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  1. Is he happy? I think before saying goodbye to Worthington (If we should) a replacement has to be looked at!
  2. I added to a post but no one replied... so I''ll try a POST of my own.....  lol In my belief Worthy (he may of had his reasons... I don''t hold it againt him) should off waited before releasing players..... Mulryne, Stuart, Crow, Edworthy... Mulryne... wow... Edworthy... wow.... two good championship players who we will play against this season.......!!!! Why release players when there is no replacement??? What are the rules on releasing players? can a player be released during the season?
  3. In my humble opinion.... and it''s mine.... Norwich are doing the same as they ever did.... getting somewhere then selling everyone.... with the squad as short as it is... firstly why release proven championship players? and then start selling all the non proven Premier league players....the ones who never got there chance.... I think its financial...... after all its a buisiness... but I believe we have many times had the opportunity to go further and City have decided to cash in in stead.....
  4. What are the rules on releasing players? I think Worthy should of kept Mulryne, Crow and Edworthy and why not Stuart at least until replacements were found. Can players be released at the last moment or at any moment?
  5. Well I must be worse... if it makes you feel better... you seam pretty down. I live in Belgium and only get to see maybe one game a year and none this season!!!! The ones I get to see, thanks dad, I must say I stay till the end, win loose or what ever.... But you pay your season ticket so your contributing to NCFC... so you should be proud... and before you give up that season ticket... well think again..... AND DON''T GO HOME EARLY ANYMORE....  On the ball CITY........
  6. And IF Southampton go down why not Crouch? you all seam so scared of the big guy so lets get him back on the payroll.... :-)
  7. Hartson... he seams to think his time at Celtic is over....
  8. The way I see it is if we have to pay his wages anyway why send him back if we havn''t found a replacement. No point in sending him and not finding a loan player to replace him. We havn''t even found one yet!! so two??
  9. ah Mr MaKay another why did we let him go? good back up
  10. Yea good idea...... cheep too.....lol a fiver a week??
  11. I think we should of kept Iwan.... he wasn''t going to cost much and he would of been good back up for the current situation. Now we have Leon..... benched for most of last year after we got him.... ex second division... nice jump leon..lol Matt..... well ok but slow.. and the younger lads..... good job!!! Fair enough Dean is good in the championship, is that the right name now??, but so was Iwan....!!! I think we should be after a proven Premiership striker.....
  12. We got Chris coming down on Sunday and Craig Bellamy on Monday so why worry about Dean... er who??
  13. Oh so its all pace now?..... and experience? nah that doesn''t count? Any way all i''m saying is... is he burn''t out? I don''t think so... And he''ll proove it.... The pace is there..... Hucks
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