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  1. morty wrote: "the inevitable vacuum of a caretaker manager in charge until we find the replacement could possibly be even more detrimental than sticking with Worthy." You may be correct, and I know it doesn''t always apply, but... since Ian McParland and Frank Barlow have been appointed caretakers at Nottingham Forest in the wake of Gary Megson''s departure, Forest have a 100% record in 2 games, scoring 10 and conceeding 1. That in itself speaks alot about the culture the players worked with under Megson, and now under the club''s caretakers. Leicester City have enjoyed a mini-revival since Craig Levine left, but Derby are still struggling under the temporary leadership of  Terry Westley. Whichever way this goes, I know that the Board will already be planning ahead for next season, and will be ensuring those plans are in the best interest of Norwich City Football Club. I personally think what would do the club a good deal of credit is for someone to stand up and make clear to everyone that Saturday''s performance was wholly unacceptable, (as have other team performances been this season). Where they are doing themselves no favours, and why it''s causing irritation amongst sections of our supporters is the continued ''wall of unity we''re all in this together'' attitude that constantly pervades from Carrow Road.
  2. Yesterday''s debacle wasn''t a rare anomoly, something that happens once in a blue moon. Yesterday was yet another example of the abject no-show this club has consistantly displayed in the last 18 months. We supporters spend hundreds if not thousands supporting and following our team week in, week out, every season. Is this the thanks we get for our loyalty? Yet another abysmal, inexcusable no-show from our team for the whole 90 minutes. Out-classed, out-thought, annihialated, thrashed, ripped-to-shreds, embarrasing, un-challenged, unbelievable. Just some of the words used by Chris Goreham and Neil Adams on their Radio Norfolk commentary. Those are the sort of words you might expect to hear if you''d just been defeated by Barcelona in their own back yard. NOT by Crystal Palace in theirs. There can be no excuses for yesterday. Purely and simply, unacceptable. This is not the first time a Norwich City performance this year has been unacceptable. Luton away. QPR away. Derby away. Wolves away. Stoke away. Millwall away. Sheffield Wednesday home. Ipswich home. Hardly names of teams that should strike fear into us. Then how about being soundly thrashed by Reading and Preston so soon after Worthington''s manager of the month award for December. A footballing lesson from Watford in January too. The form teams of the Championship this year, but is there really that much of a gulf between them and us? We were a Premiership team nine months ago. Why roll over so tamely against Birmingham and West Ham (twice in two years) in the Cups? Such a huge gulf isn''t there? The last two away games typify the clubs apathetic approach towards what is its bread and butter. Two scrambled, lucky own goals in the dying minutes. The first rescued us a point we hardly deserved against a Hull side, who by their own manager''s admission didn''t turn up on the day. The other against Palace, something that would do a dis-service to the word ''consolation''. The criticisms of tactics and team selections have been well documented in recent months. Very few, if any, regular Norwich supporters have ever played football at the highest level, but even we can see the weaknesses which continually are not addressed by the team management. A proper right-sided midfielder who can provide a service to our strikers. A midfield of any quality would surfice to avoid the tedious and persistant hoof-ball we see from the back to the front. The playing of players out of position. The refusal to blood more youngsters from the accademy instead bringing in (mostly) second-rate loanees. The picking of certain favourites, even though they might well be out of form, they have a tremendous work ethic so they play. The embarrasing public criticism by Worthington of those like McVeigh and Huckerby (our joint top scorers FFS), one of only a small handful at the club that actually care about NCFC and demonstrate the passion. I do not believe for one minute that Barry Skipper actually thinks that it''s a tiny minority of supporters that are dissatisfied with the state of the club at present. If he continues to argue his case, it displays a stunning ignorance and arrogance. The Board constantly advocate that they listen to the supporters and take their views on board. I think Mr Doncaster, Delia and Michael are accutely aware of the supporters dissatisfaction, coupled with the many unnacceptable performances from the team. It may well be, Mr Skipper that many have not publically voiced their concerns till now. I believed in giving Worthington and his back room team every opportunity to make ammends this season. Even after half a dozen games when people were calling for a change, I remained very much of the mind to give it time, a sort of infinite patience as the Board may put it. However, a few good results here, and a few heartening displays there have not, and will not make ammends for a season where we have seriously under-performed. I have mainly kept my dissatisfaction to myself and close friends. Now though, it''s time to stand up and be counted. For the first time this season, I am THAT angry, I feel compelled to make my views truly known. After yesterday''s debacle, my infinite patience has now run out entirely. IF the Board can honestly stand up and say that what they witnessed yesterday was "wholly unacceptable", then there is a consequence, and a serious course of action they surely have to take. To accept the unacceptable is unthinkable for the long term future and prosperity of Norwich City Football Club.
  3. Don''t worry about the Goat, he turned down a move to Portaloo yesterday. I honestly think that while they''ve got people who''ll score...their big problem is at the back. They are leaking goals left, right and centre. On another day letting Crewe score 4 at your place could have spelled disaster for the binners. If they don''t shore up their defence, I think they will start to drop away as the season reaches its climax. OTBC
  4. Several points arise from your posting Yankee. 1) "We are fortunate to have benefited by the inconsistency of almost everyone below us...to date." WHY ARE WE FORTUNATE? I''d say WBA were fortunate we didn''t go top earlier. We had three opportunities to overtake them before going top at Portman Road. It is the very consistancy of results that have seen us to where we are now. 2) "Too many occasions this season, in spite of our good standing, where we just don''t seem ready to play the game, at least for 90 minutes." TOO MANY OCCASIONS? How come City average two points from every game so far? How come we''ve won the most number of games in the league? How come our goal difference is best in the league? How come we have the meanest defence in the league? That doesn''t sound like a team ''not ready to play the game''. Which team (even Manchester United) dominates week in, week out for 90 minutes? The answer is none. There are always going to be periods of the game where the opposition have the upper hand. That doesn''t mean Norwich aren''t playing for goodness sake. The crucial difference this season, is that even when City haven''t played well they still pick up points (Forest being the most recent example). 3) "Other contenders will know that time is getting short to make their run and undoubtedly be pulling out all the stops." PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS? And judging from your post you don''t think City have been doing that enough this season! Well as long as we continue to do what we''ve done for over half the season already, other contenders can pull out all the stops they like, but they still won''t be able to catch us. The pressure is on them to perform as consistantly as we have! 4) "When we are having such a great opportunity to cement first place, however, every player should be pumped coming into a game." EVERY PLAYER PUMPED? I would say that preety much every player has been pumped. Look at our league record since the begining of September: P 21 W 13 D 6 L 2 Goals Scored 34 Points 45. Looks like excellent consistant form to me! So how can we achieve those results without players being pumped. 5) "Everton could be looked at differently because of the opposition and people can say we were a little overwhelmed in the first half but again, it should not have been difficult to be as pumped in the first half as we were in the second." We WERE pumped. It''s just Thomas Gravesson ran things for them, and Everton enjoyed the majority of the posession and play in the first half. It had nothing to do with the fact we weren''t pumped. If you can''t get pumped for games like that, then you shouldn''t be playing football at all!! Anyway, what does the cup matter? A few extra quid in the bank? Nice little run to the 5th Round? We were never going to win the FA Cup, so what difference does it make. 6) "It has appeared to me from afar.." Yankee, I''m delighted you follow our fortunes from across the pond, and of course you''re entitled to your opinions...but! Take it from someone who''s actually watched us play at Forest, Walsall, West Brom, Stoke, Bradford (couldn''t make Derby unfortunately), and from what I''ve seen on Sky, we''re a more balanced, commited, adventurous side than we''ve been for a decade. Whether we make automatic promotion or not. Whether we make the play-offs or not (heaven forbid), we have never been in better shape. Of course there''s always room for improvement...but Worthy and the boys are on a roll. One that''s going to be tough for other teams to halt now. Let''s hope it''s a very Happy 2004. OTBC
  5. I wear the yellow and green around Nottingham alot. Normally it doesn''t bother the natives, but it has this week for some strange reason! ;-)
  6. Can''t get to home games Derby Canary, due to family and work. I do get to see alot of our boys on their travels, and we''re a bit spoilt being where we are. Forest, Derby, Cov, WBA, Walsall, Stoke, Crewe, Sheffield Utd, Rotherham, Bradford and Milton Keynes AFC all within an hour or so from here! My family still live in Bury St Edmunds. That''s a good 2 hour journey from here. How long does it take you to get to Carrow Road? Do you go on the A47...or do you do M1, A14, A11??? We prove that Derby and Nottingham can live harmoniously side by side!!!
  7. Hi Morty, I believe we get £70,000 being the home side. Away teams receive £10,000. "Ker-Ching". It all helps at the end of the day!!!
  8. Hello Derby Canary! Good life here in the East Midlands isn''t it? I too am at work today, and spend time winding up the trees and sheep!!! I think the fact that we don''t play for the whole 90 minutes is immaterial at the end of the day. As long as we grind out those results even if we don''t play well (like in the Forest game esp. 2nd half). At the end of the season, 3 points in the bag is more precious than an all round 90 minute performance. As for the Derby game yesterday. One or two have been somewhat unfair in their criticism, saying we flattered to deceive, looked ordinary in the first half etc etc. Say we''d scored those four goals in the first half instead. People would have been saying thoroughly professional job...and that we''d shut up shop in second half apart from Greeno made a couple of blinding saves. Funny isn''t it? Even when we''re doing so well...there are some who are moaning that they''ve got nothing to moan about!!! OBTC.
  9. Not over till the fat lady..... It''s F O U R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Great post Old Man Andy! Timbuk 3 are the band you''re looking for. A VERY Happy New Year to all Canaries. OTBC
  11. I too am not too worried by an ''agents'' comments. Last time this gobsh*** said we couldn''t afford him, Hucks himself said "I''ll decide where I want to play." Oh and... "It would also be very difficult for Darren to entertain a permanent move into the Nationwide League." Well Man City may be 12th at the moment, but seem to be in free-fall at the moment. They''re only 3 points off the relegation zone with just about half the season gone. What guarantees Man City Premiership football next season anymore than Norwich City? We should all ''keep the faith'', till we know what''s going to happen, and THEN judge! One more thing. Actually there''s something very positive to come out of this as it looks like Hucks won''t be playing on Sunday. At least the binners won''t be able to accuse us of relying on one man to beat them! Hell, if it hadn''t for Pubload Cantgo''s 97th minute equalizer, we would have won last year. We''ve strengthened our team since then...so who knows! Let the "Battle Of Portaloo" commence. Merry Christmas one and all.
  12. Seems like yesterday turned into an impotent day!!!! Patience is a virtue. Merry Christmas to all City fans wherever you are. PS. All good things come to those who wait.....................but sadly Santa''s not around for another week yet! PPS. Just how wound up are the binners with all this? They''ll deny it of course, but that''s why their posting 19 to the dozen on any City MB''s they can find!!! Roll on Sunday, and the "Battle of Portaloo"
  13. Master Green. A reasoned voice in a very confused world! I just don''t understand why after everything we''ve achieved over the first half of this season, do so-called supporters of our club whine and moan, berate and mock, whinge and herrang! You put the analogy of Christmas Presents so well. Leave them under the tree till Christmas Day for goodness sake! I can''t wait for the opportunity to scorn and ridicule the incoherent ramblings of the doom-and-gloom mongers who actually live in cloud cuckoo land. You know, I believe that even when we do get promoted to the Premiership, it still won''t be good enough for some!
  14. Great posting Bury Belvoir...a tale that tugged firmly at my heart strings! Although I think the clue is in the title of your posting. "Destroy" and "sensible discussion" in the same sentence! Either that, or you''ve been burning the midnight oil too much.....well oiled I would imagine by 2.30am! ;-) I was worried at the start of your post that you were as fickle as one Mr C Davey, and were about to turn your allegences...but I should have known better! Despite the fact that I''ve lived in Nottingham for the past eight years, I was born and raised in Bury St Edmunds. So here''s another Suffolk boy, proud to support the yellow and green of my beloved Canaries. My grandfather (originally from Pakenham) used to be a major shareholder at the club. My father lives between Bury and Mildenhall, and was a shareholder and season ticket holder up to 5 years ago. My first game at Carrow Road was in our promotion season, against Burnley in October 1971. I was 4 and a half years old and stood on a milk crate in the old south stand. We won 3-0 with goals from Pete Silvester, Kenny Foggo and one of my heroes Dave Stringer, and from that day I was hooked. Up until my move to the East Midlands in 1995, I too was a season ticket holder. Great memories of wonderful players. Ted MacDougal, Phil Boyer, Jimmy Bone, Graham Paddon, Viv Busby, Martin Peters, Kevin Keelan, Duncan Forbes, Martin Chivers, Tony Powell, Mick McGuire, Justin Fashanu, Martin O''Neill, John Deehan, Keith Bertschin, Steve Goble (!), John Ryan, Phil Hoadley, Kevin Reeves, Mick Channon, Chris Woods, Mark Barham, Asa Hartford, Andy Linighan, Mike Phelan, Andy Townsend, Steve Bruce, Dave Watson, Steve Walford, Greg Downs, Ian Butterworth, David Phillips, Tim Sherwood, Dale Gordon, Louie Donowa, Ruel Fox, Chris Sutton, Robert Fleck...heck even Robert Rosario! Names off the top of my head that fill me with pride to be a Canary. I too have shed tears of joy, and tears of pain following my club over the years. I was too young to understand what promotion meant in 71/72. Or relegation the following year, and then bouncing straight back up to the old First Division. Still too young to fully appreciate our League Cup Final appearence against Spurs. I remember being gutted by our 1-0 defeat to Villa at Wembley in 75. I recall how Man Utd fans causing mayhem in the late seventies with one thug climbing up onto the roof of the old Barclay stand, and then falling back through the corregated roofing. I remember marvelling at Justin Fashanu''s wonder goal against Liverpool, despite losing 5-3 that day. I recall the best Christmas Present ever as we beat Ipswich 3-2 at Portaloo Road in 1982, with a last minute screamer from Martin O''Neill. But the day was then soured as I suffered an unprovoked attack in the Cattle Market car park afterwards...glad the binners could take it on the chin so well!! Two relegations and subsequent promotions in the 80''s, bouncing back each time at the first attempt. The second of those was the season following our fourth League Cup Final appearence (even now the binners can''t match us in major domestic cup final appearences) beating Sunderland 1-0 at Wembley. I remember shedding tears of joy when Dave Watson lifted the Milk Cup, and seeing 50,000 City fans go wild. But what made it so much sweeter was having beaten the binners over that two-legged semi-final...I can still see Steve Bruce''s bullet header into the roof of the Barclay goal, leaving the blues rooted to the spot and feeling erm...blue!! Disappointment was to follow as we were denied our rightful place in Europe thanks to the Liverpool fans that had gone on the rampage in Heysel. The Texaco Cup, The ZDS Cup...oh and for one season the Screensport Cup! I remember going to the FA Cup semi-final against Everton in 1989. Parking up in a side street near Villa Park, I was asked for £5 by some kids to make sure nothing happened to my car whilst I wa
  15. The motivations of all this nonsense is abundantly clear. The Pink''un reported that Mr Davey turned up for a meeting with his ''agent'' if you please. If someone wants to do business, they may be accompanied by an accountant and/or solicitor. If that someone needs to feed their ego, and is after publicity, then you bring your agent. Why would any businessman looking to make a substantial investment be followed around by an agent??? Oh, and don''t get me started on how this man sees himself as the next Roman Abramovic. I really do hope that this man (and his agent) never get their hands on a professional football club anywhere. And yes I''m including our blue and white friends down the A140. Even they don''t deserve that!! Just let them off with a good spanking a week on Sunday at Portaloo Road! OTBC PS. Wonder whether the binners will want their bottles of lambrusco back for Christmas??
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