegated after Bryan Gunn was injured and we relied on flapper Marshall instead of investing in a new top class keeper. Green has and will continue to earn us vital points. Without him we would be mid-table at best not challenging for promotion.
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