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  1. Hi CityAngel, Don''t know when the web teams have been online to handle moderation, but the webservers have been working just fine...
  2. Thanks all. Posts are not currently archived - we retain everything at the moment. Due to how the system''s structured however archiving wouldn''t actually make any difference to performance or scalability. We''ve got plenty of storage available too; just had some issues with the webservers accessing it!!!!
  3. Thanks CityAngel. Any further feedback is welcome - particularly from today onwards.
  4. We''ve resolved a few inconsistencies within our webservers'' configuration that should have improved the stability of the forum systems. Any feedback appreciated.
  5. Bunny - while we may not be loosing hard cash if the forums or sites are down at the moment (except for our Homes24, Jobs24, Drive24 digital classified systems at any rate), lets just say that we all have a vested interest in getting them up again! All our sites sit on a platform designed to prevent this sort of outage (multiple webservers, hardware loadbalancers, clustered database servers etc). However, the webservers are dependent on access to a cluster of 3 enterprise-grade filers for all website application files, images, etc etc. and this is what''s been causing problems over the last week or two.... Hopefully we''ve energised the crystals sufficiently to keep things running :)
  6. "I''m surprised that a Company as big as Archant don''t have a more resilient system. Still, I suppose that the websites are low priority in that they are not a means of generating income (apart from the ads)." I have to say you''d probably be surprised at the amount of serious hardware that goes into running our websites - 7 webservers are now live, backed by around 3Tb of networked storage, and a 16-way, 2 node database cluster. Unfortunately, the best laid plans can rapidly disintegrate around you if something unexpected stops doing what its supposed to be. Happy to give you more details if you''re interested.
  7. We really don''t like it... However, some things are out of our control as we''re dependent on lots of different pieces of equipment working together correctly in order to support these forums (and all our other websites). We''ve been experiencing some performance problems with one of the storage systems used to hold content for our websites, and this has basically been showing itself as the errors you''ve all been experiencing on the forum systems. With a little luck everything should start to run a little more smoothly from now on - a number of fixes have been put in place and we''re fairly confident that they should help reduce or eliminate the errors. Please keep everything crossed however!
  8. It is indeed a major case of fire-fighting at the moment.One of our web file servers managed to develop a fault this afternoon which corrupted files across most of our websites. We''re working on the problem at the moment along with emergency support from the storage system''s vendor and hope to have a permanent fix soon.
  9. [quote user="eldrich canary"]Other than that fantastic job: BTW what does all this run on? I seem to remember the last site ran on Win 2000 server and whatever the MS server is, have you thought about upgrading to a Linux/Apache system?[/quote] Hi there, To answer your queries - this site''s running ASP.NET 1.1, on Win2000 server / IIS5, with a SQL Server 2000 database running on Windows 2003 Server. We''re in the process of evaluating ASP.NET 2.0, and planning a migration to Windows 2003 Server / IIS6. We''ve looked at the idea of Apache/Linux, but at this point we have a substantial investement in Microsoft technologies and given the rich development environment support in the form of Visual Studio to be completely honest there would be little benefit in switching technologies. We are however looking at open source technologies in other areas - the MySQL database is doing great things at the moment and has a lot of potential, and we''re considering deploying a Linux/Solaris file server.  
  10. Thanks Herb, this is some excellent advice that should be followed by all using Microsoft Windows.
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