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  1. its nice to see that the loyal fans of this football club are prepared to give 100 pounds to secure the services of huckerby. i dont live in norwich now and only watch them play a few games a season but would willingly give 100 quid to see huckerby sign. i however will not carry on buying merchandice from the club if they continue to show a lack of ambition. i feel the club should release average players such as abbey (useless) and notman (injury prone) and loan fringe players such as henderson and sinclair to lower league clubs for a season to help find the wages to pay hucks. i believe from a good friend that hucks is on about 15k a week at city. ncfc were going to break their wage structure of 5k a week to 8k to sign connelly. i feel if ncfc can offer a 3 yr deal of around 8k a week to hucks and him and his family are happy in norfolk he would take it. by loaning out such players and releasing the above deadwood this would be possible. also what if the club was to put gate prices and season ticket prices up say 1 pound a game this would generate 16000 a game. i for one would pay a few pounds a game more to see the likes of hucks grace a new carrow rd stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. i agree!!! lay off the big man he has been quality and deserves to finish his contract. its a pity not all the players over the years have worn the yellow shirt with such pride. if roberts continues to play off the bench as well this season and scores goals i would offer him a new one year player coach deal next season. not only does he add experience to the side he also is a great motivator for the team as stuart pearce was in his day. you need them sort of players in the changing room. forget roberts what about the rubbish we have like abbey and notman who will never make the grade and score 20 goals a season. both players are 2nd div players just like dalglish when he was at carrow rd. if we got rid of abbey, notman and with neilson now left we would have alot more money to offer huckerby who is class. i remember putting huckerby name forward on the ncfc website and others said he would never play for the club and were wrong. the point is not can the club afford huckerby but can the club afford not to sign him.!!!!!!!!!!!!
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