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  1. Come on city.... be brave..admit the mastake of Grant, Adams has left Coventry!! Lets do the right thing..bring him in...bring this fine club back together!
  2. Word from West Brom is we are close to signing Robert Earnshaw!! Its in some of the press( accordind to west brom fan''s) Im not saying this is 100% true but on norwich talk site and bbc west brom talk room. Heard it from a mate from there as well! What do city fan''s think?
  3. We still struggle against direct teams,if they have the strikers to play that system we struggle its a fact we have for years!!!  
  4. thats be 100% real should we Roberts was outstanding player and role model for this club but he did struggle when on loan at Cambridge last season.... He was a hero here when he left let him stay that!
  5. Its been on the radio 2nite five live Paul Jewell said Wigan had spoken to Norwich about Ashton and he said We simply said "NO" He added that the player did not want to move either. So he said out of respect to norwich they will leave it and look else where. So Come on city fans maybe its hard to accept maybe we might want to go back up,just because we dont spend 2 mill on all signing''s does not mean we dont do it full stop! Keep the Faith!
  6. I dont know about Mcveigh going to crewe but i can confirm and i dont normal post on here! But from a very strong source that Dean Ashton is the man!this is a strong source they told me about are last few signings! But it will be there to be belived when it happens!and it will be good as well!
  7. I have a feeling that this could be green''s last home game in a Norwich shirt!? But i do wish the lad well if he does move on ,hes been a loyal servent to us and just hope he goes on to be Englands No1!
  8. I am now concerned by follow supporters losing there sense of the real world! So when we got up last year did no one else think that come the new season there may be dark match day''s ahead? that we may not win evey game or 17th position would be good? I think some people have lost sight...so we are playing Man utd or Charlton no matter what formation Worthington play''s that it still depends on the quality of the 11 players on the pitch. The only thing we can do is get behind them because it was always going to be hard..i dont see us giving up!Worthington works with a squad with certain talent..Worthington out ..Come on..did we forget the last 9 years...was there a mind-blackout in MAY. Money ..did that help Wolves..No...West Brom..No Keep it real!  
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