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  1. Understand your point DC. Was giving my opinion. But seeing as that''s the logic, please can you tell Chris Craig that he is on trial and also Bridges. If you saw them today, you would think they both had a 5 year contract under their belts. I was comparing WLY to them.....having seen them today. And WLY is no better than a squad player. But would be a cheap one.
  2. Can''t go on Saturday unfortunately. I am heading back home (London), as I am up here for a well timed business trip at the moment! Really enjoyed the 2 games this week though. Feels like the Norwich of old. Under Grant and Roeder, I just think we became so distant from everything. We will have a good season I think
  3. Jens was excellent in today''s game against St Johnstone. Very very good in the air. Had a good understanding with Doc. If he plays like this in the other friendlies, sign him up
  4. Don''t forget all the money they spent on today''s game... oh yea, it didnt cost them anything. Ridiculous post. Some people will always pick holes in the club.
  5. Team spirit seems good. I might get some criticism for saying this but: I think leaving Clingan and Russell behind proves how good the team spirit is. Gunn won''t allow players who want to leave, to upset the morale. If we get a fair price for each player, I see no harm in it. We are in the battle as a club to get promoted. Those who contributed to our downfall, but don''t want to battle to get us back, should be show the exit door. But, it''s only my opinion!
  6. After watching the Raith and St Johnstone games I would say: Maric - yes offer him a deal, assuming he keeps up this level of performance in other friendlies. Mcveigh needs to show a little bit more. But could be a low wage squad player. looks hungry for the contract. Craig - no. from what I have seen shown nothing out of the ordinary at all. No improvement on what we have. Too small as well I think (for a striker) Clingan and Russell are as good as gone. This tour is a big team building exercise as well. If you are not on it, then its safe to say your days are numbered. The other trialist (centr back) Jens who played today looked excellent. Hope he continues liek today as he would be a great addition. Add Maric, Jens, and maybe Msveigh, and keep Wes. Then if Whaley comes, I will be very happy. Could evcen be another one up Gunn''s sleeve. Too much criticism towards the squad already. We have looked ok this week, and there is more to come.
  7. Not behind closed doors no. Were about 80 or so people there. maybe less. Was basically like watching in a park. First half sat next to Rudd''s right hand post. Second half sat with all the Norwich staff/subs etc. Was great to be able to watch it and listen to the coaches etc. Can see why Crook was so good and why I loved watching him so much. Clever footballing brain and the most vocal of coaches. Ridiculous as it sounds, was one of my most enjoyable Norwich games ever, purely because I was so close to the action. Of course i prefer league games! But was a nice experience.
  8. Just a quick post to let you know about this afternoon''s game. I know there are some reports, but here is my feed back anyway.... A good performance all in all. As Gunn said in his debrief to the players ''some good stuf, some bad, but another win, and we need to keep a winning mentality'' Rudd was pretty solid. a couple of excellent saves in quick succession just 2 mins before we took the lead. Will push Theo all the way for number 1 slot, as he hasnt made any errors. Lappin - played well in patches. But at times didnt defend as well as he should have. One instance in 2nd half caught horribly out of position and Martin was covering him at left back! I am slightly worried about our left back situation. Drury (understandably) looked way way short of match fitness on Tues, or has he just become very slow after injuries? Jens - trialist - excellent in the air. won everything. kept passes short and accurate and actually looked really promising. their strikers could/should have tested us more Doc - solid. dependable. and actually his long passing game was with him today (when he needed it) Semmy - i know he gets a lot of stick, but was alright today.dangeros with pace, and positioning was better than it has been. not too bad. Wes - ran the show. hope he keeps to his word and stays. were moments of brilliance and looks to be our major creator. McVeigh - drifted in and out. was playing quite deep at times. good finish on tuesday, but still needs to show a bit more. Adeyami - looks strong and mobile. thiunk he will develop pretty well, and should get a few runs this season. Bridges - wasn''t too impressed on tuesday and today did very little. works quite hard, but snapped at one chance and just doesnt have that killer touch. no contract earnt yet Martin - not seen too much of him before, and was suprised how chunky he looks (muscle).held it up well, and was part of some good moves. attitude isnt great, but Crook was giving him plenty of praise and encouragement. Macdonald - looked lively for the 15 mins he was on, but took a knock and taken off as a precaution. Maric - strong and impressive on Tuesday. If you watched him warm up today, you would think he was half asleep! But who cares, again he looked strong, and took his goal well. Big hold up player, who is also fairly mobile. Quite funny that he speaks virtually no English, so when ref wanted to have a word with him (in a friendly!) he didnt know what was going on. Dumic - big strong lad who looked composed on the ball. Gunn had a good chat with him afterwards to say basically welcome to the mens game and he did well. Was a nice touch from Gunn to make him feel welcome and proud of his little cameo. Craig - tiny little guy. quick, but did very little. will have to show a lot more than this for a contract. All in all a good effort today, and a great game to go and watch, being so close. Had a good chat with Crook and they seem to be a good tight unit. Am positive for next season because we look good at the back, especially centrally. If Jens always plays like that sign him up. And keeping Wes is key. He could be the one next season to make a difference. Maric I would get in. Big strong guy, but good with his feet too. Sorry for the long article. got carried away!  OTBC
  9. I can''t believe some of the posts on here!  get a grip. Roeder took charge of a club on the slide.As we would all agree we had no direction, no proper management and certainly no confidence. When he was appointed he had to get the players to believe they were good enough. I whole heartedly admit, i thought we were as good as down when he came in. 8 points adrift, no one could save us with this squad. But, Roeder slowly made his mark. Changing the team and bringing in players, all be it loanees.Everyone complains about the lack of signings. January is the hardest time to sign players!  Ask Wenger, one of the best managers in the world! prices are so high! We went on to record a solid run of form and looked good a times, and somehow gathered the confidence to get a 13 game unbeaten run! How did we manage that with the rubbish we had put up with earlier in the season?! fact is, we didnt. Roeder tweaked the squad and made it happen. We have suffered a few injuries, which is not trying to cover anything up. admittedly we have a small squad and cant cope. But Roeder realises this and whatever anyone says he will strenghten in the summer. Yes we lost today to Ipswich and it hurts. But we need to be realistic and as hard it is to admit, they are a better team than us right now. Time to swallow some pride and actually concentrate on our own progress rather than hope for their decline.They have a similar set of players but have built the confidence (at home!) and have momentum at times, which we never had at the right time of the season. Start believeing, get behind Roeder and his team, and we can get back to where we want to be. There is no quick fix, but Roeder is working with a squad assembled by Grant, who everyone now says was useless. So, what more can we expect?!?!! Stick with it, see us get another win for safety (lets not have a knee jerk reactiion, there are a few clubs below us!) and we will do it. On the Ball!
  10. Just seen pics of Robinson on Sky with a potential hand injury!! Maybe Greeno will get his chance in the 2nd half! I hope so, he deserves it. Most consistent keeper in the country! Greeno for England OTBC
  11. Hi Natalie, I will not be able to check my mail between now and saturday, as i am travelling up to newcaslte tomorrow morning. But my mobile number is: 07900 217 450 If you could ring or text me to let me know where is good to meet up, will be great. There are only 3 of us, so any help would be appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon. Tom
  12. I am going to the game on saturday. Wondered where most City fans would be meeting up before for a drink. a good away pub. The stadium is great, was there for England v Turkey, will be half full Saturday i guess, but still cant wait!! If any of you know of some good pubs for away fans let me know, thanks. COME ON YOU YELLOWS
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