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  1. [quote user="Budapest Canary"]I''d still rather have one 4-0 defeat than four 1-0 ones. Let''s hope that Barnsley will be a bit full of themselves after knocking out Liverpool. Will we miss Dublin as well against them? [/quote]I would rather lose 15-0 and be top of the league and get promoted to the Prem...
  2. Unlucky 13 for us then. How dare you curse Norwich lol. We never seem to beat the Ian Holloway type manager. Don''t know if it''s because they get under our skin and we don''t like it...
  3. I made a bet with two people that we would survive when we were bottom. I always Keep The Faith.
  4. [quote user="Sit Down Shut Up"] Hopefully we can nick it at the death![/quote][:D] My wish was granted. There is a God... Darel Russell [;)]Sounds like we are upto 13th now! [:|] What a turn around! Glenn you BEAUT! You''re on my Christmas card list now!
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! OTBC!!!!!!!!!!!!Russell with a stunning strike! We needed something special and Darel steps up to the challenge [:D] Another 3 points!!!!!! [<:o)]HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!1!!
  6. hmmmm... is Huckerby out injured, or left out of the squad? He didn''t look that unfit on Tuesday.We could have done with him coming off the bench. Sounds like we are lacking a spark that he could have injected.
  7. Are you taking the p*ss?!? It sounds distinctly average to me, but then listening to Boreham always sounds dull and worse than the game really is. Hopefully we can nick it at the death!Wish I was at CR too...
  8. All these Undisclosed fees are really getting my goat! Is this ploy being used to spare a clubs'' blushes if a new signing becomes a Tomas Brolin? I don''t see the need to withhold transfer information to the football world. We already know who has the real money in our league and in the Premiership, so what gain can it possibly bring? Should a new ruling be inforced that states that transfers must be made public?
  9. No striker in then. Suprise, Suprise!Oh well lets look on the bright side! We still have the Doc as an emergency striker. [8-)]
  10. If only! Any chance of coaxing Chris Sutton out of retirement until the end of the season? [;)]
  11. Shouldn''t you skedaddle off to bed? School in the morning? Have every reason to moan when we have very limited options up front. I felt a striker was THE key position to strengthen in this window and we have done everything but that. Evans and Dion look capable but Curo/Hucks(up front)/Martin aren''t good enough. I expected to be disappointed today.  
  12. [quote user="Duffman"]Didnt fozzy get injured against the Saints earlier in the season, lets  hope it isnt as bad this time.[/quote]It sounded like a groin injury... so possibly 2-4 weeks injured if it''s minor.
  13. [quote user="Polar"]Ched isn''t God... hes Gods dad.[/quote] Who texted this into Canary Call? LOL. OTBC!!! Our position looks pretty healthy right about now :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  14. I think our unbeaten run will end tonight unfortunately... 1-0 to Soton.
  15. Liverpool vs Havant & Waterloo anyone? I won''t go for the plain obvious. I fancy Arsenal to bounce back after their League Cup Semi Final hammering.3-1 Arsenal against the Toon.
  16. can we trade in our new scoreboard for a new player?
  17. rumours galore...Who haven''t we been linked with? To think, people get paid to make up this dog-turd.  
  18. speaking of the reserves match last night, why didn''t Ryan Jarvis feature? Does this mean the end for him as a Norwich player? Or was he injured?
  19. [quote user="sam"] martins- african cup viduka - don''t make me laugh, oh dear iv''e just wet myself, better go and get cleaned up by the way if anyone has got about £10m sitting around, let me know and then you can start talking about buying those sorts of players [/quote] He was joking!!! Seriously! Don''t you have a SOH?
  20. Thanks for this positive stat! With all the doom and gloom on this board at the moment it is certainly refreshing. Just think where we would be without Sir Glenn. OTBC!
  21. [quote user="pickle"] we need to sign a full back just to strengthen up the defence a bit and make it more consistant so martin taylor would be good but it''s weather we are willing to push the bid up to 1 million to get him. [/quote] Martin Taylor is a centre back and I agree with all of your of points as IMO do the rest of the board. Lets hope the NCFC board have the same views [;)]
  22. Could it be David Beckham? The lure of Norfolk over Arsenal was an offer he couldn''t refuse! 
  23. Home win for Tottenham vs Sunderland I reckon! Spurs have been playing well as of late and Sunderland are still searching for their first away win of the season, accumulating only 2 points away in 11 games!
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