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  1. Get them in. Curbs isn''t interested and will hang out for a "big" club.  So get B&C in to get us going again.  At least Chippy might be able to teach Hughes how to pass.
  2. Just before the 2004 African Cup of Nations, I posted on here that we should sign a Kenyan player called Dennis Oliech as this kid is one for the future and was playing in Qatar at the time.  Well we could have missed the boat as he now plays in France for our cousins FC Nantes.  Having been injured he is just coming back now and come the end of the season I''ll be very surprised if he hasn''t netted a few. The club need to be putting their hands in their pockets for this kid.  Same type of player as Ashton and would be great up front next season with Ernie. PLEASE SIGN HIM.  
  3. While some of your points are valid, some are total rubbish for example this: "I have to say I have never ever seen a club with our comparative resources for the division fail so badly." I''m sorry but did you not notice that a team that has won the European Cup twice got relegated last season to the third tier of english football, they''re called Nottingham Forest. Not to mention bigger clubs than Norwich also dropping further down the leagues such as our opposition this Saturday and Man City. Then you''ve got Derby and Leeds who in recent times have been in a significantly worse poistion than us and finally what about the years of rubbish Newcastle and Wolves went through before Kevin Keegan, Sir John Hall and Jack Hayward came along.
  4. When Davenport leaves, what we going to do because we''ll still be left with only one decent centre half. I think we have to go all out to buy him. If the club are prepared to stump up £2m for Morrison then I think we should be prepared to go that extra for a significantly better player than Morrison.  Spurs are probably unwilling to sell him but if we can get him for £2.5m / £3m then that would be a fantastic signing. Shacks and Davenport at the back with Greeno has all the makings of great back five.
  5. Since when did we every have the devine right to have nine points and be top of the league. Only Ashton, Green and at a push Hucks of the current squad are good enough to play in the Premiership so we are effectively a Championship team and guess what, we are in the Championship. Ok 3 draws at home isn''t great but it isn''t the end of the world, Palace will probably finish top 6, Coventry was the first game of the season and if we had had some luck against Crewe we could have won by 3 or 4, but football is a sport and in sport things don''t always go your way.    Get realistic and stop behaving like Man Utd, Arsenal and Spurs fans.
  6. Call me suppositious, call me what you like, but I don''t think we should start singing "staying up, staying up..." and other such songs until it is in the bag. Instead it needs to be a NON STOP wall of sound from 2.30 to 5.45 of On The Ball City, Worthy''s green army, Lets be having you, anything, as long as there isn''t a break in the noise level. I''m so nervous, anything in life will be easier than waiting for this game. COME ON!
  7. The o''neils by Putney Bridge tube has a big screen, (I think) and will be packed with Norwich before the game and would be a good place to watch it if your coming to London or live in this dump. Luckily I''ll being going mental at the Cottage!! "Kick it off................... 
  8. Just bought two in Block Z of the Riverside Stand. COME ON FILL IT!
  9. I reckon Rooney going to the Toon would be fantastic for us, because then for the rest of this season until Shearer retires Ameboi will be surplus to requirements. What with Kluivert and Bellamy to add to their attacking play. Therefore a season long loan at Carrow Road is just what all three parties want. We need a striker and Ameboi needs to play games regularly. It would also allow Doherty to play in defence and weaken Everton even further and cement their place in the "Championship", providing of course the deal is done to late for Moyes to go out and sign some players before Tuesday.
  10. Wasn''t just his passing, also asleep for the two goals. First one there wasn''t a great deal he could do due to being unsighted but the second he just dozed off for a second and you can''t do that in the Prem. He also wasn''t great against Man U
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